December 18th, 2007

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moving to portland

Okay, so I am a 19 year old female planning to move to Portland next summer/fall. I'm a college student but I'm going about the planning as if I won't be living in the dorms. I'll be transferring schools, obviously, but I'm not sure to which yet.
But that's not the problem.
The problem is I don't know anyone there and have never been. I want to get awaaay from the east coast and I just know I'd love Portland, its location between CA and WA, the prices (compared to everywhere I've lived) and even the weather everyone seems to hate. And lots of things I love seem to have some connection to the place. But I will be visiting in March anyway just to confirm.

What I need from you all is advice! I moved out briefly (to nyc) but that was a different situation as I know it very well and had a friend to stay with while looking for a job and all that. What do people do in a situation like mine of not knowing anyone? I plan on utilizing craigslist for a roommate but what to do in the meantime, I'm clueless. How long would it take to get a job/what is the average amount paid for things like retail/coffee shops/waitressing? The cost of living is lower so I assume the pay rate is as well..

Also, can someone break down the different sections for me just really simply? Since I'm not sure which school I'll be attending, is there a certain area that is closest to more schools? It seems like the general Portland vibe is similar to my own so it feels silly listing what I'm "into" but any area more arts/music-centric is great. I like going out but I like to have my peace when I want it so I don't care about being in the center of it all, as long as I can reach everything easily with public transportation as I hate cars and hopefully won't have to use my license anymore when I move.
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Vet info

Do any vets in Portland take any clients pro bono or charge on a sliding scale?

I need a vet for my cat. I think she's been trying to cough up a furball and can't. She won't poop or eat, and she was howling all morning yesterday. I am absolutely broke, and trying to figure out my options. Anybody have any ideas?

I'm also concerned that they're good clinics. I've heard some horror stories about a few Portland vets.

Rip City: Blazers at 8 and counting

 Blazers played 5 games in seven days and came away with... five wins.  Links and articles below.

Also, if there is actually a blazer fan on this blog... AND you're attending games... start wearing red. 

During the team's shootaround, prior to the game, Nate McMillan, at one point, stopped the instruction and announced to the Blazers that Brandon Roy had just been named the Western Conference Player of the Week, for the second-consecutive week. Brandon's teammates broke out in applause. The incredibly-humble Roy, who took the entire team out to dinner following the announcement of his award last week, said he planned to do the same thing this week. He went on to say, "this is a team award, not just mine."

“They’ve (the blazers) weeded out the riffraff that was holding them back before,” Johnson says. “When you have good people who are good players, who really want to do what it takes to win, your chance for success is pretty good.”

Blazers make it eight straight

"The record, the streak, it's all great, but I like the way we are playing," McMillan said. "We are winning games because we are not giving up. I see us growing." 

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answer me this portland.

I want to buy a new cd/tape stereo system for my boyfriend for christmas. I need some outside opinions here on if I should get him something off of a place like craigslist that would probably be ten years old, OR if something like a stereo is something worth getting new? Or what should I do here??

I guess I should ask: Is there a place in portland (other than goodwill) that I should check out for a new/used stereo system? Maybe one in which I could even find a fancier one for under $80?? Is that possible?

Free Cat

My roommate left her sister's cat with me until I can find her a new home. I already have a cat of my own and I do not have the time for a second cat. She is from Spain and we believe she is part Siamese. Her name is Pipu, she is a little over 1 year old, she needs a lot of loving and a pet friendly home. Please reply if you're interested.

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(no subject)

Oh ever wise and helpful DP-ers, a few questions for you regarding my search for Christmas presents and/or the materials with which to make my Christmas presents:

Where can I find a straight razor under $50? New would be great, but old and vintage would be ok provided someone answers my next and related questions: where could I get said older (maybe even a little beat up?) straight razor sharpened and stropped if I go that route?

Where can I find cheap but fairly tight sealing jars? I'm making homemade irish cream (think Bailey's but BETTER) to give out for the holidays (woops, almost said 'Christmas' - how un-PC of me! ;P)and need to put it in something(s)

Where can I find dried lavendar? and vitamin E oil? I'm making homemade spa-ish remedies and need these things.

Thank you all FAR in advance, I appreciate all the help you guys have lent me since I stumbled upon this community a little over a year ago!

UPDATES: Found the jars a Freddies; they were about 8 dollars for about 20. I made the jars all pretty and put my irish cream in there and the gift was a RAVE at the white elephant exchange I went to. Tracked down several razors (one for $10, another for $55) at Hawthorne Cutlery. I'm checking them out tomorrow and also going to talk to the guy about the difference between the two. Also looking for a strop though now, especially if I go for a cheaper one. Found lavendar at the Saturday Market. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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 i really really want to learn how to sew.

I live in close-in se and the only classes i've found are out on 122nd and stark or in lake oswego (through PCC).

Anyone know of a good sewing school? For a complete and quite possibly hopeless beginner...
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does anyone know where i can buy christmas or snow-themed stamps other than the post office? or maybe a post office that has fancy stamps in a vending machine? the post office in NW doesn't have the machine anymore, and the line is insane!

merci :)
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Oh no...

So I was psyching myself up to go buy the last issue of Y: The Last Man by reading about it on Wikipedia...

Guess what I found:

"The film rights to the series have been acquired by New Line Cinema, and as of July 24, 2007 screenwriter Carl Ellsworth and director D. J. Caruso, the team behind Disturbia, are attached to the project with David S. Goyer as a producer. There is also speculation that Shia LaBeouf could be cast as Yorick.[4][5] There is no scheduled release date."

Yeah. Shia LaBeouf. That asshole from Even Stevens and Constantine. This guy:

Does anyone else read this series? Is anyone else upset by this casting choice, let alone the whole movie-making idea? I'm sick of Hollywood ruining my favorite comics!
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Vrooooooooooom...putt putt.....VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

Go figure, the muffler on my car decided that right before Christmas was a good time to rust and fall off. I've called a couple places around town to get quotes and they seem to be anywhere between $105 - $195 for the rear muffler (possibly some other part too). Anyone know of a place that could beat those prices? I've called Midas & Exhaust Specialists. Oh, my POS Car is a 1987 Volvo 740 (not Turbo). I want to be able to buy Christmas presents for my family this year, so far it's not looking too promising.

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1) lost & found 2) help wanted

1) this is quite belated so it seems rather hopeless but nonetheless, I lost a necklace around Thanksgiving, probably around the parking lots of Cascade Athletic Club 205 or Safeway on 39th/Powell or Edelweiss/Powell & 12th.  It was silver and the "pendant" looks like a castle with a couple silver turrets on either side of a largish yellowish crystal.  I have no idea what it's worth and suspect it's not an awful lot, but I would offer $100 to anyone who found it (or bits of it if it's been run over or something) as it had tremendous sentimental value to me.

2) restaurant seeks part-time pastry chef, hours probably fairly negotiable - more details later, so stay tuned!

Damn, Portlanders.

We need a catsitter. It's been a long time since someone sat on our cats. Everyone I've contacted is booked up because of the holidays... Who do you recommend? I'd prefer someone who's licensed/bonded/whatevered, but maybe that's just me...

Oh, yeah. My cats. Let me show you them.

someday b/w

Singles (20's-30's)

Jingle Mingle, Jangle Mangle! Wednesday...

...there's nothing that rhymes with Wednesday. Why is that? Whoever came up with this whole English language thing didn't think that through.


Luckily, we don't rhyme Wednesdays... we just count them... and since this one will be December's third, it means we'll be meeting again for an evening of beer and board games at the Lucky Lab in NW.

The Lab is at 1945 NW Quimby, and we'll be there from 7 to 10pm. Look for our PDXers signs. I mention these details because although we have a group of regulars, we get some new people each time too. And that's great, because the point of this whole PDXers thing is to meet new people.

Beer and board games at the Lab in NW this Wednesday. Be there or be trapezoidal. (trapezoids are the new squares, you know)
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Voluntary payment system for music.

Poll #1108379 Paying Artists

Even if you didn't have to pay ANYTHING to download it from the same (artist hosted) website, how many US dollars would you voluntarily pay on average to an artist you liked to download their newest album, assuming you knew you liked at least 2 or 3 songs on the album and very possibly could like more of the tracks you hadn't heard yet?

Mean: 7.31 Median: 7 Std. Dev 3.79
& Daggers!
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2008! Great! Stop rhyming, I mean it! I wish I had a peanut.

Original video

I'm really not a New Years Resolution kind of person. I feel if there's something about myself I want to do and/or change that badly that I need to resolve to do it? A date on the calendar is arbitrary.

BUT (lol butt).

I really miss singing. I'd love to get back into doing some sort of public performance. And ideally, if I could find a guy who could play acoustic guitar and sing to The Weepies - World Spins Madly On (see video above!) and we could perform it even at some dinky little coffee shop with one person at a table in the back who swizzles their Yuban with their dentures, I would feel I accomplished a personal goal. :) I'm open to other artists as well. Just something pretty and acoustic-y with male/female harmony.

If you're at all interested, you can contact me various ways via info from my LJ profile or here or wherever.

(I'm saving my Learn to Play That Gee-Tar You've Had Sitting In the Corner for Five Years! resolution wait for 2009, I guess. ;))

Ground Kontrol

DJ Nate C on Sunday. I need a night out and am planning on wandering around the place spending my laundry money on video games while listening to his Judas Priest and Carcass records. Anyone else planning on being there? Always in need of more metalhead friends.
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Random polling.

Poll #1108410 Random Polling

I think that non-Portland related polls on damnportlanders are:

Great! Who DOESN'T love polls! Bring them on.
Okay. I don't have strong feelings one way or the other.
Sort of annoying.
Awful. They make me want to rip off people's fingers so they can't type more of them.

To divamatrix

I did not read your original post, and I am sure you can afford your dog. Good for you.
But posting another post about how people are assholes and bitching and disabling comments is really silly.
From the Damnportlanders userinfo:
"This community is both read-at-your-own-risk and post-at-your-own-risk. We are known for being snarky, sometimes downright mean, and controversial. As such, we are often home to potentially offensive thoughts, words, and images."
If you can't take the shit people dish out, don't post. Ever.
You also shouldn't take it personally because you'll end up digging yourself into a hole. Just let it go. Relax. And realize that these people don't know you so there is no use to get all pissy about it.

(no subject)

Because I just don't care about dog ball drama....

What are your plans for New Year's Eve? I'm currently trying to talk my husband in to "Prince Vs. Michael Jackson" at Berbati's.
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On the Television

I just saw a commercial for Portland's Lacrosse team. Are the games fun to go to? Do people get into fights like at hockey?

Can I get drunk at the games and heckle people? Or is it too namby-pamby for that?