December 17th, 2007

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Random question

So, I'm looking for this certain kind of cigarettes, and since you all seem to know the ins and outs of P-town so well, maybe you could help me...

They're called Nat Sherman Fantasias, and ever since I saw the movie The Dreamers again, I really want to see if they are as lovely as Eva Green makes them out to be. Yes, I totally do exactly what the people in movies do.

I've been looking up some tobacco shops that seem to carry a large selection, but so few of them have websites, so it's hard to know where to look.
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Consumer Protection Legislation

Poll #1107402 Consumer Protection Legislation

Would you support a bill that prohibited banks in Oregon from assessing overdraft fees on pending debits?

I don't care

Would you support a corollary provision that debits must be subtracted in the order you made them? (especially in the case of debit card transactions)

Huh? Why?

If you thought the provisions were supported by out-of-state funds, would that give you a negative opinion of them?

Yes, Oregonians don't need outside help determining the laws that are good for them.
No. I evaluate measures mostly on their content. It doesn't matter as much to me who backs them.
No, for a different reason. I will elaborate in comments.
Yes, for a different reason. I will elaborate in comments.

Not that anyone is, (they're definitely not), but if you were going to be contacted for your support, what methods would you prefer? Check all that apply.

Personal contact (a knock at the door or a person on the street)
Postal mail
Buzz off

I'd also like to say that...

sunshine dance gentleflower

and now to embarrass myself

ok two questions. first, the best thing to do for skin that is greasy and gets break outs a lot (mostly on my chin). im tired of looking like a high school kid with complexion issues. second, best treatment for cellulite. its not too bad yet but im not ready to embrace it. my mom says im only 25 and ive let myself go. i think thats a load of shit but i dont really want to have a bunch of cellulite.
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flower delivery -from potato guy?

thanks to all who are concerned

At 8:10 this morning there was yet another knock on the door. I asked who it was and a young woman’s voice said it was a flower delivery. I asked that she leave it by the door. After I heard her go down the stairway, I opened the door and retrieved the delivery. It was a single rose with a card attached. The card didn’t have any indication of what florist it came from. The card said “To xxxx (my real first name) – Happy Holidays – Secret Admirer”. Guess I’ll let you DPs debate what’s up. How does this person know my real name? Is this a copy-cat? Anybody who really knows me wouldn't have sent a flower delivery to my home. I’ve called my friends to see if any of them sent it as a joke, but they deny it. I can’t imagine them doing that anyway, they’re not the sort to do that under these circumstances.

So many SHOULDS.

I should have asked her what florist she was from.

I should have told ‘Jason’ to just tell potato guy to stay away or I’d get a restraining order.

I should/shouldn’t have listed some details in my postings.

I should have confronted the man who came into my work instead of ignoring him.

I should contact the DA's office.

I should…

I should clean my apartment!! Egads!  :]

There are so many other things going on in my life. I can’t spend all my time on this doofus. I need to go to work now! I'll keep you posted on any further events.

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packing and lube

No, it's not what you think. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Quick! Where in SE can I get an oil change and tire rotation without waiting for long that's not Jiffy Lube or some other ripoff chain? Also, Where can I find hard-core packing supplies, such as would be found at a store devoted to business packing and shipping supplies? I need to mail a laptop and don't have the original packaging. Office Depot, Pak Mail, etc, won't work.

*drinks* in advance!
ski hat wendy

Ski Weekend!

My google-fu is weak today apparently because I can't find quite what I'm looking for. Has anyone gone on a ski weekend anywhere in Oregon or Washington (or Idaho, even) and gotten there via Amtrak? I'd need transport, ski rental, lodging, and lift tickets. Any ideas?

Rip City: National recognition - SLC article on the team

Team of the future: Young Blazers should be title contenders in a couple of years
By Loren Jorgensen
Deseret Morning News
Published: Sunday, Dec. 16, 2007 12:09 a.m. MST

Music critic Jon Landau, after attending a concert in May 1974, wrote, "I saw rock and roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen."

That was more than a year before Springsteen released Born to Run. Tens of millions of records sold, countless concerts and more than three decades later, "The Boss" is an icon who continues to produce top-selling albums with his buddies in the E Street Band.

What does this have to do with basketball?

Nothing, except that, to borrow the line from Landau, Utah Jazz fans at EnergySolutions Arena on Tuesday night saw the future of the NBA and its name is the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Blazers are young and brash yet play under control in coach Nate McMillan's system. Their opening-night roster had an average age of 24 years and 26 days, making them the youngest team in NBA history. 

For more, click the below link.,5143,695236570,00.html 

If you want to follow the Blazers blog CLICK HERE for

Washington Post raving about the blazers and Steve Blake

Denver review of blazer game

MOre on the denver game with special love for Frye

Praise for Joel

ESPN Blogger and Blazer fan
Lego Castle Making
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(no subject)

I'm making a care package for my friend who is in Iraq - a Christmas package to be exact! I have a couple of items already but was wondering if y'all had anything else to add. He's been there since August and is a convoy guard-type thing. He doesn't need anymore books, but I'm sending him some CD's...he likes any kind of music so if you have a SUPERAWESOMEBAND you must recommend, do so! Or some neat trinkets or...really anything. I want him to be entertained.  Help me with your brilliance.

OHSU and BS/MA nursing programs in PDX?

Has anyone here attended the OHSU school of nursing? Got anything to say about it (good or bad)? I've been doing a lot of research on their BS and MA programs for nurses and I'd like to hear a few opinions about the programs that don't come directly from the mouths of people who work for OHSU.

On that note, has anyone loved or loathed the other schools of nursing in the Portland area?

I already have a BA in Psych but in the past year I've really been feeling a pull towards nursing, particularly being a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Cause, you know, I am REALLY looking forward to getting a second undergrad degree so I can pay off student loans until I'm 84...

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My quest

Anyone know where I can find a lawn gnome in this city? Is there such a place that has a variety of such things? And such? The closerer in the betterrer. Thanks, pals!
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Meetup is TOMORROW!

Here is reminder #1: meetup is tomorrow, a full week earlier than usual. DAMN CHRISTMAS TO HELL ANYWAY!

The meetup begins at 7pm at the East Bank Saloon and runs until approximately whenever we all feel like going home. Minors are welcome until 10ish, and the meetup faq is here.

There MAY be gingerbread involved.

Bah Humbug

I live in SE. Woodstock area. Nice neighborhood. I *thought* safe.

BUT this weekend, someone broke into my car. Specifically smashed the passenger seat small window (next to the roll down window).
I have an alarm, which for some reason did not go off. Ugh.

Anyway, they didn't get much except my beloved iPod that was concealed in the closed center console. Oh and my cell phone charger (yeah I know my fault for leaving it there...)

I'm bummed about that stuff, but really more pissed that now, because of this asshole (and because it's raining)...

...instead of purchasing Christmas gifts, I get to pay to have my F****** window replaced.

So yeah, I can google all day for a glass place near my house, etc... what I am looking for is a recommendation of a place you have used, like, think are reputable, etc. And fair, cost wise.

Help restore my faith in people. And the holidays.

Thanks :)
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Poi: Hot Stuff!
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What to do with her...

So, my girlfriend is coming to town for Christmas and neither of us will have family in town and get to do whatever we want to do for the holiday. I'd like to do something kind of special with her on Christmas Eve, but am not really sure what. First thought was Bagby Hot Springs, but I've opted against the 2 hour drive and am looking for something within an hour's distance (by car) to do together that night. Help?
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fashion design

Marketing/PR Assistant neded

Local business looking for a part-time marketing/PR assistant that is *really* fast on the computer and smooth on the phone; a seriously ambitious self-starter that has no problem cold calling prospective accounts, following up with existing accounts, setting appointments, and following up with the press. Must have a clear charismatic phone voice, and must be a people person, 100%. Great communicator. Must be organized and self managed, able to see/predict what needs to be done, and DO IT..... FAST!!

We are going to be preparing press kits, HTML emails, and promotional postcards, as well as researching new prospects across the country and compiling contact info, and then using it. Then we are going to be calling, calling some more, and following up. It would be ideal if this person had some PR/marketing experience and is interested in women's fashion, and especially jazzed about the product. Marketing experience/degree preferred.

If interested please contact to find out where to send your resume/cover letter.
Contract position, 10-15 hours a week to start, but could grow quickly to 25+. Compensation DOE.


Now that I have your attention...

Okay, a weird question I know, but I will love you forever if you can help me!

Does anyone know of an establishment that sells the Spanish (not from Mexico, but from Spain) edition of the magazine FHM? I'm looking for the December issue. Elisa Lazo De Valdez, an amazing photographer from Portland, is featured in this issue. I am also featured in the published photos and I would DIE if I could get my hands on a copy. If you have one I'll even buy it for an inflated price (eh? eh?). So please, feed my relentless narcissism! No, but seriously, I would really like to add this one to my collection and portfolio. And maybe use it to freak out the grandkids someday.

So... any ideas?
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fearless!!! (not)

so i'm a teensy weensy bit scared of my neighborhood when i take my dog out after dark (clearly my dog is not very ferocious) so i am interested in procuring some pepper spray or something. can anyone tell me where i can buy some in the downtown area? your advice is very much appreciated...

self-defense collective!

heyyy yaaa.

i want to form a self-defense collective! all genders welcome, no genders welcome. maybe we can meet once every week? every two weeks? every month?

oh, and i definitely want to meet in NE. but if you live in other areas, feel free to reply and maybe y'all can form a separate group! then we can have self-defense group battles and see who is the kick assest. oh wow.

contact me at if you're interested! <3

EDIT: if you're experienced with self-defense, and would like to share your skills, let me know!


I don't know why I found this amusing, but there I was in the bathroom at PSU doing my business.

I look down at the urinal and laugh. After I left the bathroom, I thought about it, went back in and took this picture:

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