December 16th, 2007


Chick Flicks

So, after hearing my boyfriend recite lines from both Mean Girls and Bring It On, I've decided that he has no excuses for not watching Chick Flicks with me.

What are the chick flicks that I definitely should make him watch? So far on the list I have Kate & Leopold, Titanic, The Notebook, and.... well, I started this list literally around 30 seconds ago, so not much is written down yet.

EDIT::Updated list: Kate & Leopold, Titanic, The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, (Baz Luhrmann's) Romeo and Juliet, Casablanca, The Princess Bride, Truly Madly Deeply

said boyfriend has apparently seen "most" of 10 Things I Hate About You (whatever "most" means), and apparently that's a definite no. Saaaad. =O
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Used MacIntosh Laptop Charger

Anyone have one they're willing to part with ? Anyone know anyone who'd know anyone ? I am willing to pay cash, or trade something if possible.

Mine has bitten the dust and I'd rather not shell out all the bucks for a brand new one. Craigslist reveals plenty of nothing.

Thanks. :/ [ETA: The computer in question is a 2002 iBook, if that helps. Bless yer' heart, EV-9d9.]

Computer Question.

EDIT: I got it to work before I saw the replies. Thanks for the advice though!

So, I just purchased a iMac yesterday. (yay me) We already had a Dell Laptop and Comcast High-speed internet. What we want to do is connect the cable internet to the imac and have the dell laptop wireless. I have tried a couple of different things. But connecting a mac to a pc has been a little difficult. So, I am asking for help. Has anyone connected a mac to pc network and if so how. Or, does anyone want to do it for me? We could pay some money and I would make you some baked goodness as well. PLEASE HELP!

I have:

imac with airport extreme installed.
dell laptop with wireless card
i bought a netgear wireless router just in case.

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Dear DamnPortlanders,

I'm visiting Portland next week (exciting!). Thing is, I'm from Los Angeles, the city with no weather. So I don't know how to pack. Anyone willing to help a girl out?

I understand it'll be in the 30s/40s and raining, so I should obviously find shoes that are not Converse and a jacket with some waterproofing. What can I get that won't be crazy-expensive (the trip is only a week) but won't make me look like an idiot tourist? For example, do you wear sneakers, or some kind of normal boots, or galoshes? Should I get gloves, or are gloves for wusses? Raincoat vs. poncho vs. umbrella? Special warm socks vs. who cares? Which national chain stores carry this stuff? You get the idea.

For bonus points: There's one day I need to look business-casual without wrecking my clothes. So, should I plan on a skirt (which is cold -- or do people do tights?) or pants (which could get soggy on the bottom)? Do I need to find pretty shoes that are water-resistant, or is it normal to change between rain shoes and indoor shoes?

Thanks very much for any advice.

(Ooh, and if there's something you think I should definitely see or do between Dec. 25 and 30, clue me in. I'm staying about half a mile west of Powell's.)

phone home no more.

a mysterious puddle formed around my phone as I slumbered, making it not able to function properly.

anyone have an old verizon phone they are willing to part with?

I will pay ya something for it. interesting trades are welcome as well.


edit: got an old phone! thanks anyway!
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My fridge died while I was out of town resulting in all my food going bad. Since I'm kind of broke, and a little hungry, is it appropriate to ask my landlord for some sort of compensation for my loss? Are there any rules that govern this? And, yes, I do live in vancouver if that makes any difference.
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How much is that doggie in the window...

So, Damnportlanders, we just got a new dog. He's an awesome, 2 year old border collie mix (emphasis on mix) who is all black except for a tiny line of white on his forehead (zomg Harry Potter!) and a patch of white on his chest. Problem is... there's 5 people in the family, and we can't agree on what to name him. So... any suggestions I can throw on the table? Or just your favorite dog names? We definitely don't want something too obvious/conventional (So, not Blackie or Shadow or anything like that). Thanks guys!



hey portland!

my girlfriend is out of town til tuesday. i wanted to get her a pocket pet(hamster,gerbil,mouse,etc.)for when she gets back. where is a humane pet store where i could get everything i needed?

also im looking for a small desk like table for her to sit at and put her stenography machine. i want it small and light but preferably not flimsy. i also have to carry it up three flights of stairs. i've looked at many thrift stores. is that any cheap places i could look?


(no subject)

I'm in charge of procuring a gift of appreciation for my daughter's teacher. We've decided on getting her a gift card/package to a spa or similar environment, but we'd ideally like to keep it in inner SE(preferable) or NE Portland.

Any personal recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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doggie raincoat!

i ordered a raincoat for my dog and they severely misrepresented the size of it (ok so actually it is probably my fault i ordered the wrong size)... so i thought i would offer it up here instead of paying for shipping to return it. every pet store i checked around my neighborhood charged upwards of $35 for a doggie raincoat, which i think is ridiculous, so i am offering it up for what i paid, $15.

it is a nice one, it has a reflective strip, a hood, and straps for the legs. it is ginormous on my 11 lb chihuahua-dachshund mutt, it would best fit a dog around 20-25 lbs.

i am in nw/downtown. let me know if you are interested!

(no subject)

Ok, anyone know where to get a decent christmas tree? The fresher the better. The tree farm I usually go to isn't open anymore. Don't mind doing a Christmas tree lot, as long as its cut as fresh as possible.

Lego Castle Making
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(no subject)

My computer screen looks stupid. It's got about 1.5-2 inches lines of black around the actual part of the display. So I've lost a lot of visual space on the monitor. I feel like I changed the frequency awhile ago to play a game but now I cannot make the black lines go away. It's a 19-inch monitor but I might as well have a 15 inch at this point. So, dear DPers, how to I get rid of the lines? I've googled the monitor and have come up with nothing (thanks Dell!).

 Mucking with the resolution settings doesn't help. Stretching/expanding the screen doesn't help either. Here's the monitor info that I can find  = 91.1 KHz/85 hz.  and resolution is set at 1280x1024.       
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More travel help!

Thank you to those for your kinds words in regards to this post. After talking to my bosslady, she's okay with me leaving Portland for a month and a half to take care of my grams in Winnipeg -- my last day of work will be this Wednesday (thank goodness I found a temp!) Anyway, the decision to go and take care of her, even if it will be in Winnipeg's coldest month, was a hands down, no second thought decision. I have to go. She's the only grams I got!

Now, on to the point -- I have to book a ticket at an actual travel agent since I don't have a credit card / paypal. SO! Where is the cheapest place in Portland that I can book a ticket? Any help will do! Oh, and I'm still in search of NWA Worldperks / air - flight vouchers if you're willing to help this (super poor) soul! Not to mention, I'm still selling this whole lot of clothes along with this cell phone to raise funds to get there. Anything would help!

Thanks, DPers! :)

Candy Is Dandy But Only You Are Randy

So I need your help.  I'm looking for some candy and I don't mean the physical kind.   There are two in particular I need for the holidays.  The first is a Pop Rock like substance that turns ordinary water into flavored soda.  I went to Wham! on NW 23rd because I was told this strange concoction was there but alas found nothing but Strawberry and Watermelon flavored Pop Rocks which by themselves do nothing but upset my stomach.  Is there such a thing as a candy that turns regular water into something resembling soda?  If so, where can i find it?

The second thing I'm looking for are Twizzlers.  Specifically, black licorice Twizzlers.  I find them gross myself but my parents seem to love them but can't find them anywhere.  I also read that the black ones are the only ones that actually have "licorice" in them.  Trivia aside, anyone know where I can find a tub of them or any at all?  Any novelty candy stores in the Portland area? 

Please help if you can.  Any info is appreciated.   There's probably some good karma for ya  as well if you help out.  ;)
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