December 15th, 2007

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does anyone have any tips for introducing a new kitten to another cat? i know many of you have more than one cat, so i figure this is a good place to ask!

my boyfriend and i just got a male kitten, and we already have an adult female cat of 1yr. named amelie. while the little guy is totally curious about our other cat, amelie is scared of the little male kitten, even though he's half her size. we adopted through the Cat Adoption Team in sherwood who was really awesome, and we've been following all the suggestions about keeping them seperated at first with slow moderated time together, but amelie just isn't curious. she does't want to look at him, haha.

so are we doing the most/best we can, or is there something else we can do in addition? i know these things take time, but i just wanted to make sure.

edit: thanks guys! you all are super helpful :) sounds like i'm doing as much as i can, but i appreciate all your suggestions. i'm going to be trying some over the next few days... minus the whole "pour tuna on them thing". ;)
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Mauii on the cheap

I know this sounds like an oxymoron BUT...

So I just scored a sweet deal to Mauii in May

I am VERY excited

I will be camping my way around the island and need to know:

~Who's been? What did you think?
~MUST do's for a nature lovin poor girl (i.e. snorkel places, hikes, good eats)

So tell me DPers, tell me

Also--anyone have some extra Tyvek (house wrap) they need to get rid of? I need about 10sq ft or so


Shower Curtains


I am sick of my bathroom. I live in an apartment, so I can't change much, but I would like a cool shower curtain, at least. Anyone know of any stores that have funky, cool shower curtains in our fair city? I've looked at Freddie's and their designs leave me cold.


ETA: Thanks for your suggestions. I think I've narrowed it down to four (nerdrific) options. Help me decide via democratic polling:
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ID Fraud

I went to check on my credit history for a loan and a Directv account showed up on my credit report. The thing is, I have never signed up with Directv. I called the company to let them know I never created an account with them. They told me to contact the credit agency, because there was nothing they could do on their end. The only way I can settle a dispute is online, but I would rather speak to a live person. I am assuming this account was created by ID theft??? I have never been in a situation like this so I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on what I should do to get this mark off my credit report. -Thanks
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Laundry Service

So I'm really sick of doing the laundromat thing, trying to save up all my quarters and then wasting my time making sure that nobody nabs my apparently very steal-able shirts. My husband and I were looking at new places to live with washers and dryers in the units and discovered that they all cost about $200+ dollars more than what we currently pay. Last night I had a thought: why not stay where we are, in an apartment that we love and just pay $100 or so for a laundry service to come to us? This is going to sound silly, but I'm guessing a service like this might exist because I recall an episode of Dharma and Greg where the viewers find out that Dharma gets their laundry delivered to their apartment each week and she is very happy because it is "clean sheets day."

Does anyone know of such a service in Portland, specifically one that serves the SE area?
I do not mean a dry cleaner, but specifically a place that does entire loads of laundry.
Would you recommend them?
Do you know how much such a service would cost? I'm having trouble getting businesses to answer my phone calls or finding any actual prices of such a service online.

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silly christmas traditions, you has them?

Okay, so, I'm sure you're all terribly sick of Christmas songs, so I'm here to continue the torture by reminding you that the Holidays are here again, and what's your silly family tradition?

My family has a tonne of Christmas knick-knacks that spell out "NOEL" and every chance I get I rearrange them to spell "LEON". We even tell our (baby) cousins that it's "Leon the Christmas Elf" who causes mischief, and over the course of Christmas dinner, I will change the spelling and my Mom will re-arrange it at least 4 or 5 different times. The trick is to not get caught doing it!

What about you guys? Do you have any silly little family "in-jokes" that you do around the holidays? (Or even any other time of year?)
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does any else here have endometriosis?

does any else here have endometriosis?
i have it and it has been kicking my ass hard core as of late..
i was wondering if any of you know of any good doctors that dont care if you have medical coverage that work on ladies with endo.
i am thinking of going to the er yet again because of how much pain i am in.
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posting to other communities

i've been sitting at work watching the paint peel and i don't know how much of that fun i'll be able to stand so i decided to stalk the last couple of people that posted to DamnportlanderZ to check their profile and see what possible communities i could join, but i realized it's just easier if i let DP pick for me.

Q> What communities do you like to post to when bored or when DP is just not cutting the mustard for you?

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Solve me a conundrum.

Tell me DamnPortlanders, because I really don't know the answer to this question.

I have some corrugated cardboard, it is packaging from a coffee table, has been torn open and is no longer good for anything. I need to get rid of it.

I could cut it up and fold it so it fits into my recycle bin. Then my garbage carrier will carry it away. I don't know what they do with it once it's gone.

Or I could place it all in my outdoor fireplace (chiminea?) and burn it up. Corrugated cardboard burns up real well.

Which one is better for society and why?

Poll #1106779 Send my cardboard away or burn it here.

Should I recycle it or burn it.

Burn it! Recycling involves harsh chemicals creates pollution from transporting it.
Recycle it! Burning it produces CO2 emmisions in the city and the recycling company can reuse some of the materials.
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(no subject)

I was originally going to post this to craigslist, but I thought that I'd give you guys first dibs on these:

I got these snowboard boots and they were the wrong size. Me being the idiot I am, I waited too long to return them and have now lost the box as well between a few moves. The boots though, have only been tried on and never more than that. They are women's size 9, and are Vans Omnis. I'm a size 9 in real life, but you should always go up a half size to a whole size in snowboard boots and the person who bought me those didn't know so... they're perfect for any female size 8-8.5 in shoes. Also, they use the BOA system, which means no laces! I'm really sad because unless I can sell these, I have to use my old boots with laces, which I am NOT excited about. All you do is turn it until it's tight enough and push the button in :)
These do NOT work with clip-in bindings, only strap-in.

They are from the 2006 snowboard season and were purchased for $230. I'd let them go for $150 or I can haggle. (I'd be more likely to lower the price if you came to get them yourself ;) )

So, pictures Collapse )