December 14th, 2007


vegan-ish fudge?

OK, i have a tradition where i make fudge and peanut brittle at this time of year and give them to people who i can't buy gifts for/hostess gifts for people who invite me to holiday dinners. this year, number one on my list are my aunt and uncle who are having my boyfriend and i over for xmas dinner and a few days after that. my uncle is lactose intolerant - severely - and i'm wondering if any of you vegan wonders have a simple recipe for milk and egg free fudge i can borrow?

Carmen San Diego


Help needed!! I have a hot first date tonight and my lips are massively chapped. What product can I use (natural, over-the-counter, whatever, I don't care) that will heal my ouchie lips? I don't want to ruin the first kiss before I get to it!!  :-)  Thanks!
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move to the eastcoast

hello everyone, i need some feedback or advice from someone whose lived in pensylvania, possibly lititz pa. i'm planning on moving to lititz, Pensylvania in jan. Whats the difference of the style of life in Pa compared to portland?  anything similar over there? whats the difference in people, style, housing, jobs...etc. any feedback would help me, thank you!

military stores?

Where can I find military themed clothing? I'm looking for Marines items more specifically, like sweatshirts, blankets etc... with the marine label or flag. Looks like it's too late to order something for my dad online, so I need to find a store.
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ladies formal hats

hello all!

i am looking for a place that carries a wide variety of traditional women's formal hats.

new or vintage is a-ok with me.

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THE BLOW show 12/15

Does anyone here by chance have ONE extra ticket to The Blow and Swan Island at Doug Fir this Saturday (or know anyone who does)?

I just moved out here to lovely portland from florida and just found out they are playing (!)

I can pay ticket face value or maybe even offer ballet tickets as additional incentive if that's of interest to anyone.

please reply to me here or email me at

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Storm Large Christmas Cabaret

Anyone go to the Storm Large (and the Balls) Christmas Cabaret at the Wonder Ballroom?  I wanted to go but couldn't.  I have no idea what happened there but can guess at the debauchery that occurred.  Any one go who's willing to share what happened?  
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What action-packed events are happening this evening in the city of Portland?

I'm looking at some local rag sites and not seeing anything particularly fetching.