December 13th, 2007


A break from all the serious CL posts

Who's up for Craig's List Hide and Seek?

Here's how you play:

1. Post a personal ad to in "Missed Connections" or "Strictly Platonic". It must be posted in Portland or one of the suburban areas associated with

2. The ad must have the following characteristics:

- must look like an *actual* post
- must contain some sort of inside joke about DP. It does not have to be obvious, but please don't make it too esoteric.
- you must use our actual gender and age(s).

3. When you have made a post, comment here with the category, your gender and age so people have a general idea what to look for.

4. Be amused at all the fun responses you receive. This works better if you post to Strictly Platonic.

Who's in?

dog guy

I am 90% sure this is the guy:
I don't have sound on the computer I'm working on right now, so I can't hear his voice.

Yeah, I no longer think this is about ME, I think it's about the building. But since there are no dogs allowed in my building, I don't like dogs, and I don't hang out where there ARE dogs, he should rethink his tactics. I told him the first night he came to my door that I don't know any dogs. It should have ended there. His is not normal behavior. I think he's a nutcase.
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Beauty - HUH?

Infusing stuff is harder than I thought...

Quick, DP!

I'm making vanilla extract for a few people for Christmas, and I'm in desperate need of those airtight bottles to do so! I'm looking for something like this with a resealable top(in a bottle or flash shape, I don't care), but smaller, maybe half or a quarter liter?

I've checked with Kitchen Kaboodle, Cost Plus World Market (Tigard), New Seasons, and Main Street Home Brew Supply in Hillsboro. I really don't want to buy in bulk... Kitchen Kaboodle seemed like my best choice, but they were totally out in the Metro area.

So... where, preferably in the West 'Burbs, could I find these elusive thingies?

EDIT: I got a ton of great suggestions! Thanks guys -- I'll start calling around again tomorrow!

hey vintage lovers...

i'm having a vintage sale this weekend in north portland! items include women's clothing from the 30s - modern (including a ton of 40s and 50s stuff), vintage and vintage-looking shoes, accessories, some guys clothing, some children's vintage clothing, vintage housewares, books, and some older bikes in various states of ride-ability. prices range from super-cheap to reasonable (definitely lower than the vintage shops in town!). cash only!

so come by and bring your friends and your shopping lists. if you can't make it this weekend but are seriously interested in buying stuff, we could probably arrange a time for you to come by next week. it's in my basement so the sale will be happening, rain, snow, hail, or shine!

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Lego Batman Rain

Come on Portland. We can do better.

Poll #1105626 Are you reading this blog?

Are you currently reading this blog?

No. And I'm unsure how I can read this question.

I just read in the Oregonian's Living section that Portland is the number 2 city for blogging.

I am ashamed of all of you.  Get typing immediately.  

Here are some helpful subjects that may not have been covered in your blog:

Bikes!  Why they're great and cars are bad.
Where can I get a used bike?
Where can i get my used bike repaired?
Why vegans are great and the rest of you are murderers.
I just moved to Portland.  Where can I find: an apartment, a good restaurant, a job, hookers?
Where is a good place to hide a dead hooker in Portland? 
Where can I find a good frame shop to frame the picture of my bike?
Random tittilating photos of celebrities.
Has anyone noticed a shortage of hookers in Portland?
Why don't people in Eastern Oregon vote like the rest of us?
I can't believe my neighbor did x, that lead to y and now I have to deal with z.
I need a date.
Is there a place that I can get my non-returning batarang repaired?
Did anyone else see that plane shaped UFO over the airport?
I've lost my (random 80s reference) sticker off of my lunch pale that I use as a purse, please help me find it.
Drum circles: pros and cons.  
I am selling something that I no longer find useful, but undboutedly you shall.  Also it may have killed a whore.
Meaningless polls.

Nikon D200


I'm really looking to get back into theatre. Specifically auditioning for Shakespearean plays...

But not limiting to just that stream...

Does anyone know of a good theatre around the Portland area with perhaps a listing of what auditions are going on in the near future?

Thanks in advance, 


Need Spoon tickets for Saturday?

I've got two tickets to the Spoon show at the Crystal Ballroom on Saturday night.  I also have an 8-week-old puppy that has convinced me not to leave her poor, pitiful, helpless self home alone for 4 or 5 hours while we go out carousing.  So the tickets must go.  I'd like to get what I paid for them ($68.50 for the pair) to put toward the puppy's first vet visit, but I'll consider other offers.  I'm in Beaverton but pickup could be arranged downtown if it's more convenient. E-mail if you're interested!

uberjackalope at gmail
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Individual health insurance?

Can anyone recommend an individual health insurance plan for a young (26), fairly healthy (aside from one chronic issue) person? I'm pretty tired of getting ripped off by PSU's lolcoptery "extended student health insurance plan", which refuses to pay for anything anyway. Anything less than what I'm paying now ($172/month) would be good; high deductible is ok. Must be PPO; the main thing I care about is that they won't try to weasel their way out of paying any claims by claiming "it's a pre-existing condition" (even though I have creditable coverage) or sending me forms to ask whether I have other insurance and then claiming they haven't received them (twice!) (which is what PSU's health insurance does).

Thanks in advance!
I said brr!

(no subject)

I'm looking to get my husband an electric razor for Chrisanukkah. If I could get some recommendations, that would be awesome!

Also, I want to get my friend a tea set for her birthday. Where would be a good place to get that? As an aside, it will need to travel to Alaska with me, so nothing too fragile.

& Daggers!
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Etouffee say what?

Very Important (Non-Vegan) Business!

It has come to my attention there will soon be a Popeyes in NEP (82nd & Fremont, yay benzos!!!1).

My brother found this news monumental, and I'm sure there are others out there who revel in the spicy, fatty joy that is fried chicken not from The Colonel.

MSW Degrees and Working in Portland

I really enjoyed this week’s post about education in relation to career success and such. I was partially shocked and partially not surprised about all the people with advanced degrees having trouble finding careers. So, I wanted to get a little more specific and see if anyone in DP has any experience with the degree I am about to drop about $30k on.

Does anyone here have a MSW (Master’s of Social Work)?

What are your thoughts/experiences/job stories in Portland?

Did going from a BA/BS to an MSW really make that much of a difference in opportunities and salary?

I am not trying to base my entire education future on an LJ post, but I would really appreciate any genuine feedback from the social workers in this area.


Sticky Mr. Blimp!

Oh god.. another bar..

But.. this one is actually good..

So, got myself lost not too long ago.. and stumbled upon this place at
16th and Hoyt.. Bar Convivium.. I think is what it was called..

It's a new place - pretty nice and shiny. Their pool table is
free (always nice) and in this crazy loungey private "pool vault"..

The drinks were delicious and the bartenders made me and my lady
friend feel like they were happy to see us, because I'm pretty much
over unfriendly bartenders.

Things I didn't like.. it's a tad bit too bright.. and their jukebox..
had too much hip hop for my taste..

It was nice, so I'm sharing.

It's what I do.

k bye!
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Anybody else get annoyed with the USPS?

Are they kidding me?

I didn't check my mail at work for TWO DAYS and our mail person took ALL OF THE MAIL to the Post Office and replaced it with one of those "Sorry we missed you!" cards. I called the post office to see if they could redeliver to our doorstep (rather than our box down the street...which they have done before)  and the snotty lady there informed me that I would have to come pick up the mail.

What?!?! WHY?!?!

She said that because we neglected to check our mail (for TWO DAYS?!?!) they cannot redeliver. What an effing joke.

Honestly, I understand that the post office is really busy this time of year...but isn't EVERYBODY? How is not checking the mail for TWO DAYS considered neglect?

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& Daggers!
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In the last couple posts I've done, there has been a koinkidink of pop vs. soda talk. Most of my life, I've only heard people around me call it "pop", although I commonly heard it called "soda" on TV, from people out of state, etc. My assumption was that it was just a regional thing, but it seems a lot of DPers commonly say "soda" as well which is new to me.

Poll #1105725 DP Malt Shoppe.

What do you call that carbonated sugary stuff?

Pop - I'm a native Oregonian
Pop - I'm NOT a native Oregonian
Soda - I'm a native Oregonian
Soda - I'm NOT a native Oregonian
I call it both or something else. I'll elaborate in a comment.
Siouxsie Toss

Subversive Zone returns Tonight at Mt. Tabor Legacy

PDX experimental/electro music fans rejoice! Tonight is the return/debut of Subversive Zone at Mt. Tabor Legacy in the side lounge.

Discover new and existing local artists on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month!

And did I mention IT'S FREE!

Tonight will feature:
Digital Trauma
Nightmare Generator
and TSR

Doors at 8pm, music starts at 9pm.

Mt. Tabor Legacy
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland OR 97215
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hey, i really want to play some indoor soccer. DID YOU KNOW that you can bounce the ball off the wall in indoor soccer! that totally adds a whole new element to the game! ahhh!

okay, yeah, maybe i'm the only person who was surprised by that revelation.

anyways, does anyone know of some FREE places to play? a community center, perhaps? anyone interested in meeting up for some future games?

(bonus love for N/NE spots.)

SAD (although I am sure it has been discussed before)

Who here knows about Seasonal Affective Disorder?

More importantly, who has it or thinks they have it?

I don't know all of the medical evidence for and against the existence of SAD, but I tend to believe it is a real condition. Mostly because, while I am often tired and lazy, something about it being dark out at 4:30 PM and the fact that my brain and limbs seem to be made out of damp cotton, makes me think it is more than just generic wintertime blues.


Hi, Portland. I'm in Eugene just for the night. I've never been here, aside from hitchhiking through a couple times years ago. What's your favorite place in Eugene to shoot pool, get a drink, dance, wreck mayhem, etc?
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(no subject)

ive been to Steelhead Brewery on 5th ave. love that place and Joggers bar and grill, great food, as for pool halls i think there is oen called Deans pool hall but i have never been there, just pased by it, could be Dans i dont recall. anyone been to River Renaissance?
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DP - the new ticketmaster

yes, i was foolhardy and didn't think to buy tickets early, so i come to you DP looking for a ticket...

one single ticket to get me into the david bazan show tomorrow night at mississippi studios.

maybe you bought one for a friend, but now you're thinking your friend dresses weird or has funky armpit odor and you don't want to be seen with them at a show like this. perhaps they're not vegan enough for you. maybe you just decided to stay home and watch comedy central and eat buttery popcorn and reese's pieces. or your shoes just came untied and you won't have enough time to get them tied back up before tomorrow night. if you want, i can help you come up with more, even better excuses to sell me that ticket. like tomorrow night being the excellent time in the current lunar phase to begin online stalking maggie gyllenhall. [side note: yum a dum dum]

anyway, at this point, you've got all the reasons you need to sell me your ticket - should you have one. if you don't have one, maybe you could help the cause by putting up posters for me in search of my missing ticket. that would be rad.

so, sell me the ticket. i'll even bring you oatmeal raisin cookies [possibly even vegan ones too - not sure] to munch on or give to your friend who now has to stay home. yeah. that's the spirit.
drinks july 2007

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Friendly neighbors who are kind enough to ring my doorbell--to let me know that I had accidentally left my keys in the door lock! I am extremely grateful!

2. Having a truly enjoyable and rewarding job. It sounds like a simple thing, but I have learned not to take an excellent job situation for granted.

3. Receiving the Oregon state tax kicker refund in the mail last weekend--and depositing the entire check towards a long-term savings fund for a down payment on a loft/house.

4. Finding out in the New York Times Sunday magazine that there is a company here in Portland that sells biodegradable coffins!

5. Discovering the warm atmosphere and the joys of the Green Dragon ale house off SE Belmont! I am growing an affinity towards brewpubs that feature rotating beers.

6. Eastside Theater History Bicycle Tour event this Sunday afternoon. I don't know if I will wind up partaking in this, but the historical theater buildings (from the early 1900s) in Portland have always fascinated me.

7. Enjoying a thoroughly delicious, filling, and vegan-friendly dinner at Pambiche Cuban Restaurant with good friends. The combination of the hot and heartyTostones and Yuca con Mojo appetizers, paired with Plato Comunista, is a great way to ward of cold and hunger on a chilly December evening! Yum-eaux!
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crow t robot

Doctor Who & Spinning

Exercise & geek out Friday (Dec 14) & Saturday (Dec 15) at West Coast Health & Fitness (2640 NE Alberta)!!

At 7pm on Friday, we're playing Doctor Who Series Two Disc One ("The Christmas Invasion" and "New Earth") in the Spinning Theater, and on Saturday at 7pm it's classic Doctor Who with Tom Baker & Liz Sladen vs. the all powerful Sutekh in "Pyramids of Mars".
To use the Spinning Theater, and gain access to West Coast Health & Fitness, without a membership it's a $10 drop-in for the day, $5 if you come with a member.

kneel. kneel before the might of sutekh!
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This may seem like a strange question, but does anyone know of a good place to sit and watch the planes take off and land at PDX? I don't need to get, like, pushing tin close, but I'd like to maybe see the runways. I'm not a terrorist or anything, I just like watching planes. Maybe an airport employee with some knowledge of the area? Thanks...