December 12th, 2007


Free and or Cheap Dentistry

Hey all.

I am noting a sensitive part on one of my teeth, and I suspect, despite my best dental hygiene efforts, that I might have a cavity forming :(

Question is, I'm a bartender with no medical insurance.  Any suggestions for cheap dental options for a guy like me?
Maybe someplace could cut expenses by allowing me to bring my own nitrous? :)

I'm open to suggestions.
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travel bliss (har har)

Roughly how long will it take me to get to the PDX airport? (From the SE, taking the 75 from Woodstock to Hollywood Transit Center, then Red line.)

Also, wish me luck in Kansas. Let's hope I don't get blown away
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Pex plumbing?

Hi all,

Have any of you replaced your home plumbing with PEX-A or "Aquapex" as it's also known? We're debating the pros and cons (pro: cheap and apparently very strong, easy to install, con: plastic w/ potential for leaching). Did you have it installed for both intake and outtake? How about your water main?

I'd love to hear your good stories and/or horror stories with the stuff. We're replacing the plumbing in our 1916 craftsman and this has been recommended to us by professionals and "regular people" alike for such tasks.

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Worky Work!

(no subject)

You know that iconic I Love New York symbol? I would like it altered by someone.

I want it to say:

I *heart* Black Angus

I'm uploading the image to CafePress and creating a shirt based on the image - it's for a good friend of mine and an inside joke.

I'm no good at Photoshop or any similar program; can you do it?

Variations or additions are awesome, but the general message needs to convey the same.

I shall reward you! Paid account? You got it! Money? No problem! I would like to say first come, first gets reward, but that's not really fair to other people if they want to try. I'll say by tomorrow morning, I need the image and then I'll choose which I like best.

I would really appreciate it! Thank you, all you talented people out there!

Tea Party!

So who's going to the Portland Tea Party this Sunday? I want to go and it would be cool to meet some DPers there...cuz I'm a shy bastard and will probably never have the nerve to come to a DP Meetup. Besides, you can wear pink, or dress in period costume, and dump leaf mulch into the river!

UPDATE on stranger looking for dog...

Recap: intruder keeps asking about a dog  (

So…Yesterday morning I put up a sign on the inside of the glass in the door of the front entrance to the building, alerting people of the suspicious man. When I came home...

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this is complicated


I've just taken a temporary (two weeks) job at the Washington County courthouse in downtown Hillsboro. The problem is that I live in outer southeast Portland - it's a two hour commute at least. I would really prefer to avoid spending four hours a day in transit - so I'm looking to stay somewhere else, for this short period of time. Are there any hostels or by-the-week hotels near Hillsboro or accessible to the west-side MAX that people can recommend?
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(no subject)

Hey guys, I don't know where else to ask this so I thought I'd try asking here, kind of a long shot though.

I need to have a car shipped cross country. I used to live on the east coast, then I moved back to the west coast and bought a car. Now my husband's deployment is almost over so I'll be moving BACK to the east coast. We were originally going to just drive back cross-country but we have a new baby and are realizing what a nightmare that could be, plus it will be pretty expensive.

We think itd be cheaper and easier to ship the car cross country and then fly back. But I could be wrong because I have no idea what the price range is like for shipping a car...

Has anyone ever shipped a car somewhere and know a company to recommend? Or a website? Or something? I feel like I don't even know where to look...
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HELP !!!!
 I have a corp. Dinner tonight at 6 and need something to wear I have *A* dress its broing and black and I need something nice/funky to wear!  size 18-20!  fast! Any Ideas?  I am totally up for a full fat girl make over, if anyone wants to try! haha!
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I need a dress... for my son. :|

I have a similar but different request than create_the_rain. This sounds odd, but... I need a dress for my son! My son has a theatre performance this weekend, and he just informed me last night that he needs a dress for it. This is not something I ever expected to hear from my 6'3 bearded son. :|

So, I have no idea what size dress my son wears... what mother would??? But he and his dad are going to check out Goodwill by Lloyd Center this afternoon after school. In case they don't have anything, does anyone have any ideas? I would like something inexpensive. He's 6'3 and about 240 pounds. I think he might also need shoes, which is going to be a huge problem, since I believe he wears size 13 shoes..12 or 13, I can't recall at the moment. (bad mom.)

I told him to check with the theatre department at his school to see if there's something there he can use, so hopefully that will take care of it, but just in case it doesn't, and in case Goodwill doesn't have anything suitable.. where else should we look?

Thanks in advance for any assistance! :)
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I want some beer partners

I am REALLY into beer. I don't know a whole lot about homebrewing but have been told that it comes out to something like $1 a bottle once you get everything running. I have a huge basement with a ton of unused space, and making beer down there seems like a REALLY GOOD IDEA.

Is anyone here interested in getting into homebrewing and splitting the startup costs with me?

ETA: [Unknown LJ tag]. I'd like to head to the January 10th meeting of the Oregon Brew Crew (7:30 at FH Steinbart's), and maybe have dinner beforehand with interested folks so that we can all get to know each other.

flash to Cricket?

I'd like to flash a CDMA phone to Cricket. Do you have any suggestions of where to go? I'd really like a PDA-type phone, but I know it's better to go to someone with skill so they can configure the Internet and pictures. I've googled and emailed people, but I'd love a recommendation.

If you've already done this, what model of phone did you use? What functions did you get working? Thanks in advance for your input. I appreciate it.

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My MacGyver Moment of the day:

I was walking to the library today (which is 2.5 miles away) and a stray dog began following me. I switched from walking on a busy street to walking on more quiet streets because I was afraid she was going to be run over because she kept darting out into the street.
My MacGyver moment came when I realized that I could tie my scarf around her and lead her on a scarf leash. Brilliant!
Not so brilliant: the dog rolling in shit and ruining my scarf. Oh well.

So, your MacGyver moments?

And also, anyone lose their dog?

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driving instructors

I'm looking for a private driving instructor in Portland. A non-crazy one. (I've heard stories about basically fundamentalists-on-wheels, Very Smelly Instructors, etc) I'm close-in on the Eastside. Thanks!
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Rainwater collected in recycled lightbulbs

...okay, odd question. Has anyone heard of the person out on the Oregon coast who apparently collects rainwater (and dew?) in recycled lightbulbs, so you can buy a drop of water from some prior significant date? Or something like that? Any leads highly appreciated. I have googled and found nothing but nothing. Perhaps my google-fu is weak? If there are multiple people doing this, organic lightbulbs and vegan rainwater would be preferred.

ETA: found!!!
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Let's see. Since we were discussing worst sci-fi movies ever seen in the theater, I figured I would add along the same lines to that discussion with a new post!

What is the worst movie ending you've ever seen?

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Justin Long, you may dazzle me with your inventive Mac ads and even though your take as a 1337 hacker in Die Hard 4 was improbable at best, yet forgivable, this movie will always be a stain upon your career. This movie had potential, I believe! It really did! My God ... that ending is the worst I've ever come across. And then they created a sequel! Ahh!

So, what's yours?

anyone running CRYSIS?

i am, and seek to upgrade my video card (medium's nice, but high is nicer!) what are you using that makes it look good? i am zeroing in on an 8600 GT/S, but in addition to reading the dozens of newegg reviews thought i'd ask here, too. i'd like to not spend the $ for an 8800, but i wonder if the price'll drop after the holiday?

any and all advice is welcome. i can post rig specs when i get home, if needed.
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vehicle decals

is there anyone here who can recommend [or even works at] a good local printer who specializes in vehicle decals?

note: i'm NOT looking for plain vinyl lettering, i need someone who can do actual full-color vehicle wraps and/or larger format sized printing and application for sizes up to full-sized truck trailers. low-cost would be good, as this is for a small business, but any referrals would be great at this point.

i've done some googling/calling around, but can't seem to find anyone local who can do what i'm looking for or will return my calls/emails.

also, bonus points if they're not vegan.

and... DRINK.

So I had a tought

Provoked by a weird post.

Vegan water? Organic Light bulbs?

Anyways I was thinking... can water be vegan, then again, what about all the little micro organisms that are in the air, and what about all that corn your eating, A mouse will go hungry this winter I kid you not. Mice need corn too.

I dunno, it's a thought, not meant to offend anyone, just my own personal opinion.

But can you ever be 100% vegan? I think Vegans should take Ecology classes.
And vege's, stop being so damned passive aggressive and be a conscious consumer instead.

I'm not saying stop eating and living how you are, but maybe just think about it. haha Food for thought you know?
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Lego Castle Making
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Needing a roomie

We need a roomie! This is the craigslist ad my leaving-roommate wrote

I am leaving a wonderful house at 5519 Ne 35th (close to New Seasons, Alberta St., and a slew of other fantastic places) that's home to three fabulous females, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 fish. It's a beautiful, well-taken-care-of home, and your potential roommates are all responsible and enjoy chatting with a beer on a whim. However, they do not want drugs used in the house and are not 420 friendly.

If you live in this house, you will have:
-two bathrooms--one with a double-headed shower and the other with a clawfoot tub.
-a kitchen nook.
-a wrap-around porch that meets the backyard.
-sooo much gardening potential.
-a good time.

The bedroom itself is pretty small, but it has plenty of storage space and windows that face east. It has really been all I've needed since there's so much space to chill around the house.

Please write if you're interested, tell me a little about yourself, and we'll arrange a time to meet. It's available as soon as Jan. 1st.

Dogs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. But, sorry, no more cats can live here

Click here for pictures of the house.

Comment with an e-mail address or send one to my eljay one for more information!