December 11th, 2007

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merry xmas?

Does anyone else feel weird when people in stores say "merry xmas?" Maybe it's because I'm Jewish, but even tho I celebrate secular xmas, I would never wish someone a merry xmas or ask them about their xmas unless I KNEW they were Christian and actually celebrated it (but I will ask about their xmas haul). Not to mention December 10th is NOT xmas, so altho it's nice in intention when greeted that way while entering Fred Meyer, it's just a boring monday and I'm only here to buy some cute hello kitty underwear and a scouring pad. It ain't no holiday today.

side note: the boxed potato latkes mix is actually really good.

Who wants a skinny Santa who doesn't say HO!?

Oh I'm sure this is going to fly so well here:

There is yet another ridiculous campaign from the fat haters out there that says Santa should no longer be fat. Along with the Pillsbury Doughboy's slimmer body and the push for the Cookie Monster to eat more vegetables, this is yet another bucketful of stupidity.

Thankfully, some smart people got together to make a stink about it and get some good done as well! This is some great activism!

If you believe Santa belongs on a sleigh instead of a stairmaster, sign the petition. Your support will do more than Keep Santa Fat. For every signature, DVA Advertising and Public Relations will donate a pound of food to America’s Second Harvest to help feed the hungry in our communities. And DVA will keep donating until we reach 50,000 pounds of food. Help feed the cause on behalf of the North Pole’s finest.

Keep Santa fat!

(passed along from fatshionista)
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December Meetup, 12/18!

Normally our meetups are on the fourth Tuesday of the month. However, this December that date would be the 25th, and somehow I doubt that our usual restaurant will actually be open.

Instead, I've set us up for the 18th. Which is groovy since it's before I leave town.

So to summarize: meetup will be Tuesday, December 18th, at 7pm, at the East Bank Saloon. There will be no particular theme but goofy holiday attire will be wolf-whistled at. Probably. Meetup FAQ is here; minors are welcome until 10pm or so.

NW Portland stalker?

Recap: me – woman living alone in NW Portland, who had a stranger knock on her door at 10:30 p.m. last weekend (posted about it here on DP).


Collapse )

Now, I like to play in traffic, and don’t much mind the thought of being killed by a vehicle, but to be hurt deliberately by a stranger, I REALLY don’t want to go that way. If this guy turns out to be for real, he’s going about things the wrong way. He should stay OUTSIDE the building and ask questions, or put up a flyer or something. But I never heard him at anyone else's door. So if he isn’t for real, then he is a stalker and I want to warn others about him.

Thanks for all the love, I'm feeling less creeped out now!

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London Calling
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Calling All Bridge City Rockers and Gamers

Do you like Guitar Hero? Karaoke? Cheap beer? Making an ass of yourself in public?

Then come play Rock Band tonight at Ground Kontrol at 9:00pm for free!

Ground Kontrol will feature the game on a giant projected screen, on stage, with stage lights, and played over their huge soundsystem. Ground Kontrol is at NW 5th and Couch. Bring your friends and form your own band! Rock Band and Ground Kontrol, its a match made on the stairway to heaven.

P.S. I call dibs on Ever Fallen In Love by the Buzzcocks.
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Chinese Tea Ceremony

Does anyone here know anything about Chinese Tea Ceremony? My gf wants the teapot, cups, bowls, tray, etc to do a chinese tea ceremony for Xmas. I have no clue about what kinds of teapots, cups, bowls, accessories, etc. are authentic to the ceremony. I tried to google it online, but it's all so very confusing. Can someone explain to me how it's done and what "tools" I need to do it and if you know of any places in town that sell matching chinese tea ceremony tea sets.

EDIT: Thanks! You guys are awesome!
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Could you Survive?

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Wow - the ice storm is really a devastating state of emergency for folks in Oklahoma. People (lots of people) are without power. And it's cold!! They say it could take up to 10 days for the power to return? Goddamn?

If that happened, here, right now - what would you do? Are you prepared for anything remotely similar?

I don't know, it just made me think. I have plenty of canned food - enough to survive for maybe a week, I guess - but if all the power around town went out - doesn't that stop your facet water? I don't have bottled water laying around.

The cats just ate the last of their food - I suppose I could feed them raw chicken from the freezer.

Curious - if you were to take inventory right now - would you be covered for a week with no power, stuck in your home?

Update: DPer's are SURVIVORS!!
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Does anyone remember the Mac and Cheese at Noodlin'?

I have been thinking about it lately.  Obsessively.  I can't sleep.  I have no desire to eat anything else...

It was the perfect sauce.  Creamy, smooth, garlicky.  I can't seem to reproduce it.  Every recipe is sticky and thin and flavorless.  And it tends to coagulate as it cools.

Do you remember that Mac and Cheese?  Do you have a recipe that approximates it? If not the flavor, at least the texture and I could screw with the garlic/wine/whatever myself?

Please help.  

Thank you. 

Looking for art-related year-end giving opportunities?

Looking for an art-related year-end giving opportunity? Oregon College of Art and Craft is accepting donations for program and scholarship support.

Why donate to OCAC? In addition to being the regional underdog art school, OCAC is the only school that commits to 20% of Art Adventures summer camp students being scholarship students from disadvantaged homes. Last year, OCAC granted 234 scholarships. Journeys in Creativity, their program for Native American students, is 100% scholarship-funded. That program is successful enough that student artwork will be featured at the Smithsonian Museum of Native American Art in March 2008.

So, without further ado:

Ride to Olympia from PDX Tomorrow?

Are you driving north tomorrow (Wednesday)???
My friend and I are looking to hitch a ride to Olympia from NW or SE Portland tomorrow.
We are two very chill college students, who will chip in gas money and fun conversation, of course!

Let me know if you're heading that way!

Stay awesome,
green turtle
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Harry Potter!

Want to save some money on Harry Potter DVDs?? Get thee to a Frederick Meyers and bring along your Circuit City ad - HP&OOTP is 13.99 and the other 4 are only 7.99 with a price match!

Portland related cause we like good deals :)
Darklady by Ator

INVITE: Darklady's Erotic Masquerade NYE Party

Darklady's Erotic Masquerade NYE Party

One year ends and another begins; much like our annual hopes, dreams, vows, promises, and resolutions. Who were we when the year was fresh and who are we now that it is fading? Explore these and other mysteries during Darklady’s Erotic Masquerade NYE. Wear a mask and/or costume to reflect or hide your true nature -- and show your charitable spirit by sharing your sensual truths with the camera crew – and raise money for Esther’s Pantry!

Bring a pet or human care product for Esther’s Pantry/Tod’s Corner and get $5 off your entry.

Monday, December 31, 2007
7:00 pm - 2:00 am
Club 6124
Portland, OR
Partially Wheelchair Accessible

Ages 21 and older
Rubitorium Sensual Play Space
Massage Tables
Sex Swings
Welcoming Ceremony “Be a Masked Porn Star for Charity”
Portrait & Erotic Stills by Bryan Grimes
Close Shaves from the Naughty Barber
Capricious Costume Prizes from Darklady
Dance Tunes by DJ Darknezzz
Non-Alcoholic Bubbly at Midnight
Birthday fantasies for December, January & February

$35 - Street clothes
$25 – Masquerade, Fetish, or Formal Attire
$5 OFF entry with donation
RSVP Absolutely Required

Volunteers, party & prize sponsors of all kinds sought
Limited scholarship opportunities available

May: Portland Masturbate-a-thon (Reform School Theme)
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hello fuckers cupcake

Cake or Death?!?!

I have been looking online for a cake decorating supply store and found The Decorette Shop. Is this the best shop in town or does anyone know of a different or better shop to buy cake decorating supplies.

I am looking for locally owned or smaller stores than Michael's, etc.

If you're nice once I get settled I can bring cupcakes to a Damned Portlanders meet-up. :)
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Is there any place that can deliver doughnuts in NW Portland ... at around 6:30am? As in, like, tomorrow?

Money is no object ... kinda. I'm not talking about overnighting shit from NYC, but I don't mind paying the buck for delivery at the time I want.

Any help? Thanks.

Also, for no reason at all, "A Goofy Movie" is on right now.

Goodbye broken pile of wood!

The only funny part of this movie. =)

*hides from his gf as she loves it*

Friendly Galleries

Hey fine people of Portland and the surrounding areas. I am new to LJ and extremely unfamiliar with galleries that cater to local artists. I am an aspiring photographer and have been catching a lot of shit lately from friends, family, and co-workers who really, really love what I do and want me to succeed at it. I have been contemplating the thought of seeking out a gallery that caters to local photographers and would also be a good match for my style which mainly consists of landscape work.

I am still in the process of things like what pieces to pick, the framing and matting, etc. I am also not familiar with how showing at a gallery works and things of the nature. I am still in the process of developing a website and host the majority of my stuff on DeviantArt but I figured it wouldn't hurt to start using LJ to post my work, talk shop with other photographers, and just network to the best of my abilities. In fact, I just posted my first piece on LJ earlier this evening to kick things off. :D

If anyone has some good information, that would totally rock hard.


~ Nick 
Lego Castle Making
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Our house is old house is old. And I'm assuming the electric wiring is old too. It's already been determined that we cannot have two space heaters on at one time so my roommate and I have taken turns on this. Well, today I had mine on and CLICK! The power went out in the upstairs...weird. So I fix that and also turn off my heater. For about 15 minutes after that I notice our lights upstairs are dimming and then getting brighter and then dimming again..and then CLICK! Power trips again. I confirmed with my roommate that her heater is off. We have nothing excessive plugged in anywhere upstairs, and especially not something we've had plugged in since I've lived here (over a year).

My question is - what the hell is going on! As I'm typing this the lights are dimming on and off again and I'm just waiting for the circuit trip again. Has anyone on here living in an older house experienced this? It is so annoying but I also hate calling our rental agency - RMS - as they are about as helpful as a stack of bricks.

Edit: So the power just went out and that's with...a room light being on and two laptops being plugged in. Oh, that bathroom light is on too. Swear word.

Bed, Booty, and Beyond

So I'm listening to this local show (Rick Emerson) who was talking about swingers clubs in Portland.  More specifically the one on 39th and Powell.  Used to be the Ace of Hearts.  Don't know what it is now off hand.  Apparently there are odd rules as to who gets in and who doesn't.    Couples and single women get in easily but single guys don't except in small numbers.   I understand why since there would be a huge number of straight guys rushing in hoping to get some action if there were no restrictions.  In the gay community, there are places for guys to get together to have sex be it a "bath house" or whatever.  Maybe there's some equivalent for lesbians that I'm not privy to.   All cool with me.  I just wonder why there isn't a place for straight guys to go to um, er, "get their freak on"  like a "bath house"  or whatever easily and readily.  
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