December 10th, 2007

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NWA Worldperks/Travel Help!

First of all, a thank you to those who replied to this post in regards to me heading to Vancouver, BC to see my grandmother. I took the Amtrak there on Friday, and made it back earlier this evening. Looks like she's doing a bit better, but since her original home is in Winnipeg, Canada, she has been transferred there to get better care for her health.

And I, being the concerned granddaughter that I am (and basically lonely soul out here in Portland), wants to go to Winnipeg (I hear its freezing cold) to go and be with her. Thing is -- as I mentioned before -- I'm super broke and am basically in desperate to get there. So, I was thinking that I would use some of the NWA Worldperks I have; BUT! I'm short of miles... like, 45,000 short of miles. SO! In desperation, I'm turning to you, oh wonderful DP'ers to help this girl out! Whatever you can, miles wise, or even if you could help me out with travel advice or any which way I can get there, would be so fully appreciated.

In return, I will give you my Virgin Mobile phone, almost all the clothes I have (a woman's size 10-14) and good karma to last you a life time ... not to mention the FULL appreciation of myself and my endless praises that you can be so kind!

So... whatever you can do to help me out! :)

(no subject)

Hello Damn Portlanders,

I'm moving out there within a week or two, and I'm just basically looking for advice. See, my parents dug the idea and are coming along too (which I'm totally cool with - I love my parents, we have good times together, etc.)

I know there's a lot of stuff for 27-year-old me to do (hence why I'm moving there, lots of jobs I'm interested in, lots of places I love, and so on), but what about my 50-something farty old hippie parents? I do think they'll love it, but in a more serious vein, I'm wondering what they can expect, if they'll have a hellish time finding jobs, that sort of thing.

Any advice you can offer would be golden. :) Thanks!
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Santacon is gone for another year, but here is how you can get in on it next year

Ok, the nearly 1,000 Santas last weekend were "coordinated" (HA!) by a mere half-dozen Santa Wranglers. The route, schedule, coordination of the trebuchet, printing of the maps and songbook, arranging the helium balloons, arranging the side splinters, getting strippers to show up, making sure bars had LOTS of extra staff and all the dozens of other details start coming together sometime in October each year.

Want to help out? Sign up here. We won't bug you for 9 months, but then we will contact you and see if you still want in. It's a lot of work, but it can be divided up. Make sure to write a note when you sign up, because we are going to ignore these things until our hangovers go away, and that can take a long time.


-Santa NoPants

(needless to say, but I will say it anyway: the meetings for the Wranglers are almost as much fun as Santacon itself!)

would you have done the same?

Ok so maybe I'm an ass, but I think I did the right thing. Your thoughts are always welcome tho!

So last night I went with a friend for happy hour at Portland city grill. We're sittin there enjoyin our cheap-ass food and over priced drinks when my friend notices the guy at the bar. See there was a girl and a guy, lookin all friendly, havin a drink. She got up to go to the bathroom and left her purse.

Well pretty much as soon as she was around the corner of that side of the bar, he was going through her purse! Full on like opening her wallet, pulling things out, it was creepy!

So he puts the stuff back in the purse and zips it back up, she comes back, and they continue their date. About 5 minutes later, they move to the booth behind us and it was very obvious from their conversation that this was a first date. So it wasn't like her boyfriend lookin for some gum or something.

So my friend and I start pondering what proper etiquette would be here???? Do we tell the girl? I know I'd surely want to know. And how would I tell her? So we decided that writing her a quick note was best.

I wrote her a quick note on the back of the receipt that basically said that he was going through her purse while she was in the bathroom and that I would want to know if it happened to me.

For all I know she left it there on purpose so he'd "find" something....? Maybe she told him to look after he'd asked for a piece of gum? Who knows. But still, it was really creepy.

Your thoughts? Ok, go!
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cat kennel?

I just found out the place we usually board our cat for the holidays is no longer in service...

Anyone have a recommendation for another friendly kennel who might take a cat on such short notice? We live in SE, but are willing to venture outside the neighborhood.
little blue dog

electrician rec?

Well shoot. I find myself in need of an electrician in a hurry (it's not "OMG EMERGENCY!" hurry, but "Dammit I have people waiting to do work that requires some electrical thing to be fixed first" hurry) but haven't got one I can call.

Before I start checking Angie's List and/or the yella pages, I thought I'd turn here and ask.

He doesn't need to be vegan. He doesn't even need to be a he. And "for free or cheap" is definitely not a requirement.

Rather, I need someone competent and available to come over tomorrow (I'm in NoPo).

If you know someone that fulfills the first requirement, that's enough, because I have a phone and know how to use it. :)

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Job Interview Questions

I am leaving my job and I get to help find my own replacement. This is exciting (and sometimes hilarious, as I read various resumes), as I've never been in this position before. My boss has asked me to help interview our top candidates, so I'm wondering...

what are the best and/or worst interview questions you've ever been asked?
Rain Forest

Oh Wise Damn Portlanders...

Our wagon broke down again on the way to work this morning. (Happy Monday!) It's got nearly a 100,000 miles on it and it's time to let it go. With that said DH and I can't agree on a replacement vehicle. If you could spend $15,000 to $25,000 on a used car what would you get? Ideally it would have low mileage, a V6/V8 and have some nice interior creature comforts and be toddler friendly. We also have a hell of a commute (about 65 miles a day) - mostly on freeways so while we both love the idea of a hybrid we're not sure it's worth it. Ideas?

Going in the other direction

Back in the 1960s, when Dr. Licklider and Dr. Engelbart invented the internet, they were inspired by the theory that once people had better ways to communicate, many social problems would dissipate.
I myself, from the first time I got online, had big hopes that once the stereotypes and limitations of hierarchal and mass media communications were pushed aside, communication would be more genuine, and people could be more humane towards each other.

On the whole, the internet has disappointed me in this.

Which is why I have started a new practice: trying to cut off the flow of information. There is too much information out there, and the more there is, the less any of it means. So I have decided to practice taking 24 or 48 hours out of sight of the information deluge, without worrying about what movies and musics are new this week.

I would encourage people to try this.

Of course, ironically, I am writing this while spending a marathon session on the internet at PSU's computer library, out of boredom.

A poll! A poll!

Yay DP for helping the Virgo realtor make a decision!

When you think about looking for a house, do you choose a realtor based on:

Referral from a friend
Company name

For the snarky or easily distracted among you:

You're a state-paving tool, ma'am.
Oooh, shiny clicky box!

I've heard of these people:

Oregon Realty
Oregon First
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(no subject)

I'm looking for vegan shoes, particularly vegan boots. Sweat-shop free & eco-friendly is a plus. Anywhere in Portland I could find what I'm looking for?

ETA: I honestly don't care if I'm a stereotype if I can indulge in consumerism and feel less guilty about it. My feet are cold. Surely there must be some stereotyped environmentally-friendly stores in Portland that will cater to my needs, please help me find them.

Overeducation: myth or reality?

Here is another question that I have been wondering about for a while.

I've heard lots of jokes about people with Master's Degrees working as barristas and the like. I don't know if it is totally true, but I know a lot of people with advanced degrees that seem to be underemployed. But perhaps they just stick out more because they go against expectations?

I know this community is full of young and educated people, so I wonder: what has been your experience with the benefits of education, whether it is a Bachelors, or Graduate/Professional? What does it do towards finding a job?

Also, of course, which degree leads to a better level of dp celebrity: JD or MD?
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I [black heart] traffic

After reading a post inquiring about cars and high mpg ratings for a commute over 50 miles a day, I got to thinking...


And do you drive solo? carpool? take public transit? Is commute heavily considered before taking a job/a home?

Call me crazy but I refuse to live more than 5 miles from work and I still carpool...

dial in pdxers--I want to know
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Dance dance dance!

Dear Portlanders,

Next month I will be (hopefully) starting a new job that increases my monetary fundage. I'd love to start taking dance lessons again. I took salsa lessons for about 6 months before I went back to school about a million years ago. I would like to find private dance lessons for myself, though this time around I think I'm more interested in swing and ballroom dancing. Might one of you fine DPers be able to recommend a dance instructor? I'd try to find my old instructor because he was not only a fine dancer but also extremely hot, alas, I don't even remember his name!

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Funny Face

Crazy sounds

WTF are the noises that I hear at the Rose Quarter blue/red line stop? Sounds like jungle animals . . .

I assume it's some kind of bird. Anyone have any more specific ideas?

OMFG! I hate you so much

You with the hover-go-round. On the bus. You obviously have no idea how to drive that thing, or how to parallel park that stupid thing. After five minutes attempting to get your obese hummer-esque bloated wheel chair into the spot where the seats go up, the bus driver has to come over and give you driving directions. This is at 5pm on a busy bus. A bus full of people. Probably about 30 people. 30 people times the six minutes it took you to put your stupid wheel chair monstrosity into the correct position is 180 minutes. You just wasted 3 hours of people's collective lives.

Not to mention that 90-year old lady with the walker who had to stand around waiting for you to get situated so that the driver could put the other part of the priority seating area down again.

God, that lady really sucks. When we got downtown, some other dude got on with a hover-go-round thing. He got his ass put into position in like 30 seconds. That's how you do it. You suck old lady with the hover-go-round on the 4 at 5pm.

Local Comic Book Writers/Creators

For all you penniless writers,

    Having pounded on my laptop  alongside a highly energized group of  artists back in Michigan, to put out Comics Obscura (plug: I've been trying to make contacts with either the lonely comic book writers in Portland or the multi-talented writer/artists/creators in the Portland. Hoping to see if folks every meet to talk shop, trade ideas, and generally feed off creative energy in the medium we call "comics". It's something we did in Michigan, which i thought worked rather well. Of course, it could be because we're comic nerds.

I welcome all interested parties to reply.


Community =)

Ever since first posting in February I've heard a lot of people say how negative DP is and lots of references to "ass hats," not so nice peeples, and a general regard of 'disregard' when they spoke of DP as a whole.

I never saw it.  Later in the summer there were some more leaning posts than I'd noticed before, and took a little hiatus for a while (but mainly because of no computer).

I just wanted to take this moment to mention how I've noticed over time that people in here jump to defend some one when they feel like distaste might be sensed.  And, a lot of the time its people they don't even know.

Of course there's negativity anywhere, but I wanted to say that I've met a lot of Dp-er's and never have I felt like any of them were ass hats. 

Anyway, I'll stop with the "mushy" and just say see the user-info if you ever feel like something is mean, and hopefully a bunch of people will pop up with comments like usual in defense... so I feel the consensus I'd heard I am in disagreement with.

Heck, I'm as soft-hearted as they come (I think) =) and even I have stepped on some toes unknowingly.  Plus, thinking the "tone" of DP is that of DP-snark will hit a nerve if your posts are read unsarcastically!  *doh!*

You guys rock!
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heeeere sushi sushi sushi...

So. I've scoured community memories and old posts, and read quite a few internet reviews about sushi in Portland. I myself have eaten a lot of sushi in Portland. However, these things I cannot trust. You, damnportlanders, you I can trust.

If you were to go to the place with the most authentic sushi this side of Japan, where would you go? Money is no object, but Westside locations are preferred (unless the absolute best sushi is only to be obtained East of the river).

I always favor Mio for value and taste, but having not been to Japan, I can't vouch for it's authenticity. Usually I wouldn't be so nitpicky, but this is the request of some Japanese businessmen I am in charge or entertaining, and they have specifically asked for authentic sushi and naturally I wish to oblige.

edit: I knew I could count on you guys. I will take these opinions to committee and see which cuisine reigns supreme one appeals to all. Thanks all for the input, I'll be sure to consult this entry again next time I need a non-business-related raw fish fix :)
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A bit overshadowed...

Hey there, folk of folks...
My birthday's on X-Mas (curious how it always falls on the same day...), and I've been persuading friends to join me after familial obligations have ended. Last year the gathered group and I were hard pressed to find anything of value open (bars, mostly).
You'll have to forgive me, I'm an ignorant suburbanite and often Portland happenings go by unnoticed by me. My question to you:
What's there fun to do on Christmas in the city of roses? I refuse to believe that there aren't at least a few quirky events scheduled (regardless of the degree to which they're organized). Any good bars that'll stay open? Things to see? Do? Whatever'll keep a clutch of twenty-something's entertained and smiling.
I suppose I could go digging through the net and various Portland publications, but I figure damnportlanders would yield more flare.
Second question:
Care to join?

- Anya -
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Mayor Potter sings!

In case anyone's into this sort of thing - the Portland Gay Men's Chorus has their Christmas concert coming up. According to the email they just sent out:

Mayor Tom Potter is scheduled to make a cameo singing appearance with the Portland Gay Men's Chorus this Sunday. The exact details aren't quite clear, but according to the Chorus' City Beat reporter Cindy Loo Who, the Mayor's voice is absolutely "angelic.'"

SO. Anyone interested in seeing 100+ hot guys in tuxedos sing Christmas music - if you go on Sunday you'll also get to see whether or not the mayor's voice is indeed "angelic."

Pants A Lot

So I was thinking about clothes.  More specifically, the ugliest clothes you've seen on a person.  There have been a lot of fashion trends that have produced a lot of ugly styles that people have worn in the past and, in some cases,  still wear.  For me the single ugliest piece of clothing I've seen on a person in the Portland area is what I call the "Hot Topic" pants.  Those baggy black pants with straps and chains that are usually worn by a guy or gal wearing an Insane Clown Posse or Slipknot shirt at the mall.  They look like the aborted love child of the Hippie long pants of the 90s and the Hip Hop low slung pants of today.  It's the cloth equivalent of a mullet.  At least to me.  Anyone here have any apparel they find unappealing?
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