December 9th, 2007

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cream cheese pizzas?

Hello all. I have a random question for you. I'm from Nebraska originally and back there it is common to see cream cheese as a topping on pizzas. Since I've lived in Portland I've been to a fair amount of pizza places and I've never seen cream cheese on the menu. There was even an incident when, frustrated with the lack of this topping (which is very good, by the way), I attempted to get a Market of Choice pizza chef to make me a custom pizza with cream cheese on it. This didn't turn out very well. Anyway, I'm wondering, have any of you ever heard of or seen cream cheese as a pizza topping or is it just a midwest thing?

Zombie - Eat Flesh!

Because Santacon is such a huge thing here, does Portland do a Zombie Crawl around Easter?

(Zombies because of Jesus rising from the dead, in case some of you don't get it. It was a big hit in Philly.)

Oh! And for those who celebrate Christmas, show me your tree!

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Santacon request

I managed to hold onto my Santacon itinerary all through the bars and dancing and craziness, but the next morning it wasn't with me! Very saddening. Can anybody post a copy online or send me the link to it (I looked, I swear! I can't find it anywhere.) Thank you!
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(no subject)

[edit] Man, you guys are super helpful. Thank you so much for all the ideas, I think I have plenty to go on now. :)

Hi all. I could use some advice.

My husband and I are moving to Portland in a month or so, and we haven't found a place to live yet. We don't know the city well at all, though from what we've seen (really just downtown) it's pretty awesome (book stores! goth stores! vegan food! comic book shops! art galleries! indie theaters!).

Do you guys have any suggestions on safe, non-snobby, urban neighborhoods for us to check out during our apartment search? I don't drive, so cafes and other things within walking distance are pretty important for me.

Oh, and are there any really unsafe neighborhoods we should probably avoid? I don't want to feel like I need to stay inside after dark. :(

Thanks in advance. :D
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(no subject)

OMGZ!! SNOW! out in Metzger at SW Hall & Locust! 
It was snowing around 11:30 too, but I'm just now getting around to posting.  Doesn't look like it's gonna stick unless it keeps on all day.  It's pretty though!
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Driving up.

As much as anyone in the Willamette Valley loves snow, I'm the one schmuck praying for it's cessation! Why, oh why, does it have to snow on the day I'm driving up from Eugene..?! I don't enjoy not liking snow..
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rock climbing!

my friend and i want to go rock climbing (indoors)!

where do we go? we'd really like access to equipment (like ropes, etc.), but we don't need lessons because we've both gone before, although we're still probably considered "beginners" at rock climbing, even though it's indoors. my friend says that at psu's wall you don't use ropes... you just kinda climb... sideways? i guess? she said it was weird. but anyway, we're looking to climb UP, not sideways! we'd prefer to do this without a membership, but if it's cheap enough, we might get one.

our plan is to do that a lot indoors this winter so we can go outdoors this summer! so, do any of you go?

I want to live here!

So as we were driving around in the OMGZ snow conditions today, we saw the most awesome house building thing. I really want to live here. The location is on Hwy 30 just south of the St. John's Bridge. Who knows anything about this place? Are PDX property records online?


Daylight Savings

Hello! I come to you from my lovely little thrift store that is soon closing it's doors... or, rolling down it's door to be more specific. We're that little store open late nights friday and saturday inbetween bside and rontoms on burnside and 6th, in the alley! We've been around for over a year now but sadly have to say goodbye and only have 2 more weekends left! Christmas shopping or just out and about, come stop by and check out our selection of vintage clothing, accessories, records, nes/snes consoles and games, walkmans, vintage playboys, garbage pale kids, toys and much more all at garage sale prices! We are usually around on any day it's not raining, always on fridays and saturdays from 2pm-2am!
Thanks Portland, it's been real!!
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My life story

(no subject)

Dear Portlanders,
After having your heart savagely and unexpectedly ripped out of your chest, what do you do again to recover? What good movies/beer/food should I be watching/drinking/eating? Where are good places to go and remember that I'm a member of the human race? Please and thank you.
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(no subject)

There is still a craft and game night occurring on ninth and Prescott tonight!!
Settlers of Catan!
Girl Talk!
paper and glue!
patch a pocket!
maybe some RPG? you never know...

Email for details!

Seattle Freeze Infecting Portland?

I've lived in Oregon since I was seven; and I've lived in Portland for over ten years. While researching grad schools and potential places I might want to move after I finish my Bachelor's, I came across this article-- "Our Social Dis-ease: Beyond the smiles, the Seattle Freeze is on."

And reader reactions to the article--

So here's my question. Is what this article says true about Seattle? What about Portland? Does Portland suffer from the same "Plastic smiles/snobby/anti-social" syndrome; and if so, to what degree? Is Portland similar to Seattle; not quite as bad; or worse? Is the syndrome more prominent in certain subcultures, like techy/computer people, or is it city-wide (or county-wide, or state-wide)? Or is this (as I'm sure some will say) all a big lie made up by Evil Outsiders who are destroying Our Precious and Unique Culture?

Are there places that have good grad schools for geology/oceanography/biology, where the climate and people are tolerably warm? I've ruled out the East Coast and Utah; but maybe California, Arizona, or the South?
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  • dan6888

Calling All You Tech-Savvy Portlanders!

Is there anyone out there that could build a computer for me for a good price? I am the co-owner of a local recording studio and the studio's computer is needing a bit of an upgrade. What i currently have is a 2.8GHZ Pentium 4 with 1.5 GB of RAM. I'm looking to upgrade to something quad-core since some changes we've made to the studio are really pushing the processor beyond it's limits. I realize that this would require a new motherboard and processor and all that good stuff and the reason we don't want to just buy a new computer is because our current one is in a really nifty studio rack mount case (essentially a server case) and that is really convenient with our current setup. would anyone be willing to work out a price with us for a quick initial consultation that would give us a list of things we need to buy and once we had all the components, install them for us? We would pay a reasonable amount for the work... nothing too crazy, but fair compensation to be sure.

two things.

can somebody (or multiple people: make it a forum, for crying out loud. i need some answers here.) tell me WHAT the big fucking deal is with henry's tavern?

just curious.

also, for the crafty/diy savvy out there...

i've got a set of tacky, office depot engineered wood bookshelves like this.. it's clearly not a material found in nature, and i would like to stain it a deeper there any way to do this without sanding the entire thing down? any suggestions beyond that?


edit: fixed it. my apologies.
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Doctor Who & Spinning

Want to pedal a stationary bicycle and watch Doctor Who? I know you do...

So I'm going to be playing some Doctor Who again in the Spinning Theatre at West Coast Health & Fitness (2640 NE Alberta) this Friday (14th) & Saturday (15th) at 7pm (it's my 32nd bday on saturday so I'm honouring myself). It's a $10 drop-in, $5 if you come with a member.

I was thinking of playing the first disc of Series Two ('cause it's all Christmassy and stuff with the robot Santas and killer xmas tree), but I'm at a loss what classic episode to play on Saturday. I was thinking Pyramids of Mars (one of my favourites) or The Leisure Hive (sometimes I feel like the Old 4th Doctor), but I'm relatively open to suggestions. I need to make a decision by no later than Tuesday afternoon (so I can make a sign).
Videorama, the video store that the gym is grafted to, has every Doctor Who episode that is available on DVD for rent (except for The Visitation, it's on backorder).
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PDX Jedi?

X Posted

Does anyone out there have any interest in putting together a group for Jedi stage combat performances? Just like I'm also wondering if anyone is interested in Jedi costuming or custom lightsaber building? I have experience making Jedi and Samurai costumes, so if anyone wants to learn I'm game! Thanks!

Peter Pan At Powells

So I was at Powells today when I heard over the sound system, "Peter Pan to the exits" or something similar to that.  I wondered what that was all about and the answer came less than a minute later when some woman rushed by looking for her lost son, Luke.  Luckily he was found and the alert was called off.  This made me wonder what other little secret codes Powells uses for its employees.  There's got to be one for shoplifters and other emergencies among other things.  Do other businesses have similar systems to notify their workers when there's a problem?
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Hello, all.

After picking up my car from the body shop Friday night, it has become quite apparent that the work I took it in for will need to be redone/fixed. Needless to say, I am disinclined to return it to the original body shop. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good auto body shop?

Thanks. This has been a nightmare.

(no subject)

Looked through the memories and didn't see anything. I need an eye exam and possibly glasses but I have no insurance. What are the options? Any low income clinics? I can't take these headaches anymore.
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Old magazines?

I'm looking for a bunch of old magazines to cut up and play with, but I'm having a hard time finding what I need. I'm generally looking for any gun catalogs, old political magazines, outdoor/hunting guides, etc. Maybe useless art magazines if you have any. Not People, or the New Yorker, etc. Something high on military or hunting themes and/or with interesting pictures. The newspapers don't seem to be too helpful these days, either.

It's odd... I expected this to be easier, but I'm not finding what I need at the libraries or thrift stores; I'm just cutting them up so I don't need a pristine copy of Life from 1964 or anything like that (although any old Hustlers and such might come in handy), and I can't afford to buy a lot of those magazines anyway- I'm definitely NOT about to pay $5 for old Playboys and then tear them all up. Plus maybe people around here recycle more than what I'm used to so all that stuff is now a couch or a newspaper or whatever happens to it instead of laying around in piles waiting to be misused. Maybe I just don't know the cool stores to go to for old, cheap, relatively useless magazines? Are there such places?

So, if you have magazines you'd like to get rid of, let me know, and I can swoop by and pick them up. I don't have much to trade right now, although I do have one ugly and forlorn handmade orange-and-teal hat (I'm not sure why I'm the only person who thinks it's pretty), and I just found a white knit hat with ears on it from the Gap that I forgot to give to a friend's baby last year. It's like a bear cap sort of. It still has the tags even (I'm flaky like that). Or, if you want to buy a never-used white baby bear cap, let me know ;)

Thanks all :)