December 8th, 2007

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Bike Farm!

Dearest DP,

As a follow up to this post, I would like to invite everyone to Bike Farm's Open House event, which will take place tomorrow from 12pm-4pm, at 1303 NE Roselawn.

What exactly is this "Bike Farm," you ask? We are a non-profit bicycle maintenance collective! Our mechanics volunteer their time to teach people how to fix their bikes. See, you can go to any bike shop in Portland and fix up your bike, but you don't learn anything. When you come into Bike Farm, not only do you get a fixed bike outta the deal, you also bike away with the know-how for future maintenance. From simple to complex tasks, we're game. And we'd love to see you tomorrow!

Join us for pastries, coffee, snacks, and music! Come meet our mechanics and learn how to true your wheels! We'll be hanging out all day. Bring a treat if you like and come check out our space!

Teh websights: BIKEFARM.ORG
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Private Property?

My friend and I are currently debating the meaning of a sign on the fence outside of Beaverton High School's turf field. On the rare days that it is vacant, it would be really nice to play some soccer out there since they have amazing goals and no mud. However, there is a sign at the entrance that says something about trespassing that made us kind of nervous. I don't recall exactly what the sign says, but I guess my question is, "Is it legal to use a high school's field when no one is there and school is not in session?"

Santacon info for you late folk:

Ok, not everyone can make it at noon. So, while you will miss out on at least 5 things each hour (different setup), you should still show up. I worked on the group that set the schedule, and there are at least three activities between each bar stop all the way until the late hours. So, here is your handy guide to late arrivals:

There is the semi-public map. Just go to the bar nearest the time you will be here, and look around for Santa. If you don't find us within a few blocks, wait at the bar until our arrival time and you will catch up.
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Anybody know for sure if the theme at Rocky tonight is bondage? and by Rocky I mean Clinton Street Cabaret... anyway, a source tells me the theme is bondage, and I'm going to dress up, I just feel like I need to be reassured that that is the them before I go :) Thank you!
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seeking tranquility

I have a ton of work to do tonight, which includes a whole lot of reading - so I thought I would make an inquiry into your favorite reading whereabouts. All inputs are welcome, but I'm specifically looking for late hours. (And a fireplace would be prime, too.) Many thanks.

In cars....

I find myself in the market for a new, or new to me, auto.

What do you drive? Do you like it? Where did you get it?

I don't have tons to spend and want something small and dependable. My lovely Rav4 aka "the Dyke Wagon" died a horrible death last week.

Are you selling something? Is anybody you know? Have a handy website I haven't found yet? (Looking at Craiglist,

And to avoid the lectures- I do bike where I can and when I can. Want a car for my late night trips and other little things. I'm from Seattle and you can pry my car keys out of my cold dead fingers!

Super cute fuzzy warm awesome animal hats

Hey, so, I make cute furry animal hats. They're warm, soft, super adorable, highly customizable, and will make 99 percent of the people you walk past on the street light up. I've been doing a lot of custom orders lately, so I'm making the obligatory livejournal post in case anyone's looking for a failsafe Christmas or birthday gift.

(Lots more pictures under the cut!)

The pictures on here are just a few examples of what I make--if you can imagine it, I can probably fabricate it. Mostly I create generic fuzzy animals (bunnies, teddy bears, kittens, that kind of thing) and more fantastical creatures (think like Yeti and unicorns).

The ones in this series that are being modeled by my friend Dain are currently available for sale--the ones on the mannequin head are, at this very moment, up for sale at a craft fair at PNCA in NW (and they've been selling like hotcakes, it's awesome!!). Incidentally, Dain is not for sale, but is occasionally available for trade.

I sell these for $25 apiece--custom orders cost the same, unless they use super duper swanky materials or take a LOT of extra work, which is hardly ever the case.

Collapse )

I posted something here last year, about this time, and received a lot of replies. Only ended up making a handful of sales since life was crazy at that point and I didn't have a lot of extra time on my hands. But this year I'm self-employed doing crafty stuff, and I've been sewing like, 10+ items per day (that's a lot)! You're looking at a turnaround time of a few days, maximum.

Oh, FYI--these hats are totally vegan & cruelty-free; I only use fake fur, and the lining is usually polar fleece or microfiber.

OK! If you actually finished reading that long-winded schpiel and want to score one of these, email me at pinkrobotarmy (at)! I'm making a trip to the fabric store tomorrow, so if there's anything special or weird you want a hat made of, get in touch ASAP.

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Music recommendations please

It's going to be a lazy Saturday night of writing for me and I need some music recommendations to pass the time/provide inspiration. Recommend whatever you think is good, regardless of genre as I like to try new stuff (or old stuff I've never listened to before). Thanks.

new vietnamese vegan restaurant

 Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a fairly new Vietnamese vegan restaurant on the corner of NE 82nd and Fremont across the street from the 76.

It's called Nhut Quang...and it's fucking delicious.  The staff was really friendly.  They're not in the best location for a vegan restaurant, so I figured I would try to get the word out and get them some business.  

The menu is huge...if you've ever eaten at Vegetarian House downtown it is somewhat similar.

Yeah!  You should go!
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I took myself out to dinner and Powells tonight (I'll probably end up having pity sex with myself later), and snapped some pictures of the SantaCon as I walked around Burnside, and this occurred to me: while SantaCon is a good enough name for our annual event (named after the original event in 1995 San Francisco) and far be it for me (a non-drinker) to suggest altering a tradition, but wouldn't "Santa Crawl" be a better name for this event? Santa Claus + Pub Crawl = Santa Crawl.


Well, I think so.

No, YOU get a life.
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cat sitter recommendations

This coming year, I will have several out of town trips and need to find a reliable cat sitter for my two precious babies. I have never left them with anyone other than my former roommate (no longer an option). They have never been out of the house except to go to the vet.

I've done a google search and found some options that look okay, but I would really appreciate a recommendation from someone who has had a good experience with a cat sitter. Anyone you have been really happy with? Anyone to avoid?

Thank you!