December 7th, 2007

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Okay... Here we go.

Hello, DP.

So I'm popping the question.
Oh boy.

But I'm the only female I know that is retarded about rings.

I was told spending $250-500 was the sane amount to spend on a ring, and it sounded right to me. But I don't even know where to begin. I was browsing through Kay Jewelers - seeing as the commercials did their damn job and implanted only them into my brain - but is there a local store or any other suggestions for where to acquire an engagement ring?

This is the ring I was looking at. It's pretty - and within the sanity range, apparently.

But what do you think?

P.S. I. Am. So. Damn. Nervous.

Edit: So far, all of you have been very, VERY helpful. Some of it was superficial arguments, which I suspected would arise, but otherwise they all proved excellent points and made me consider where my money is going.

Let me make clear that my comment on "expensive creatures" was a joke, not meant to be taken literally. I joke about women a lot, and some of you may or may not have noticed, but I'm female. ;) I was more worried gay marriage arguments might spring up and political debate on where I'm going to actually get married would conjur themselves up. THANKS.

Overall, I'm scared to death. But the more I talk to her everyday, the more I realize how much I could be with this woman for my entire life. I want that ring to be remembered as the day I swallowed my stereotypical "male" pride and admitted that I can be mushy and could wait the long wait to be with her. I've said so many things wrong, and all she ever did was be correct about everything. I want that correction at my side until I'm dead. And if I can help it, I'll make sure even then.

So you've all convinced me enough that no matter the ring, the sentiment is what's powerful. But I'd still like a nice ring anyway. :) The suggestions have been beautiful, and I'm glad some of you could share what you've always hoped for. I hope those dreams come true for you beautiful dreamers.

I'll be proposing sometime between December 27th till January 4th. Upon my return, I'll hopefully bear good news.

Thank you all again for your comments, suggestions, and cast offs of hope.
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Pros and Cons of Acupuncture?

So does acupuncture work?  I'm having some major neck pain and I'm sick of going to my chiropractor since it doesn't seem to be helping.  I'm thinking of going the pins and needles route but want to hear from you guys if it's worth it.  If it does help, where the good places to get it done that are reasonably affordable.
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Is it just me, or...

...are there a lot of new people participating in the conversation here?

For people who are not the core group of high-volume posters--and you h-v people know who you are!--who's been around for a while and silent, who's new, and if you're new, what brought you to the Damn Portlanders?

Choosing Charities

I need some suggestions for good charities to donate to. I don't have a lot of money, but I'm thinking of donating a bit to four charities as Christmas gifts for family, so I'd love to gather a list of names of groups that people think are really good! Ideally I'm looking at 1 domestic charity (would be cool if it benefitted local people), 1 international charity, 1 environmental charity and 1 animal group (preferrably no-kill if it's a shelter). Thanks so much for any input!
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Oh, Preacher Danny.

Soooo... some of you might remember Preacher Danny, used to be downtown all the dang time, telling all of us we'd be going to hell if we agreed Gays had rights to marry, or whatever heretical thought d'jour we had going for us at the time.

I remember him because he told me he couldn't remember anything past about seven years ago because of a car accident, and all he could remember was him being on the streets and on drugs and alcohol, until he found God. The man, to his credit, knew the bible inside and out. But he was, you know, all up in everyone's face about it. He was an pro-war protester and loudly proclaimed without fear that Saddam and his ilk had everything coming to them that they deserved and who better than righteous Bush and American to deliver it to them.

Anyways, I hadn't seen him for about a year and a half now, and I kinda figured out why now, thanks to an article in the Oregonian today.

Apparently, in addition to be an evangelical street preacher, an appliance repair man (because God says to work with your hands, he told me), he liked to rape 13 year old girls in his spare time.

So if you're wondering where he's been, he's been hiding in Arizona until he was arrested recently and extradited back to Oregon where he pleaded guilty.

Shaaaame on you, Preacher Danny. For your sake, I hope there is a God. And with that, everything that comes with it.
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YouTube Indian video

Oh look, it's hilarious-random-YouTube-video o'clock.

Found in awong's journal. I'll even quote him because he says it best:

"So the idea of subtitling a video in a foreign language with completely random subtitles isn't particularly new (see What's up Tiger Lily), but this one is different...they don't make up random text, they find homophones in English for the Indian and it ALMOST MAKES SENSE."


creepy little bastards

I thought this would be appropriate follow-up to Dr. Jeff's post about the dangers of creepy old men.

The Millennials Are Coming!

They are in their late teens to early twenties and have been coddled by their parents to the point of being ill prepared for a demanding workplace.

"..absolutely incorrigible. It's their way or the highway. The rest of us are old, redundant, should be retired. How dare we come in, anyone over 30. Not only can't be trusted, can't be counted upon to be, sort of, coherent."

"You do have to speak to them a little bit like a therapist on television might speak to a patient"


Am I correct in thinking that the only IMAX theatre that plays feature films in the area is Tigard's Bridgeport Village? Or is there another?

(OMSI does not show features)


Does anybody know where I could use a steam room (preferably) and/or hot tub in the PDX area? I'm willing to pay, but am not necessarily looking for a membership unless I like it enough the first time. Thanks for the help.
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Starting a Flame War.

 I am bored.  I am at work.  I still have three hours.  So I am going to start a flame war. 

*coughs into fist*  Ahem.

I do not care for Reepacheep, the anthropomorphic sword wielding mouse, from "Prince Caspian" and "Voyage of the Dawn Treader".

End of Line.

a joint alert, brought to you by myself and typsie, via GoogleReader...

From Blogtown, PDX:

Today at City Club, Trimet General Manager Fred Hansen used his scheduled time at the lunchtime civic session to make some big announcements:

"I am taking several steps to deal with issues of fare evasion, loud and intimidating behavior and criminal activity on the system. I am setting a standard of zero tolerance for fare evaders," Hansen said. He's also thinking about restricting or perhaps eliminating Fareless Square.

You can read the rest here...

I'm all for fixing the ticket machines, maybe installing more security cameras- but PLEASE DON'T TAKE FARELESS SQUARE!
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Ooohh ho. Have an update on the ring thing.

The Ring is chosen!

First and foremost, I want to thank you. Everyone one of you, throughout all the hundreds of comments and supportive feedback you've given me. I'm still scared, but I feel braver than ever to propose to her on the Verrazano bridge in NYC, a personal and favorite spot of hers.
And I recalled since I am proposing in a cold place, I can't go Opal. That thing would explode when I opened the box, I bet.

So without further ado!

The Winning Ring

I decided to go a bit more custom. And, hilariously enough, her birthday is my the same month's as my grandmother's, and mine is the same month's as my aunt's, so I was able to explain the choice of stones for my "mom" without a problem. I had her help me pick the center stone, and that is the ring we got! I made sure it was a solid choice between us, and she's happy to help me with getting a ring for my "mom". I feel so guilty...

So I'm done being sneaky. This is it, guys! You'll know as soon as I do what she says when I propose... Dec. 27 - Jan. 4th. Sometime in there...

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Cats Being Killed in SE

Has anyone heard about cats being killed and/or injured in the area of SE from 39th to 50th and Belmont to Hawthorne? I just heard about this today, so I'm looking for more information. Of course I'm hoping it's not as widespread as it sounds like it may be, but I can't tell for certain as of yet. I was just advised to keep my cats inside by a friend whose cat was just discovered dead by a neighbor.
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& Daggers!
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Crystal Pepsi anyone?

Pomegranate 7-Up!

Sure I could just mix Sprite or ginger ale with Pom or juice like I always have, but there's something kind of fun about seeing a pomegranate flavored pop. From a young age, my uncle always had this habit of buying any new, unique drink that came out (that one glass bottled clear drink with the floaty gel things comes to mind), and he's currently on the down-and-out from surgery so I bought a few liters to surprise him. :)

The pomegranate flavor doesn't come through til the end, but it's there. Not that there's any actual juice in there...

But hey. IT'S VEGAN!