December 6th, 2007


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Ok, I need some blasphemous Christmas songs. Any suggestions?
I already know about everything South Park related (the most offensive song ever is on the cut), it's Jesus Birthday by Three dead trolls in a baggy, and a sled full of Bob Winters songs.

Mario Galaxy and me.

So the Mrs. and I are playing Mario Galaxy a lot these days. It sure is a blast. Especially when I take Wiimote 2 and start making her jump and die. But there's a few game play dynamics that we don't quite understand. and gameFAQS is annoying in details like this.

1. How do we make Luigi run away and get lost? We have two different game files active, and on one of them that verdant nerd won't stay at the observatory. He just runs away constantly; on the second one, he won't ever leave. What gives?

2. Comets?!? How do I make these buggers show up? Got something like 60 planets available and no comets. I want my comet stars.

Please help

Not Portland related in any way at all.
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getting in the loop...about the loops


to the two people on this community to whom i haven't made an ass of myself yet, hi, i'm a recent transplant to your fine city. i like it a lot. i have a job and an apartment, i haven't lost a pet nor do i need you to adopt mine. my flesh is not considered vegan. but i do have a beef (pun intended, on second thought) with the nightlife here, and that is... do you figure out who's playing when and where?!

i've asked, and these are the responses i get:

1) get ye unto the wilamette week and/or mercury.
2) you can check the venues' websites!
3) (ok this one i made up, but lately it seems quite relevant) wait until someone on damnportlanders says "hey i saw this great show last night" and smack self on head for missing one of your favorite artists.

is there truly no centralized, online resource for concert listings here? i'm not disciplined enough to get the paper every week (or even every two weeks) and in no way am i interested in scraping the sites for all the possible venues only to find out i missed the *one* that DJ Shadow is playing at, or whatever. ideally it'd be every genre, every venue, and updated frequently and far in advance by someone who *does* have the time to do 1) and 2) above and is further on the hip mailing lists and whatnot about in-store appearances and not-so-private parties, but i'd actually pay for official-venues-general-admission-only, if there was something close to showlistaustin. seriously. i'll pay. have server, will host, if you have time, will post. put up some google adwords and make money (in addition to what i'll pay...which ain't no living wage or even more than $100/year, to be sure). put a paypal donations button on there and harvest people's goodwill. it could make some money. hopefully mybloodyself who runs showlistaustin won't chime in here and say he does it out of the goodness of his heart and not actually as a moneymaker.

so. what say ye? solved already secretly? willing to solve it?
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hey guys,
i live near the john's landing area - kind of in-between john's landing and downtown portland, on barbur blvd. it's time i get a doctor here in portland (after realizing that you now need a prescription to get the sudafed that actually works... what? when did this happen? last i knew you just had to go to the pharmacy and show a driver's license or something.) but the thing is, i'm the kind of person that is scared to get a new dentist/doctor/etc., because my old ones were so awesome. so, i was wondering if anyone has reccomendations of doctors near my area. (john's landing, burlingame would be ok, and also downtown portland area.)

my one requirement: i really want it to be a family clinic. you know, 4-5 doctors at the most. i'm kinda scared of big clinics, being from a small town and all, and i really want to go to the same doctor every time.

thanks, all :)
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Besides Nordstroms what is a good place to get tights here in Portland. Also I know there are some great net places as well.

So give it all to me. I'm loving tights this season!

Don't say bad things about Russia
"Six Apart, the world's leading independent blogging software and services company, today announced that SUP, an international media company, has acquired LiveJournal (LJ)"

Well that's great right? International media company! But wait, who is SUP really?

Well, SUP is not just an international media company, it's an international media company based in Moscow founded by Aleksandr Mamut. Don't know who he is? this article describes him as 'one of Russia's new oligarchs'. He one of the the power that put Putin in charge.

"Aleksandr Mamut was described as "the new face of Russian oligarchy" by the newspaper Kommersant, which ranked him top in its 1999 survey of business tsars.
He is the non-staff advisor to the head of the presidential administration, and is considered a great friend of the "family" of Kremlin insiders, including Boris Berezovsky.

He has also been involved in various political scandals, including allegedly laundering money through the Banks of New York and bribing politicians. "

Now, with the russian government currently working to control the message presented on the web, is it coincidence that the premier blogging service used by Russians is now owned by a Russian company founded by someone with close ties to the Russian government?

Some people say not:

What was that wax place again??

*nuts* I tried finding the old post from this summer where someone gave me a great referral to a place that does waxing in NW for early morning discount prices...

Any one know what place that is?

Thanks so much oh wonderful DP "purple-book"! =P
(great... now I can't get the image of a bald fizzgig out of my head! lol)
Hot Tram

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. A conveniently-located fitness center at OHSU where I can shower and groom before going to a dental appointment in the morning.

2. A convenient bicycle commute into work which takes only 3 extra minutes longer during severe rainstorms.

3. Meeting a very cool and friendly damnportlander while waiting in line for a beer at the Holiday Ale Festival last weekend.

4. Making vlogs from a quaint coffeehouse!

5. Taverns which offer free secure wi-fi access.

6. Observing cute bicycle betties on the Portland Aerial Tram.
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Potted Christmas tree?

Hey all.  I'm hosting Christmas for my family at my house this year and wanted to get a Christmas tree.  However, I'd like to go with a living/potted one that I could plant in my yard later.  I know that there are arbor vitae and other green things that are close enough to christmas trees for this.  Does anyone know of a place in or close to Portland that has good ones for cheap?  thankye!
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mike doughty @ mississippi station

Long shot ... but,

Mike Doughty played an acoustic show at Mississippi Station last weekend. I had the good fortune to be offered a ticket by a very fetching young lady, so the company, as well as the music, was great.

Several folks in the audience were snapping pictures throughout. Do any of you guys have shots of the show, or know someone who took some pics?



Okay we can't be the only ones suffering from mold in this city... we're in a lower floor apartment in Beaverton and the mold situtation is just gross. They warned us when we moved in last summer--we had to sign things saying we understood and probably that they didn't have to do anything about it--but i didn't really think it was a big deal. Then last month it started popping up. Mainly in the windowsills where moisture collects. Anyone else found a good way to get rid of it (from what i've read, you're supposed to wear gloves and masks and respirators...) and then ideally to prevent it?


Edit: i called the managers and they said they'll take care of it. i'm amazed. The complex was just purchased so we're under new management. i think we'll get a dehumidifier too!

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Hey Everyone,

I would like to find a gaming PC and since I'm not very familiar with them I thought I would ask DP gamers for advice. I don't want to put one together myself so I've been looking at online places that are selling complete systems. Tiger Direct looks like they have some good prices, but I've heard mixed things about them. Where would you recommend buying a gaming system? What features/specs would you be looking for with a budget of $1,000 or less?


Edit - Thanks for your helpful advice so far. Here is what I've pieced together, although it is going to be a hell of a lot more than $1K
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Inexpensive Glassware

Thanks for the responses on my last post regarding Canada etc. Too bad I'm not going anymore cuz it's 70 bucks for ONE WAY. Que lastima...

New question: where in PDX can you get relatively inexpensive glassware (martini glasses and the like), besides IKEA and Target? (We're looking for something downtown, in SE or NW). And we don't want like, fancy blown glass, or colored patterns of ladybugs in the glass or some shit like that; just nice, cheap, simple glasses.

Stay awesome.

Edit: we've got it covered, thanks. World Market served us well.

Out of curiosity...

How many of you folk are old enough and local enough to remember the days when Fred Meyer was pretty much the sole source of... damn near everything? Back in the '80s, before Target, IKEA, Home Depot etc. There was Freddies, and if you needed something, that's where you went.

I actually grew up in Seattle, and my local FM didn't even have a grocery store then (*gasp*)... though it did have the Nutrition Center. I swear I probably spent 10% of my childhood there.

EDIT: so anyhow, now when all you newcomers ask "where's the best place to get (common household item) XXX?"
and at least 6 people respond with, "Freddies, duh.",
now you know why.

can you tell I'm bored?

OK, one more Freddies post, then I promise to go away again and let you have the rest of your forum back.

What's your most awesomest Freddies experience?

Mine was only a few years ago. Long about the summer of 2001 or so, the Hawthorne store had a pricing glitch such that 6 packs of Dead Guy Ale rang up for the price of 1 beer! It was pretty simple to get it through the U-Scam, but most of the time even a real clerk would fail to notice (or care), especially if you disguised it amongst multiple other purchases (snacks!). But you always had to be prepared for the possibility that they'd discover it and make you pay full price. But damn, there was a couple months in there that we were drinking a HELL of a lot of Dead Guy Ale.

Cheap, Delicious Burger for All

Hello all!

Thank you kindly for all the lovely responses to my last post about the glasses. I am currently sitting happily with the perfect ones from World Market. Now, I am sitting on a stairwell with my laptop (thanks Portland Metro-Fi Free Internet) my friend has a hankerin for a burger. But we are poor, and don't want to buy a burger that is 19 dollars. We are people of the under-age variety, so we need a place to satisfy this craving legally. Somewhere in NW or possibly the Pearl would be ideal. Any suggestions?

Rock on,

P.S. The Roxy might not be the best choice for us, because we stayed there for like 10 hours the other night, and have probably over-stayed our welcome for at least the next 6 months.

Until we hear from you, we're just sitting here on these steps on 23rd and Johnson, and it's pretty darn cold...
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Anyone know where I could find a quality Festivus pole? {laughs at the thought}. I'm thinking Home Depot, but figured asking you guys would be much simpler than actually looking for myself :) Also, anybody have good Festivus traditions to share with me? This will be my first year celebrating, and there seem to be quite a few traditions mentioned on various websites... just thought I'd see what DPers are doing :) Thank you thank you!
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Thursday Nite Activities

Thanks again to all the sweet responses regarding my burger post- quite helpful indeed. We enjoyed our delicious burgers at the Rams Head on 23rd and Hoyt; the only thing missing was a glass of ice-cold stout to compliment them. We stealthily observed other customers ordering drinks, to see if the waitress checked IDs, and alas, she did. I wasn't about to try pulling off any slick moves after an embarrassing experience earlier this week at the Clyde Common...

Now we are in McMenamins thinking that there is nothing to do for people who are not of drinking age.

We're totally over First Thursday, there aren't any good shows, we're sick of watching movies...

what should we do?!?!



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my first post!

I am in need of help.

At work the other night I lost my jewelry! They make me take them out for work and I guess they fell out of my pocket.

I have snake bites and an inverted labret that are all sad and empty because I'm poor and can't afford to buy new jewelry.

Does anyone have any 16G straight labrets for my snakebites and or a 18G curved barbell for my invert? I have no money to give but I make icons? Check out my shit:
burnitdowngrhcs its friends only, you'll have to add me. Sorry.

Halp me plz.
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Uhhhh, stuff?

First post here at DP. But I thought you all might enjoy this. Maybe already seen it cos I got the email from Portland freecycle, but here it goes.

"What is the Story of Stuff?

From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever."

Watch it, it's made me so cynical that my friends have been glaring at me all day.
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I've been wanting to take ballet classes again for sometime. Has anyone taken classes in the area or have a suggestion of a place that teaches beginning-intermediate adult classes with an emphasis of developing technique?

I know OBT offers classes but I just wanted some personal opinions.

Thank you and goodnight!
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