December 4th, 2007


I am posing a question to all you fine portlanders. I have recently finished paying off for this term of college expenses and I had my last day of work today, as I am ditching Pullman and moving back to portland. But because of all this, I haven't any money. What should I do about x-mas gifts? I might have a job for two weeks or so prior, but I'd rather to something on the inexpensive side than spend all I earn in two weeks on it. I was thinking hand crafted cards and maybe baked goods, but I don't want to give everyone the same cookie basket. Any suggestions?

Another picture post

A few weeks ago, I had a post called "post something random"
and so lots of people did
and then the next week, I had "post a picture of your hometown"
and I like that.
And I let the idea slip.
But now, here we are again:
Everyone, post a picture of a happy memory. It can be real or representative.
This post will eat lots of bandwidth, and should be kept to happy memories that everyone wants to know about.

What are DamnPortlanders Listening to?

Curious - What's on your playlist this morning? Anyone local?

We're all going to hell........ The Bastard Fairies
Mr Wendall........ Arrested Development
Into the Ocean........ Blue October
Hey Boy........ The Blow
ColorBlind........ Counting Crows
Dolls and Guns........ The Bastard Fairies
Going in Circles........ The Gap Band
Coin-Operated Boy........ The Dresden Dolls

The Blow is the only local group I have on my playlist. I'd like to hear more locally based music - anyone have any suggestions?

more help needed :D

okay...any math junkies out there? (or at least someone who HAS to take math at the moment??)

i'm trying to figure out how to make my ti-89 titanium calculater iterate for chaos/fractal problems. or find the attractors, as it were. i hope that made sense.

according to my book, i should be able to tell it to generate numbers for me...but i can't figure out what to do. gah.

help, please? pretty please? :D
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leafy camo
  • jurulia

my office is hiring a bookkeeper/office manager/party planner

we're a small ad agency located in the NW 23rd area.

the "office" is in a 3-story victorian building with views of the city and the mountains from the 3rd floor.

relatively chill environment ... everyone goes home at 5pm sharp. :)


ETA: for people who can't email today: i forgot that i am out of the office tomorrow, so please just send your resume/letter to the email listed on craigslist. a cover letter with a sense a humor and relevant skills will get noticed.

sorry 'bout that!
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(no subject)

Hello, all. I'm looking for a little assistance. A coworker of mine has a beautiful, sweet and very sick pitbull. She has two internal blockages and needs emergency surgery as soon as possible. Unfortunately, my coworker's regular veterinary office has given her a quote of over a thousand dollars and is unwilling to arrange a payment plan for her. Does anyone know of a veterinary clinic, anywhere in the Portland area, that can arrange a payment plan for emergency surgery?

Thanks so, so much.
  • drjeff

Ooh, discount bike stuff!

I've got $65 worth of Bike Gallery gift certificates. I'm not going to use them any time in the near future, and would rather just have CASH MONEY. I'm willing to part with them to the first DamnPortlander who can drop off a crisp 50 bucks. Or, not-so-crisp. Either way.

I checked with Bike Gallery and there will be no problems using them at any of the locations.

I'm in NE Portland. You can get me at drjeff at gmail.

As far as I can tell, they are vegan.


Moving from Pullman to Portland.

I'm moving most of my crap to either somewhere random in camas (parents) or to a little apartment at the corner of 26 and 217 in portland beaverton. I have been scrambling for money, transportion favors to get myself out of pullman. It's a bad time to move, but I think I can manage with a few more favors. Is anyone going home for the x-mas break travel from pullman to portland willing to transport some of my stuff? It's be totally rad and I hope it wouldn't be too out of your way!
Edit// camas/washougal area would work well for me too.
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trucker ape
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greeting cards

so tell me where i can find greeting cards with offbeat humor, i.e. ones that are actually funny and don't make me want to vomit all over them. the bigger selection, the better.

to make a long story short...

Our basement flooded, half our stuff down there is destroyed.. our renters ins wont cover it cause it's due to a crack in the foundation... and landlord saying we are out of luck.. dont they have to cover something?? not our house? we have been telling them for months there is a leak down there somewhere but could never find it. we did our best to avoid anything happening. now what?!! ahhhhh
little blue dog

roasted nuts


So I am pretty much inhaling these cinnamon roasted cashews I just bought from a vendor out on the Square downtown (good god DAMN they are tasteh), and I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened to the dude who used to sell fresh roasted chestnuts around Yuletime? Alternatively, anyone know where I can get me some o' them?
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No No

How high's the water Mama?

Ten feet over the Interstate, last I checked.
My ol' lady and I (It's OK. She lets me call her that.) are going up North to Seattle tomorrow to see Tori Amos. The problem is that I-5 near Chehalis is CLOSED! All the lanes, in both directions, for 20 miles kind of closed. The official Washington Dept. of Transportation detour takes us down the Gorge to Umatilla and up through the Tri-Cities. Wait, what? The trip is now seven hours one way. Our other choice is down the Gorge to 97, up through Goldendale into Yakima and across. Still, a horrible addition of time. I looked at the map at it showed a little highway called 7 and another that goes by the name of 12. It looks like using these would detour us much less than the other two choices. Have any of you a good suggestion or some back road shortcut? Please tell me. I do not want to have to leave at dawn just to make it to Seattle by the evening.
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(no subject)

So oh_eryn gets a ton of awesomeness awards for solving my coffee grinder problem by hooking me up with an extra one! I am drinking my afternoon cup right now and it is deeeeeeelicious. Thanks again, dude!

Onto more pressing matters: what's your favorite bus line? Mine's the 75! It seems like no matter where I am on the east side, from UP to the Kennedy School to Mississippi to Sivalaya to Hawthorne to dark_knightly's place, the 75 is but a few steps away to return me home.


Happy Hanukkah/Chanukkah/whatever! I'm looking for a good place to find latkes. Either made right there or frozen; doesn't matter at this point. I suppose I could make some out of a box mix but I'd probably start a grease fire. I went to Kenny and Zuke's but they ran out of latkes (!) so I'm looking elsewhere.

Are you missing Pickles Potato?

This is Pickles.  Pickles Potato.  It's what we're calling him at the moment.  We just found him in front of our house and he followed us in like he knew what he was doing.  We'd like to officially announce that we found him and if you lost him we'd like to get him back to you.  He's been hanging around for a few days now, he's adorable, well behaved, needs to be fixed, and loves attention but we already have two cats and a dog, so there's no room.  

If you lost a cat like him around N. Penninsular, let me know. 


sunshine dance gentleflower

(no subject)

i was just watching the news. the damage all over the state is so sad to me. especially on the coast and in vernonia. i feel lucky that my area wasnt effected (pearl district) and that i live on the 5th floor.

how many of you have damage to your home?
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Is your kid a douchebag?

Interesting article from details magazine

[Let us begin with the assumption that if you are a parent, you wish for your child every advantage and opportunity. From the ergonomic high chair to that all-important first sushi experience and beyond, life should be as golden for your little one as it is for, say, Pax Jolie-Pitt.

But inevitably the moment arrives when all your doting and care come back on you in the form of a precocious little barb that reminds you in no uncertain terms of . . . you. It might be that his friend Jake's eighth-birthday party was "unbelievably lame" or that "it's weird that Brandon's family flies first-class and we don't," or maybe it's simply that "these taquitos taste like turd."]