December 3rd, 2007

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Walking into the Bar

I'm taking the Oregon Bar Exam this February. Bar preparation classes start next month, but I'm trying to get a jump on studying early. Is anyone else out there planning on taking the exam, and interested in a study partner?

zomg, rain!

Anyone else have as much of fun driving into work as I did? For some reason traffic was crawling around 15mph at the 217 to I-5 South on ramp with no accidents or pull overs or anything.
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i am in dire need of an indoor photoshoot location today.
the wind is working against me and my outdoor location is shot.

anyone have a neat wall they could lend 2 girls for a couple of hours?
or know of someplace we wont get yelled at for shooting?

trust, books

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It turns out the basement is starting to fill up with water, and it also just so happens to be where my roommate sleeps. The landlord is coming over after work to look at the pipe that is leaking. She bought a shop vac and has already pulled out over 5 gallons of water from the carpet, but had to get a new filter before even getting 1/4 of the way done. We've got towels wrapped around the pipe to try and get it before it hits the carpet, and a heater on the carpet to see if it'll help evaporate.

While our landlord is nice, he tends to do things on the cheap (as I'm sure most landlords do) and since the roommate is severely allergic and I'm slightly allergic, and mold in general is just bad for you, I'm wondering what the best way to deal with the carpet is. This is on the assumption that he's not going to, say, rip it out and put new stuff down, but I suppose we could always do that on our own. I've heard that if it's a cement floor, you can wash it down with vinegar to kill mold, let it dry thoroughly, then put new carpet down.

I'm not even sure how well the carpet is put down, so if we can rip it up and find a remnant this might be a moot question, but if not, does anybody know the best way to deal with this (on our own, as mentioned before I'm not sure how helpful the landlord will be) to minimize any molding and get the carpet as efficiently dry as possible?

Thanks :)

EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions. We're still watching the water rise even as the roomie vacuums it up; the landlord's not here yet; but I think we're going to shoot for ripping up the carpet (turns out there's no pad, and it's on cement) and laying a remnant after cleaning and drying the cement. Argh.
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In Need Of New Roommate! Near Multnomah Village

So, my current roommate let me know...about a month back that he was going to be moving in with his sister when our current lease is up so he can go back to school. All well and good, but he didn't say exactly when he was leaving until I got a notice taped to my door last Friday saying he'd given notice and he'll be out by the end of December. The thing is, I really want to stay in this apartment because I'm sick of moving every six months and can't really afford a place on my own. Plus it's super big and really affordable (between two people) and I just really like where I'm situated.

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Oh the silly things we do

So I'm standing at the stove, heating some water for tea, and I've got a unlit cigarette in my mouth because it's my morning routine. Wake up, stick cigarette in my mouth, get tea ready, smoke cigarette while having first cup of tea.

However, after getting the tea ready, I've found that I'm all out of matches and my boyfriend has taken the lighter to work with him. I have no flame! So I ponder. And then I bend down to the stove and light my cigarette on the stove.

Oh, the white trashiness of it. I have fond memories of my aunt out in Grants Pass bending over to light her cig on the stove while keeping her necklaces out of the way with one hand and shoving her backcombed, hairsprayed to death hair away from the stove with the other. All I needed was some spandex, the tv blaring in the other room, and a beer in my hand instead of the tea.

So, Damnportlanders, are there any moments in your life when you do something and you realize how white trash/completely insane you are for doing such a thing as you are doing?
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Body Shops?

Last week my side mirror scraped my neighbors car as I was pulling out my spot. Like a good neighbor, I left him all my information and told him I would pay to repair the damage if he would provide me with an estimate. He left me an estimate today for $1803. After review of the estimate, it appears that the shop is charging for 22.50 in parts and supplies (clean an retape moldings, tint color and hazard waste disposal) and estimating 50+ hours of work. What is all this 50+ hours of work? Removal and inspection of a shitload of parts my mirror NEVER touched. I understand that in an actual collision there can be unseen damage and the car requires in depth inspection. However, I'm certain all the damage done from my 1 mph mirror scrape is readily visible. The fact that they're simply buffing and applying a tint coat demonstrates how minor the scrape is. However, they're charging me to remove and inspect the tail light, rear bumper, rear lamps, the door handle, the guide channel, the mirror, the front head lamps, the fender liner, door molding, and front bumper, all of which is completely unnecessary since the actual part that's be repaired is being repaired ON the vehicle. The actual repair estimate is 11 hours (which I think is bullshit still) and $22.50 in parts. They also appear to be charging me twice for paint time, 11 hours at $46 an hour for "paint labor" and 11 hours at $26 an hour for "Paint supplies".

So, anyone have any advice about what to do regarding this situation? I was thinking I'd bring this estimate and some pictures to a few body shops and see what they think. What gets me is the dual charge for the paint time and the 20 hours of "inspection and removal", which I do not think I should be paying. I don't know if my neighbor is trying to rip me off or if the body shop is trying to rip him off but either way I do not want to pay for damage I didn't do.


Also, anyone know the legalities here? Am I legally required to go through my insurance?
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Not a PDX picture, but Seattle is close enough. It's a Mc Donalds burning to the ground.

The picture makes me smile. The combination of it, the american flag, and the fire truck looming over it, makes me feel there's some symbolism to it all.

OHNOES no Seattle or Portland for peoplez

Interstate 5 has closed in the Chehalis/Centralia area because of flooding, Washington Department of Transportation officials said.

Transportation officials in Oregon and Washington warn that motorists will not be able to travel I-5 between Portland and Seattle tonight because of the closure, which is from mileposts 68 to 88.

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I just booked a flight for the 16th and I'm wondering on a scale from one to ten how badly it's going to suck, one being Lufthansa's first class, ten being some brat kicking my chair the duration of the flight, an obnoxious laugher, a flight attendant that refuses to pony up on the drinks, and a chatty seatmate. As I see it, it's close to December 25, but maybe far enough that it won't suck so bad.
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queer bingo?

 Anyone know of queer-ish bingo events in this rainy city other than the bingo at the Q-center that's happening tonight?  Any bars, say?  Or other places?

Also, anyone have experience/knowledge of the Living Room Theater place just off Burnside?  I keep walking/driving by and being curious, but not curious enough to stop and go in, or make a special trip or anything like that...

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Look out!

Ha! I love this, from the ever-helpful -- Oregon 6 (Wilson River Highway) has reopened, but the debris flow warning remains in effect from mileposts 5 to 39 (Timber Road);dangerous, rapidly-moving landslides are very likely; travelers may be in imminent threat of serious injury and should take immediate precautions.

In other words, "we reopened the road, but we just wanted to let you know that you're likely to get creamed by a landslide. Keep your eyes open."

What are "immediate precautions" other than staying the fuck out of there?

tech question...sort of

So I have something like 5000 mp3's. I am trying to find a website/program that will enable my computer to share these files with friends.

I'd like to either be able to post a link for friends to download the song from or somehow have the ability to access my music files. The latter would be easier.

I have done some research about this, but frankly I'm not finding what I think I want.

I did download this program called ShareNow:

Based on their advertisement, I'm under the impression that I don't need to upload files. It says at the bottom: There’s even an upload option if you want your files to stay online when you turn your computer off.

So I'm adding songs to my profile and it starts uploading automatically. When I go to click on Help, it just takes me back to the homepage.


Essentially I am imagining that my and a friend's computer would somehow talk to each other, my friend would see the music I have on my computer and then ask to download it. Kind of like me/my computer acting as a mini iTunes/limewire (free for friends :-))

There is probably some uber obvious answer to this...and I will feel like a dolt. But someone please enlighten me?

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(no subject)

For everyone, but aimed at the ladies:

Do YOU like low-rise jeans?

Seriously? What the heck is up with women's fashions? I totally got a face-full of some random chick's ~*~complete butt~*~ in class today.
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Chocolate boxes

I'm making truffles for Christmas since I really can't afford much more than that. I'd like to be able to package them in something more than a paper plate with Saran Wrap, so does anyone know where I can get smallish cardboard boxes for chocolates? The kind that you'd get at See's or JaCivas, only you know, empty. Thanks, and happy holidays!
Teh Sex

Hey, single ladies!

I was just at the Wild Oats(Whole Foods) on NE 15th and NE Fremont around 8:30-ish and let me tell you! That place was totally full of reasonably attractive bachelors.

So, if you are looking to pick up on a guy who likes organic, or at least expensive food, Mondays after eight are where it's at.

Just a heads up.


OK. Time for a lesson in manners.

This is to all those asshats who have to bomb down hills in their gas sucking auto. I got nailed THREE times waiting for a #20 at Burnside and 21st....and I got nailed GOOD!

Have some FUCKING MANNERS where there is water on the bloody road! You DO know that there are bus stops and people waiting at them and you aren't the only jackass in the fucking universe. It may be really fun to blast through the nice fun deep puddles, but get off your damned mobile phone, take your lead foot off the damned gas and look the fuck around you!

If not, I'm VERY sure someone would be more than happy to sick baloo_ursidae on you!
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An apology to a cyclist.

I am sorry that I slowly made a left turn on to 28th from Fred Meyers and did not see you.  It was raining quite a bit.  There was inadequate lighting on the street and I did not see you on your bike until it was to late.  I am glad that you were able to skid to a stop.  I am glad you were wearing a helmet and had a light on your bike, but the rain was heavy and it was dark.  I did not mean to be the "asshole" that you shouted at me when I was halfway through turning.  It was an honest mistake and I am glad you were not  hurt from my lack of seeing you.  I ride the bicycle occasionaly as well, and I am very nervous when riding at night when there is a lack of illumanation and generally keep to the side streets when I do so.  This is not a fake, dripping with sarcasm apology as I felt that me being in a car could have done way much more damage to you then you riding your bike into me.  It was my mistake and I hope you will take the apology for what it is worth.