December 2nd, 2007

you know how we do.

Lost Kitten

Hey Guys-

I'm passing this on from a friend, so I hope I get it all right.

My friend has an amazingly sweet, cute, cuddly cat. Her little brother decided that it would be an awesome idea to take it to a friend's house and managed to lose it. The kitten had never been there before, and probably won't know how to find it's way home. It's in NE in the Irvington neighborhood. If any of you guys that are in that area find a fluffy, calico kitten with no collar on, could you let me know? Her and her family are really upset and want their cat back.

Thanks so much.

Bizarre & Unlikely request...

Would anyone be able to part with/RENT their cell phone for the FREE NIGHT hours of tonight only?

I would like to rent a cell phone for one night from somebody. I will only use it after 10pm, so there will be no charges added or minutes taken away from your phone.

One night---how much? (very serious, but it must be Sunday night).

Odd request, but hey UNLIKELY ODDS never stopped me before!

THanks you beautiful Damn Portlanders you
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Education vs Rationalization: Nuclear vs Green vs Coal

I have a theory that most fears & irrational conclusions in the modern world are due to lack of education.

Actually, I think history has proven this more fact than theory. However since I don't think any major studies have worked to confirm the statement, it sits as a generally accepted theory for now.

Where I am going with this is: I believe that in our fair country, most people are not educated enough through our school systems to make the decisions they'll need to rely on for the future.

Lets take for example, alternative energies: there is little or no education in our school systems about energy production through nuclear means, through alternative means, or other means etc. General laws of thermodynamics and heat / energy loss are not taught to remedial levels - even though the concepts themselves are pretty remedial in nature. Furthermore when these topics are covered later in life, they are not made contextually relevant to social problems and solutions.

As a result: I think we have more coal and thermo-combustion based energy plants than we should. These are pretty inefficient, old, and dirty.

Lets compare our education to that of Sweden & other progressively modern societies where they teach important scientific concepts to people at an early age. These countries have a proliferation of new energy technologies and more efficient power generating facilities as a result of public understanding of technology.

The public is educated, and therefore makes a more informed decision to invest in new energy technologies.

So this leads me to the question of:

"If our people are and never will be educated and taught the facts, will we as a country ever be able to make an important decision in the future?"

Lego Castle Making
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(no subject)

So I have this cute little phone, or did until today when it decided to basically go wonky, shut off and refuse to turn on. I'm going to take it to the Sprint store to see what's wrong with it, but if they can't fix it I obviously will have to get a new phone.

SO, my question is this - if I want to buy a phone from a source other than Sprint, how does that work? I've looked on craiglist and some phones say unlocked, others say locked and that's basically gibberish to me. I'd rather buy a cheaper phone since my contract is up soon and I'm not sure if I'll stick with Sprint.

Related because...I live here!
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(no subject)

Okay, so I'm a big doop and bought whole bean coffee when I definitely need the ground stuff. Are there any home grinding methods I could use without having to go out and buy a grinder? Could I just maybe sneak into Safeway and use their grinder? Does anybody around 39th and Holgate have a coffee grinder they'd like to let an oblivious college student use?

Thanks guysh!
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Trying to figure it all out.

I live over by the Millikan Way transit center. The Tektronix campus lies between my home and the transit center. The Tektronix campus is parklike, with many trails weaving among the various large corporate buildings and woods. Often I cross the campus to get home. At the entry to the campus there is a sign that reads "PRIVATE PROPERTY." Additionally, there is another sign right in front of the athletic field adjacent to a trail that reads "Access for Tektronix Employees and Guests Only."

Poll #1099198 What do they mean?

A sign that reads "PRIVATE PROPERTY" at the entrance of a trail means:

"Access for Tektronix Employees and Guests Only."
"This is private property, so behave yourself while you are here."
"Access for CLICKY BOXES only."
"Trespassers will be shot, then prosecuted."
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As I was browsing the New York Times Sunday Magazine today, I came upon this link: .

Go here to see The Last Supper in what has been called "the highest resolution photograph in the world." They shot 1,677 distinct pieces of the mural, then stitched them together to make a 16-billion pixel image.

Something to check out on a rainy day...

More cell phone HALP needed.

The display on my piece of shit Motorola V557 died today. The screen is black. So no texts, can't see numbers in my address book or caller id. Took the battery out and put it back in.(the extent of my knowledge and also the only suggestion from Motorola's automated tech help) After a long while. . . . .the time shows but as soon as I flip the phone open it's black again.

I don't want to re-enter a contract with AT&T cause they suck and I don't have $170.00 to buy a no committment phone to access my numbers. Not this month.

My questions:

1) How can I retrieve the numbers from the phone's SIM w/o buying a new phone?

2) How hard is it to take my cell number to a new provider.

ETA: What carrier should I switch to?
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Animated Kitty :)


My kitchen ceiling is leaking and the paint up there has made a huge dripping bubble that looks like it can't stretch much further and I can't call anyone b/c my boyfriend has my cell phone and he's not here right now and I'm freaking out b/c if that thing bursts while I'm alone I will run screaming for the hills and probably freeze to death. Yes, the landlord and maintenance people know about it, they gave me a nice big bucket to catch the water in until they can get some professionals in here and I just wish that it would stop dripping so I can stop worrying whether or not our apartment will be flooded we get back from the Iron & Wine show.

Someone hold me.

i was wondering

Is there any such thing as a justifiable war to you?

Who suffers most during armed conflicts?

What do battles accomplish?

Does a conventional war between countries really offer a lasting solution to terrorist acts by members of extremist groups?

i do not believe that there is a such thing as a justifiable war... what do yall think

edited on 12-05-07
i just finished my 5th essay. is war justifiable.
thanks for everyones input on this.
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