December 1st, 2007


Shop question

I know some of you crazy bastards will be up this early...this late? Whatever.

There is a shop that I have been told about, with Moon in the title. New Age, bookstore, herb place, something like that. I cannot, for the life of me, FIND the damn thing. Online, phone book, nothing. Help me out here, people. Full name of the place, basic location, something.

eta: nevermind. found it right after I posted this. Moonshadow.
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In NoPo!

It's not much, just a lil dry flurry so far, but (1) it's the first I've seen this season, (b) it could be the beginning of the snopocalypse predicted today, in which case I'd feel extra cool and helpful because I am giving a worthwhile PSA, and (iii) it's just fun making snow posts.

In other news, why am I awake and blogging at seven frickin thirty ay em on Saturday? Rmmph.

Awake waay to early.

     Because I'm awake early 747 am. Saturday morning cartoons are dead. I used to be up at this time 29 years ago, watching smurfs or sccooby doo or looney tunes, quality crap, and I'm be hooked until 12:30 when CBS aired Dungeons & Dragons EST from my Michigan roots.
      YEah, so I'm up too early and that's all I have the Saturday Morning cartoons lament. THat must be why TV sucks and I don't have one anymore.


In about a month and a half I will be returning after nearly 4 1/2 years overseas, to the USA. I will be flying into and thenceforth living in PDX. I'm coming from New Zealand where I spent the last 3 years, and loved every minute.
I'm sad to leave, as I truly wanted to stay permanently. Circumstances being what they were I was unable to secure any further visas and now have to return to my country of origin. I chose Portland because I grew up in Oregon and, I have family connections in PDX.
This post is to introduce myself to whoever watches this community. I am hoping to quickly integrate comfortably into the city by using the miracle of the internet to connect with like minded people before I get there.
So expect to hear more from me soon!
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Does anyone know of a place I could take someone to get help for anxiety issues? She kind of needs help today. Is there some sort of counseling place or somewhere that she can go to get anxiety medication on a Saturday? Her school counseling center is closed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: We went to Urgent care and she is doing better. Thank you for all your responses and suggestions.

Yesterday driving down powell...

We were on se 40th and powell and a bike rider came from a side street, grabbed the back of a truck in front of us and held on back to the future style.. we were follwing 45 mph behind this truck about 5 car lengths behind cause we knew he was going to eat shit.. yep 6 blocks later the bike rider fell... cracked his head open (had no helmet on) and we stopped, called 911, the truck left just kept going.. the guy was out for a good 2 min blood pouring from his head.. then he got up and tried to leave, the ambulance got there as he was trying to leave and he refused treatment. what the heck is wrong with people??? Some people are so stupid, i was freaked out and worried all night about him. i know he had to have a skull fracture or something, he hit really hard and his head bounced like 4 times before he finally stopped.
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Weather on Mt. Scott?

Hi DPers,

Does anyone live around the Mt. Scott area? Is it snowing there, or expected to snow and stick today? I have an appointment up there this afternoon, and am trying to decide if I'm better off rescheduling. The news websites aren't being very helpful.

Thank you!
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question about hair straightners

Alright, so I had a brilliant idea to get my roommate a new hair straightener for Christmas cause I know the two she has are old and suck. Thing is I don't know anything about them or what to look for.

Soo perhaps you fine people could make some suggestions? What should I look for?

Thank you kindly!
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stupid airport question

I need to go to the post office inside the airport, that is, this one. But I'll need to be able to find it fast, and I can't get help from them because their phone number doesn't work. If you've been to this post office before, where exactly in the airport is it, and what would be the most logical way for me to get there?

Thanks guys.
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Linux Help Anyone?

So I came into possession of a laptop for my personal use and I was wondering if there was someone that could help me take off Vista and put on Ubuntu? I have the Ubuntu CD and I could probably do it, but I have never worked with installing an OS before and wanted to ask for help.

I can offer in compensation for your time vegan cupcakes or freshly baked bread.

Thanks DP!
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"I'm gonna knock all your teeth out...."

An odd request perfect for DamnPortlanders:
I want to learn how to punch correctly. I consider myself a tough person, but this is something that I have never been taught how to do. I want to throw a good punch, learn how to kick, fight, and box.

I don't necessarily want to take in depth classes (but if someone can point me in the direction of a good inexpensive one, that isn't just "women's self-defense", then I would check it out).

I would like to find someone who has a punching bag in their basement, or knows of someplace we could go and use one.
Depending on your experience, I could pay you, buy dinner, cook at my house, trade art, etc.

The Mist

Anyone here see "Stephen King's The Mist" yet?  I saw it today at Cinetopia and walked away feeling as if I had been kicked in the nuts for 2 hours.  Crassness aside, I did like it (the movie, not the ball-kicking)  despite the sheer bleakness of it.  It's also genuinely scary and I haven't said that about a horror movie for quite awhile.  See it while you can since it's bombing at the Box Office so it probably won't be around much longer.  Just don't see it if you're feeling down because you might walk away feeling a whole lot worse once the film ends.  Any feelings about the film if you've seen it?  Try not to spoil anything if you can. 
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Chinese Food?


I'm around SE 82nd AVe & Division tonight and I'm looking for a chinese food restaurant that will deliver. Anyone have any ideas because everyone I call is walk in only. (It=Cold and I don't have a car.)
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The Impending Doom of Myself and My Roommates

So I fairly recently moved into a house that used to be home to the family of one of my current roommates for numerous years until they moved to Texas. One night, a while after building a little fire for myself in the fireplace, one of said roommates who has lived in that house for a long time brings me one round log about a foot and a half in diameter and a foot and a half long. This log was unsplit in any way and appeared to have come from somewhere in the backyard where it sure as hell wasn't being seasoned. Upon further questioning, I learned that using unseasoned firewood was not unusual for the previous occupants of the house that i currently call home and knowing the dangers of always burning wet wood, I figure it would probably be best that we all chipped in and hired someone to clean the chimney before the chimney bursts into flames and the fire consumes our house and all of the nice people/things inside it.

Does anyone know roughly what it costs to have a chimney cleaned around here? I found a couple local companies but no one had quotes on the website. I just need to know ballpark so i know if it's worth even getting a quote for. Myself and my roommates aren't exactly rich so cost might be an issue.
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Any DP LJers also UU's?

So I've been attending First Unitarian Church downtown
for the past couple of months and really enjoying it. I haven't officially joined, although it is something I'm thinking about and may do in the future.

I am curious if anyone else out there also attends First Unitarian or one of the other area UU churches.
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