November 30th, 2007

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hair stylist

does anyone have a recommendation for a good hair stylist in inner SE? i don't want to spend an arm and a leg, but i'd like to find someone i have a good comfort level with.

Nikon D200

Because I haven't figured it out yet since moving here...

So, what are the boundaries...?

Where do all of you mean when you ask about something somewhere in NE, NW, SW, SE, N, S, E, W Portland?

Coming from Phoenix, most people there just gave "Oh it's on 43rd ave and [insert street name here]" because it was an overly simplified grid system...So, I'm a little confused from time to time even after 10 months.

Care to help a guy out? Maybe show me the bigger picture?

Like THE PEARL DISTRICT...where would that be considered?
I work on 10th and Washington near POWELLS BOOKS on that North Portland?



  • tertyl

Kinda weird request

Does anyone have a sewing machine I can borrow? i want to sew an outfit but don't have a sewing machine and doing it by hand is way too time involved. i may need a refresher course on threading the needle feed and bobbin, but i have used machines in the past.
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I've been downloading music like crazy after rediscovering Soulseek (even with all its flaws, it's still the best P2P program I've found. Sorry Limewire.) But now it seems I've hit a wall...

So, give me some recommendations. What's the most amazing album that's come out in the last five years? What makes it so great? What's it sound like? etc. PLEASE HELP!

datey bar

I'm looking for suggestions for bars or restaurants at which to meet someone for conversation. That whole first-date, getting to know you, kind of thing. A place that will be quiet enough to talk between 6 and 8pm or so, maybe more comfortable chairs or couches, a fireplace, low lighting, anything else that is conducive to talking. I'm interested in Alberta, Mississppi, any NE inside 205, SE down to Powell, especially Hawthorne or Clinton. One place I have thought of is Doug Fir though I don't know how crowded it gets at happy hour.

so about all that water falling out of the sky

A couple of years ago, when I lived in Arizona, I bought a polyester fleece hoodie for cold-weather cycling. I still have it, and it works in the dry, but it's about as waterproof as Spongebob, so I'm looking to upgrade to something more northwestern.

The problem is that when I peruse the intertubes for suitable gear, I find that every breathable, water-resistant jacket out there has one or more of the following flaws:

- no hood (omg wtf is the point of a water resistant jacket that lets your head get soaked)
- no insulation (not sure how well wind resistance mitigates this in 30-40 degree temps, tbh)
- no useful pockets (I like 'em on the sides of my gut)
- lots of completely useless ad copy about trademarked proprietary magical fabrics that makes them impossible to compare with others
- styling that only suits 150 lb euro-athletes with steel cords for muscles who only eat raw organic sprouts
- blinding colors that are great for riding bicycles but completely embarrassing for any other activity, unless you're an asian with six-inch spikes for hair and a Honda so low every speed bump is like a bad day in prison


Specific suggestions (pro or con.. con as in, "for gods sake, don't get this one") welcome. General advice (on brands, fabrics, etc) equally welcome since I'm perfectly capable of making an informed choice if I am, in fact, sufficiently informed.

Afterthought: maybe cycling jackets lack hoods because they assume you're wearing some kind of waterproof helmet covering? I don't wear a helmet, so this doesn't apply to me. I'll thank the self-righteous helmet crusaders out there (you know who you are) to stick to my intended subject.

Trying on earbuds/headphones?

Where can I go (by bus, since I'm carless) in Portland where I can try on a bunch of good earbuds and/or headphones? I'm particular about the fit.

Most places have them all sealed up. And sure, there's the idea of putting something in your ears that were in several other people's ears, but, still... There's gotta be a place that lets me try before I buy.
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sad & beautiful world


How the hell did I mistake the names Golden Paliminos and Friends of Dean Martinez? I must have been stupid tired last night when I was at EM.

Now I'm stuck with some CD I dont like.

Anyone want The Golden Palimino's "Pure" album?

Free of charge, or I'll take a dollar donation?
Worky Work!

(no subject)

I have an instinctive reflex to immediately check out the Wikipedia page of anyone who recently died. As Evel Knievel has recently passed away, I wanted to see how they are dealing with the onslaught of well-wishers and those who wish to add touching final moments to their hero's biography.

Luckily, I was not disappointed.

Knievel died on November 30, 2007, aged 69. He was assassinated by ninjas under the command of hip-hop musician Kanye West. Rest in peace. hepatitis C, as well as diabetes and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
edog think


It’s almost time for those red kettles to go up in front of grocery stores across America, and all across America, people get all rosy cheeked just thinking about doing good… forgetting about all the organizations that do as much good without making such a big show about it… without thinking about where the money that goes into the red kettle really goes to.

Among other things, the money people give to the Salvation Army goes to pay the salaries of lobbyists in Washington D.C. What, oh what, do those Salvation Army lobbyists lobby for? The Salvation Army lobbies in favor of the political agenda of the Religious Right.
This is an excerpt from this article. This might be old meme, or preaching to the choir, but at the very least it's definitely food for thought: regardless of the truth (or untruth) of this article, it's just common sense to do as much research as you can on the organization you're giving your money to, and how it'll likely be used.

just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen...

Attn IKEA-shopping (damn)Portlanders:

Do any of you have this light?

And, if so,

How the heck do you change the bulbs???

There seems to be little screw things on the sides of the glass covers, but they are incredibly difficult to budge. I can get at 'em with pliers, but I can't tell if it's really necessary to get the halogen bulb out. But I can't seem to get the bulb out any other way either.

And please don't give me any RTFM snark. The light fixture came with my condo, and I don't have any sort of manual, and there doesn't appear to be one on the IKEA site either.

Must I resort to asking their Automated Online Assistant (Anna)??


Yes, I searched the archives. Yes, I Googled. And I did come up with a few places, but I am unsure whether they are all still in business (listings are from 2002) or which are good/bad/creepy/fun...
  • All Star Bingo, SE 146th & Stark
  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Bingo, 8725 NE Sandy
  • Summit Bingo, 18141 NE Glisan
  • Sunset Bingo, 4830 SW Western
  • Victory Bingo, 16022 Se Stark St
Information and/or advice please :)

Ohh... dating... and the game...

 So, Damnportlanders - 

Since somebody already asked a dating question today... my question for you (Since I have not really dated in awhile because I was in a long relationship then took some time off).... 

After a date (one you think went really well)....

Who should call who first?  Do you wait for the guy to call you and set up another date? 

Now.... GO! 

**edit**   Thanks for everyone's replies. This is silly. I will give him a call tomorrow.
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Used glasses frames?

Does anyone know of a thrift shop that might have a selection of used glasses frames? I'm looking for a large, nerdy pair of frames, the sort that isn't in fashion nowadays and thus might be hard to find at an optical shop.

Thanks in advance.

here's to running in to you.

So, my day super sucked. But the icing is the reason for this post:

I got in my first car accident and it was totally my fault (unless you can fault the other person for having a black car and driving at night). We're both fine, airbags didn't even inflate. Though the damages look expensive. so,
1)Should I feel so freaked out and like such a freakin' idiot? I even went a half mile out of my way to avoid the intersection later on tonight. And I'm still feeling all "aaah!"
and 2) anyone in the 'Couv area wanna go for a beer? All my friends are too 'busy', even for their best friend who nearly coulda died!(stupid married people)

edit: one of my friend's boyfriends took me out. Now after a few drinks I feel quite a bit better. But yeah, its that vulnerability. I guess I'm still in the mindset of "21= invincible". I've never hit anyone or anything before. Close, sure. but I always manage to maneuver out of the way. Thanks for the support!
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Anybody know where I could fine camo origami paper around town? Like, is there some store out there with origami paper with every pattern possible? I'm in Beaverton, but willing to drive anywhere! Thanks!
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Nom nom nom nom

Oregon Attorneys General Stickin' it to the Man!

Apparently, the RIAA was going after some students at U of O for file sharing, and, following Harvard's lead, they said, effectively, F**K YOU! Now the Oregon Attorney General's office is going after them, saying that they have been abusing the judicial process, making false allegations against the AG office itself, harassing the public, and contracting investigation services to unlicensed investigators, among other things.

For the full legalese, check out:

First Qwest stands up to the NSA, now the ORE AG office is standing up to the RIAA. Come, join me in the rallying cry of...


On an unrelated note, I've got a crisp dollar bill that says that the Beavers are going to clean up against the Ducks this weekend. Who'll take that bet?