November 29th, 2007

Mark Twain

Paranoid Park?

Has this come out around here yet?
I'd like to see it, even though they changed the type of park it is, and changed a letter (the real one is "ParanoiA Park")...the story sounds close to the one I was told in the 80s of how O'Bryant Square got that nickname: a drugged up Skate Punk killed a cop with a skateboard.

Speaking of Paranoia though, what's up with all the missing trees there? Vandalism? Windstorm? Vengeful police ghosts?
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Why is Tim Robbins in town?

I haven't been paying much attention to what, if anything, is being filmed here. I know the radio talked about Jennifer Aniston and the lady who waxes my eyebrows saw the guy from Office Space. Last night, my co-workers and I saw Tim Robbins @ Bo's around 4:30.
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Almost a Portlander

Hi everyone,

My husband, daughter, and I are moving to Portland in two weeks from Denver. Actually, my husband is already there.

The house we are moving into is on SW Florida Street, 97219. I know this isn't a lot of info but can anyone tell me where the closest grocery stores might be. Also, what are the names of the grocery stores. Is there a place you like best?

What is the one piece of advice do you have for a newbie Portlander?

I love Portland and I can't wait to get to know it better.


adventures in online dating

I'm doing this project for a class I'm in about internet dating and I'm looking for some people to interview.

Would any of you fab DPers mind sharing your stories with me? Be it funny, scary, success or disaster, i want it!

Please shoot me an email. I'll buy ya a beer, coffee, whatever it is that gets ya goin!

stellanotti at gmail dot com

Edit: I'll be at the Horse Brass Pub Sunday from 5 till at least 7 or 8. Come join and get interviewed!
Mi-mo-sa in Manhattan

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The annual Holiday Ale Festival at Pioneer Square, running from today until Sunday. Sweeeeeet!

2. The VHS or Beta and Moving Units at Doug Fir Lounge tonight. Those bands make me feel so young and bouncy!

3. Being introduced to the yummy, organic, and vegan goodness known as Blossoming Lotus (by a fellow DPer)! I enjoyed the BBQ tempeh with hearty chili and cornbread. I am definitely going back there again!

4. Discovering that an awesome friend (whom I've met through DP) and I are on the same outbound and inbound flights for our respective vacations in late December!

5. Abundance of coffee shops in Portland that offer free Wi-Fi. It's easy to take things like this for granted, but after noticing that some other cities do not offer a good amount of Wi-Fi, this is a blessing to be counted.
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Portlandia 3

Help Me, Damnportlanders!

This morning at about 6 am I was awakened to the sound of the smoke alarm on the vaulted ceiling of my bedroom chirping. This is a good thing because that means it is working and telling me that it needs a new battery. The bad news is, I don't own a ladder! I live in SE near the Woodstock Safeway and I am hoping that someone here who lives nearby has a ladder they'd be willing to let me borrow for a few minutes. The reason I am saying that I hope it's someone nearby, is because I hope that you are willing to drive it over here because my car is a Toyota Corolla and it won't fit in there. I suppose if all else fails I could convince my roommate giapet to let me borrow her car to go pick it up and bring it back to you. The other thing is, I need this before I go to bed tonight, so I can sleep in peace without the chirping. I have a class from Noon to 4, but other than that my day is open.

In return for this I am willing to do something for you, I don't know what...maybe knit you a hat or bake you a cake or something? There are vegan options for both the hat and the cake, FYI.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope someone can help.
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sigg bottles

okay, so i need a new sigg bottle, but whenever i see one at a store, it's either the smaller size (my old one was 1L and i'd prefer a .75L minimum), has some ridiculous design on it, or is an ugly color (i'm looking at you, new seasons on division). the one i used to have was a brushed chrome style and looked very fetching. does anyone know what store in the portland area might have one of these? or, barring that, what store in the portland area has the largest selection of sigg bottles in general?
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Nikon D200

Anyone been to IORIO?

Has anyone been to:

"Iorio Restaurant" on Hawthorne?

I'm seeing some REALLY great reviews, but sometimes those can be canned...

Has anyone been here and can give it to me straight? 

How's the service?
How's the food?
How's the pricing? [what's the range?]

I'm looking for a nice place I can make reservations for my parents on their anniversary in a couple of weeks as a present to them.


little blue dog

rock out with your dickie out


I come to you this Thursday morning with two questions ...

    In the Guitar Hero games, you can only play bass or rhythm guitar in performance mode when there's someone else playing lead guitar. In other words, if you have only one player, you cannot play bass or rhythm guitar in anything other than practice mode.

    If you have the Rock Band game, is it similar in this respect? If you have fewer than 4 players, do the player(s) get to choose which instruments to play, in performance mode? For example, can I play drums in performance mode if I'm by myself?

  2. DICKIE.

    For reasons not entirely clear to me, I want to score an outfit like Cousin Eddie's for a Christmas party. This is the best image I can find of his thin white v-neck over a dark green turtleneck dickie. Anyone know where I can get a dickie like that?

Spanks peeps!
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Playing in the Snow?

My friend and I want to find a place to play in the snow after work- somewhere in the hills, on the West Side I guess... I used to drive up into the Mt. Hood Forest when I wanted to go get my snow fix, but now that we're both on the West Side we're assuming we'll have to drive on 26 for bit til we hit some snow.... anyone know a good spot we can find some? :) He doesn't care if it's only a few inches, he is from out of state so he keeps saying places like "Forest Park" and I am like, "no, no..." lol so yeah.

call for help

okay folks, i have a request. it's a fairly easy one, even. :P

i need examples of random acts of kindness that have either been done FOR you or BY you.

please and thank you. :D

ETA: these are great! keep 'em coming!

also, i'll toss the few i have in:

~last weekend i had to go to the zoo to visit the steller cove exhibit for oceanography class - i had the brilliant idea of asking the cashier if there were any sort of student discount, cause i'm not the richest chickie ever - the woman in line behind me let me use her guest pass from her membership.

~a few months ago i ordered (i know, evil!) a starbucks drink, only to find out their credit/debit capabilities were suffering - they let me have it for free.

~a few years ago i was out shopping with my kids, who were asking me to buy them some stickers - i started explaining to them that we couldn't have any until after payday, no money, blah blah - a woman in the next aisle overheard, pulled me aside, and handed me $5 so i could treat my kids.

~~i do most of the stuff a lot of you have mentioned - letting people in traffic, giving away food, leaving paid parking for people, etc. i have nothing spectacular to add there, unfortunately.

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Aloha, DPers

So, I just got a new cell phone from my stepmom. Problem being that it's for Cingular/ATT and I'm a T-Mobile girl. Anyone know a place to get phones unlocked in the area?

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Jaden, tire swing

In the spirit of winter-closet-cleaning-because-I'm-moving...

I have a variety of Boy Age 4/5 clothes, and also have some Woman Age 29/30 business casual clothes (ie: Ann Taylor slacks and black skirt suit with various tops) in size 12/14, which thankfully, I am now a skosh below. Since I'm moving deeper into the westside next weekend, I'd like to say good-bye, and it would be super-fabulous if I scored a few extra dollars simultaneously.

I'm familiar with a couple of consignment/second-hand shops in SE Portland that buy clothing and other goods; does anyone have a recommendation for a shop on the westside or downtown?

Thank you! :-)

Hi, i'm broke.

Does anyone know where I can get a free meal tonight? I'm out of cash and I don't have a kitchen. I would really appreciate a warm meal.

I wouldn't be comfortable going over to someone's house, but I wouldn't mind a shelter/soup kitchen. Dine and dash is out of the question.

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Powell's Talk

I've just spent the last couple hours chasing down an overhead projector for my reading/talk/signing at Powell's-Hawthorne. The projector Powell's had lined up for me evaporated into a 'nobody has used that for 5 years' store room someplace. Luckily a friend of mine had one sitting in his closet. Thank god for closets.

7:30pm, Powell's on Hawthorne. Hope to see you there.

I plan on reading a short-story-comic, talking about how I write comics, and I'll do some freestyle audience-participation on-the-spot cartoons.

bennomatic is going to try streaming the even on ustream. We don't know if we have the bandwidth to make it work, but it'll be an interesting experiment. Remember that the screen adds 10 pounds; I'm thinner and more attractive in person.


While I wish I was financially capable of adopting and supporting a dog or a cat, I am not. And I don't want to be selfish by owning a 4 legged creature that doesn't get the treatment it deserves simply because I'm a girl alone in a city and think I can fill that void with a pet. Buuuuut I miss a furry friend and have been looking at hamsters or ferrets rats. I'm afraid fish won't cut it for me, and they're just no fun to pet...

I don't really trust Petco/Petsmart places in their treatment of small animals, but then again my best little hamster buddy did come from a Petsmart and she was a little trooper so I am still open to the idea I do any of you wonderful people have any idea where else I may acquire said fuzzballs in the Portland area?
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My body hurts.

Ok, DP! I've been a hot yoga geek for a long time. However, I now have a crazy work schedule and it seems like there are NO good yoga studios that work with my schedule, unless I want to give up my precious weekends. So, I turn to you!

Can anyone recommend a yoga studio or class (ideally hot but I'll go for anything at this point) with classes within these time frames in any of the locations: I'm in Hillsboro by 7:15pm or Beaverton by about 7:30 or Portland by 7:45pm

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общежитие, Корваллис
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(cross-posted to pdx_edu)
I am moving out of my apartment in Beaverton. Does anybody want to take over the contract?

$505 per month, one bedroom, large living room+kitchen, quiet neighbors, laundry in the same building. A nice amount of storage space.
10 minutes walk to the MAX station, 30 minutes total to downtown.
15 minutes to PSU if you drive.

If you want them, I will also leave most of the furniture, and a comcast cable internet connection. Depending on how fast the transition happens, you may get January free.
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(no subject)

Looking for a ticket to the Sharon Jones concert at Doug Fir next Friday. I'll pay $25, which is $10 over face, but you could easily talk me up to $30. I don't want to drive to Seattle! :(

Tall, Dark, AND Handsome?

Okay.  Here's something I'm curious about and maybe you damnportlanders can shed some light on the matter. One of those cliches about women is that their perfect man is "Tall, Dark, and Handsome".  This is something I've heard mentioned mostly from cartoons and movies from the 1930's on.  I wonder what that meant back then and more importantly, what does that mean to you today?  What was "Dark" back then?  Is "Tall" important these days?  Can women these days come up with a 21st Century equal to that phrase?  Is there a succinct three adjective description to your perfect man?  Or at least one that involves me?  ;)  Just my random thought of the day.   Sometimes I'm too deep (or shallow) for my own good. 
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