November 28th, 2007

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wtb flame-war?

So. At the DP meetup tonight (which many of you DID NOT COME TO. for shame.) we were discussing posts that get like 129.4 replies and how those people must have no lives and popular post topics and heated debates and whatnot. synthcatbellybalt, among others, and myself came up with something like this:

NEWS FLASH: Vegan lesbian hipster girl wearing a short skirt and boots gets hit on her bicycle by a Starbucks truck.

Hai, I'm Shads. I'm in the process of moving here from SoCal with one of my boyfriends. I like snowboarding, book-burning, lolcats, and my gun, I was wondering what I could do for fun around here and where I can buy some organic free range fake beef in the SE close to the busline. Also, my computer is broken, and I need to figure out the best place to get a kitten tattoo. How expensive is it??

Also, what did you all have to eat for a midnight snack? And who's cooler: Batman or Superman?

Portland-related because I love snark.
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Laptop Rebirth

Okay, so I'm not a computer moron, in fact I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in most things computer related, as far as operating goes. But that being said there is still a lot of things I need help with, so I look to ask those who are more knowledgable than myself for help. One thing I have never dealt with (having a good history of fine working computers) is how to totally wipe and reformat one. I know the basics of it but I don't have any of my original windows installation discs, and my laptop needs to be totally cleaned out. I loaned it to someone with less computer knowledge who was in a time of need and now it is loaded with bad stuff. Yes, I used the appropriate programs to clean up my Trojans, Spyware, viruses and other bad things, but its still pretty old and it just needs to be re-awoken.

So my question is: Where is a good place to go to get my laptop cleared of everything and have windows (possibly a newer version) re-installed, and how much would it cost? I am on a VERY tight budget and have no problem trusting someone who doesn't technically do it for a living, but still knows what they are doing. If anyone has the proper tools to do so, or knows a friend or local business that can help me with this I would appreciate it.

I live NEAR 122ish and FOSTERish if anyone is especially nearby. THANKS PORTLAND!
My Laptop is a DELL INSPIRON 5150
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Hey, how many of you DPers climb at The Circuit? I climb there pretty regularly and wondered how many of you I'm seeing on a regular basis without knowing. I missed the reminder about the meetup yesterday and went climbing instead.

Watch it be none... ;_;
Xmas Socks

Would You Rather Wednesday!

Poll #1096709 Would You Rather?

Would You Rather Go Back in Time

to relive one of the BEST days of your life
to try and remedy one of the WORST days of your life

There's no saying whether you altering these events would/would not affect your present life. But, you've got to choose one of them!

elbow pain from computer

Hey - just wondering if any of you have experienced overusing the computer - I've learned in the last year I have a form of golfer's elbow which means the tendons and nerves around the elbow are inflammed (I did it from spending too much time typing/mousing without taking breaks, I took on too much work last spring and have pain come and go since....)

Luckily I've set my work desktop up more ergonomic and take lots of breaks now when I work and it  helps a lot, but when I work on my laptop (which is for fun projects and surfing LiveJournal!) , I totally get the pain back.  ---I've been trying to figure out a more ergonomic way to use my laptop, but I think the best thing would be to not use it for a few weeks or months while I have a chance to heal or just use it in short amounts.
If the pain gets really bad, I go to my chiroprator and that helps too.

I'm a total geek and love being on the computer so this is a tough situation - I would just love to hear from anyone else who has experienced similar pain and see what helped you. I know I'm not the only one!!!!!
Carmen San Diego

Broccoli Crunch at Whole Foods

Has anyone else gotten the Broccoli Crunch today at Whole Foods? I LOVE this salad usually but today it's way too onion-y for me. And too many currants per capita, in my opinion, although they don't offend me as much as the red onion does. On the other hand I could use it to my advantage...if you piss me off today all I have to do is breathe on you!!  Hee hee.
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Xmas Socks

Who likes cheap movies?

If you text "fries" to 36346 you can get a movie code for Fandango for $1. Make sure after you get the code that you text "end" to get off of the mailing list.

Edited to clarify. It's not a $1 off coupon. You would pay only $1 to see the movie. This is a McDonald's thing that my sister forwarded to me. I texted and about 5 minute later had the $1 code good for a movie at

.NET programmer needed!

So, I'm looking for an ASP.NET programmer in C#. I work for a small agency downtown with an awesome rep in the industry. You will be required to work in the office (although some days working from home are fine). I could post all the skills up here that I'd like to see, but if your ASP.NET skills are up to par, we can discuss the rest. I'll have an official ad up on CL later, but I wanted to give all of you first crack at it.

I'm looking for someone who can start fairly soon. We can discuss whether you're looking for contract or an FTE position since my immediate goal is to get the work done. This is agency work and most of our implementations are via a CMS. If you have Ektron or Sitecore experience, that's a double bonus.

Oh and because everyone always seems to ask first thing, I will say that salary is negotiable but will be on par with market rates. I won't handle that directly since we're a small company and that's negotiated by the CEO anyway.

You can email me at divamatrix at gmail dot com, or you can leave something here.
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Anyone made their own bottled hot sauce?

I am extremely picky about hot sauces and have decided I might need to start making my own.

Have you made your own sauce? Can you answer these questions?

-Where'd you get bottles?
-How did you make the sauce shelf-stable?
-Did you use (natural) stabilizers? Preservatives? I'd like to make a sauce that can sit on the shelf once opened, like Tabasco can.

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volunteer travel programs in latin america

You guys have never steered me wrong before, so here's another random question: I was wondering if anyone has any experience with volunteer travel programs in latin america (volunteers for peace, amigos etc.). I'm trying to find a 2 week-month long volunteer program that ideally has something to do with the arts and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by options. I'd love to hear your experiences and recommendations/horror stories. Thanks in advance!

A bad day on TriMet

What has been your worst experience on public transit?

Many years ago, I watched a guy die on the old 5-Interstate. At first everyone thought he was snoring, but we figured out that wasn't the case pretty quickly. I signed up for CPR the next day, although knowing what killed him - he had some sort of aneurism (I checked his obituary) - it wouldn't have done any good.

How does your street look?

This is being prompted by a email i received today, i noticed by the cars parked on my street, that my street was recorded a few months ago, while i was moving around the streets around my house I think I saw my friend on a skateboard.... just curious how your streets look and how you feel about this....

this is the email i received
This should keep you up at night

Go hit, look up your address, now click the 'Street
View' tab. Theres your house, car in the driveway, everything..Be thankful
you werent out puffing herb when they drove by. Scary shit, and ironic
too. If the NSA asked for money to do this the American public would go batshit and protest. When google wants to do it, its ok, their motto is'Dont be Evil'...

-Person of Interest

(no subject)

so, the golden compass movie comes out on dec. 7th- does anybody know if there are any group events going on in portland for enthusiasts of the books that are pretending they don't know the movie will suck?

if not, i'd like to at least see the movie with a group of people that read the books- anybody interested?