November 27th, 2007

fur ball


I have a collection of vintage coats that I have mostly received as gifts or that have been past down, some of which have fur on the collars or cuffs.

I would never buy anything with fur, but in this case I feel like it would be a waste to not wear them.

what are other portlanders views on vintage furs?

do you think wearing fur from any decade is supporting the fur industry?

would you look down on/attack someone wearing fur that was obviously from another era?

I'm just trying to get a feel for what others think. also so I can be prepared for the paint. or not.
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Coffee debate put to perspective....

In light of recent banters on damnportlanders about merits of certain mainstream coffee purveyors here in Portland, and the potential deleterious effects of the threats of monoculture, here's a little perspective. Compared to my hometown, even the Fourbucks Coffee empire is more palatable than what I witnessed the last time I took a trip back home....

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sick sick sick!

Whats your favorite cold remedy/treatment? I'm sick! and since i can't have my treatment (a cuddly cutie bearing tea and tissues), I need someone else's (treatment suggestion, not cutie, that is).
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pdx piercing advice

i just moved to portland from chicago, and i'm looking for a decent, experienced piercer - or at least a reputable piercing studio, one that hasn't hamstrung itself with policies against performing any modification that hasn't been done a billion times. after perusing the list of portland-centric communities, i thought this might be as good a place as any to start my search.

yes, i realise it'd be quite simple for me to type "piercing portland" into google, but before you lot deal me a stack of "STFW" comments, consider that i look at finding a new piercer the way some people look at finding a new doctor - i'd prefer to see someone with whom others have had notably positive experiences. i do have friends that have lived in the area longer than i have; unfortunately, none of them have had any new holes punched in themselves since moving here, so to livejournal i must turn.

if details help, i'm looking to have an old piercing re-done - specifically, the connective tissue underneath my tongue (the frenulum, often referred to as the "tongue web"). i'd originally had this performed in 1999, but the piercing was lost earlier this year, in a tragic/delicious incident that saw some very hot pasta burn the tissue in question, which in turn became weakened/distressed, and incapable of holding a piece of jewelry. this time around, i'd like to have the piercing set deeper into the tissue, to avoid similar complications in my future.

any advice or guidance would certainly be appreciated. thanks.

ETA: early returns are directing me to straight to the point or robot - i suppose i'll try those two (in that order), unless i hear something different.
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Challenge! Activities? Not food centered!

Hi guys,

First off... yes I live in Vancouver but I grew up in PDX and still visit on a daily basis!

So- I've got this friend in Myrtle Creek OR whom comes up and demands entertainment. Well... he actually asks politely but I'm at loss for 'fun' things to do that doesn't always include a walk around and a big coat. I don't want to appear totally boring and I want to appear as slim as possible. ;o) I'd also like to stay OUT of the Downtown Portland area for awhile. (been there so much lately and have a previous love interest there I'm trying to forget...)

Where around Portland or Vancouver would be a good place to take my friend to do fun and interesting things? I would also like to stay out of the bars and activities that don't center around a meal or coffee necesarily. (sorry... I know this makes it hard... but I believe in the power of Damnportlanders!) For FYI sake... I'm a 20-something female and he's a 30-something male.

Thank you guys a million times!
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metro wifi

Any new thoughts on the free metro wifi?

I was impressed that denisegraab (metro rep) weighed in on the last discussion. Hopefully she'll do it again.

I sent metro a load of questions a week ago. Today I heard back from a rep but he only answered some of the questions... I resent my unanswered questions this morning.
• they 'discourage' bittorrent use, what does that mean?
• they bump people after 15 minutes of 'inactivity'. Is this also true with 'premium' users?
• I can't log into certain sites for example - webmail, online banking, and (I've heard) online dating...
• are there other aspects of the metrofi service that would interfere with web use? Is this alleviated with the premium service? Why are there these problems?
• will I be able to upload/download files for my website using fetch?

The last post denisegraab pointed to the Metrofi 'testimonial' site which was 100% positive reviews. With damnportlanders there were 100% negative experiences. There seems to be a disconnect between their PR and our reality. Any good stories?

ps. I'm reading/signing my new book at Hathorne-Powell's this Thur...
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road to morrocco


Hey... is there, like, a MEETUP going on today? When is it? Where is it? Can minors come? How about miners? If I say I hate Californians, is the food free?

I wish somebody would post some info about it....
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This post makes me sound like an airhead *cringe*

My sister and I were having a discussion about the fact that buying formal dresses for high school is a totally useless concept, because since we left high school we haven't used any of them.  In order to make it not be a huge waste of money, we were looking for formal events around the Portland area, but aren't sure how to look into it, so I thought I'd throw this out here and see if anyone has any ideas.  It'd be cool if it wasn't 21 and over, because I'm only 20, but if that's all there is then I'll take those suggestions as well because she could still do something with it (she's 24).  Thanks :)
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I'm thinking about getting a P.O. box/mailbox. I've looked around online but can only find prices listed for US P.O. boxes. Has anyone done any research on mailbox prices at various places? Good experiences? Bad experiences?
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odd question

I don't post here a bunch but I have exhausted all other ideas, so I turn to you, dp-ers, for inspiration.  Where can I recycle approximately 25-30 metal and upholstered chairs from a church?  Upholstery and plastic arms are still attached and are not going to be removed prior to drop-off.  We would prefer not to be charged for this, however I know that doing it for free may not be possible.  Close to either Gresham or Clackamas preferred and we will deliver.

Or, would any of you like about 25-30 broken metal and upholstered chairs from our church fellowship hall to break down and create something with?  two good looking fellows would be glad to drop them off for you sometime tomorrow afternoon if you want them.

thanks a bunch!
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Interest Check: Old School Anime Night in HD

I finally have high definition copies of my favorite old school anime films.

These include Akira, the original Ghost in the Shell, Wings of Honneamise, and the Patlabor films.

I was thinking of having a movie gathering this Friday in my video den around 8 PM starting with Akira, and then decided on anything from the above from there.

Comment if you are interested and I can give you more details.

For those technical people these are all in 720P quality (1280x720).
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I've got gas

I'm trying to get suggestions for a good contractor.  I've convinced my landlord that gas would be a better way to go for some of the appliances here in my house.    So now I need to find some contractors to get quotes for the cost of branching off from my exsisting gas line (hooks to my furnace) and run in my crawlspace to the garage for the new dryer and hot water heater.

Anyone out there with suggestions of contractors to contact to get an estimate on the work?  Someone you've used in the past and trust their work/prices.
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GLBT-friendly psychologist?

Does anybody know of a good GLBTQ-friendly mental health professional on the west side (I'm thinking Beaverton or Hillsboro) who's taking new clients and accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield? I've called PFLAG for possible recommendations, but haven't heard back yet. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I don't mean to sound cranky, but is there anybody who has an actual recommendation, as opposed to just posting to debate the acronym?

Christmas Music

Are there any radio stations around here that play 24 hour Christmas music? I'm in the mood for some carols and miss the 24 hour station in my hometown.

Don't fret, I won't expose anyone else to my sickness. Even the coworkers I hate.
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DVD decoder?

After the big computer crash of '07, I no longer have the capacity to play DVDs on my desktop PC. I have a Dell box running XP - are there any good freeware DVD decoders/players for Windows PCs out there?

I know I should get Linux or Mac or a clue, or whatever, but I'm old and feeble and simply want you to make it so I can watch something RIGHT NOW.

Please and thank you are the magic words!
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coding help?

I'm not really a member of any geeky-techo-literate communities, and I was wondering if one of you guys would have more experience with some html/javascript issues I'm having.

I'm an arteest (as most of y'all already know) and have a personal website that I'm currently (as always) redesigning. I love lightbox (an example of lightbox v 1) to death, and want to use it.

I also want to use a script similar to this php script along with lightbox, but after several hours of googling and coding and having little to no results, I'm kind of at a loss.

Any ideas?

And I do write most of my own code, but javascript has always been a little beyond it for me.

edited for further illustration (sorta?): See how my website has like, 10,000 thumbnails? I want it to load like, 10 at a time, and be able to click "next!" and have different thumbnails load without having to create 10 pages of art with thumbnails.

Make sense? Y/N?
oh susannah!


I had some awesome soup for dinner.  TVP, noodles, vegetables.  I made this myself - outta sight!

What did y'all have for dinner and how hard did it rock? 
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Woody Allen to visits Portland and Eugene

Ok, I'm a native Japanese (from city of Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan) who happens to think that Portland is neat. I lived in Engene for 2.5 years (2002 to 2005) to study physics but since I longed for a larger city so much, I'd visit Portland quite frequently on weekends, sometimes bringing my homework and sometimes not.

Now, I am about to tell you this fictional story where Woody is from Brooklyn, NY and Linda is a native portlander, okay? Recall the movie Annie Hall. It goes like this:

Woody: So. We're in PDX airport. I've noticed that even the carpet here is in a retarded green color, huh.
Linda: We happen to like that color.
Woody: Ah, a light-rail train to downtown. New York can't have a lightrail because it adds to the traffic congestion.
Linda: Very nice train, isn't it? It even says "The doors are closing." NYC people are just too rude for that kind of consideration for customers, aren't they?

Woody: So here we are in downtown portland... Nice. Although they are mostly less than 6 stories high, buildings are in lighter colors... Around here, I see no mugging, not much trash on the streets...
Linda: Yup. It makes me proud that I'm a goshdarned portlander Woody.
Woody: ..... quite impressive.

(Linda and Woody go to Oregon Zoo.)

Woody: Okay, we're here to regain some "animal" urges in bed... But, is this really a zoo?
Linda: Of course it's a zoo.
Woody: But it looks more like a deep forest rather than a zoo.
Linda: It's both. Remember. In oregon, pretty much everything in Oregon is "forest slash something.")
Woody: Okay, don't forget to buy me a pollen-countometer in Radio Shack.
Linda: Will do.

(Woody and linda share's a night at Ramada Inn.)

Woody: It was a nice place I'm telling you. Now we are heading down to Eugene, right?
Linda: Yes, we're taking an Amtrak train.
Woody: It looks like the train is already seven minutes late.
Linda: Huh? What do you mean "already?" Hey, isn't that a cute kid there? Hello!
Woody: He sure is. Hello.

Woody: So... we're finally in the train... It's been 4 hours late. How could you stand it?
Linda: I practice Chi-gong-Yoga-Taoist-Hindu meditation.
Woody: **sighs**
(Linda and Woody arrive in Eugene, and they walk on Ferry Street, west of University of Oregon campus.)

Woody: Now I see. It's a forest-slash-city. The big trees here are nice, and they are
Linda: I've always thought you should come here.
Woody: Linda, why are you wearing that rainbow-colored hat?
(Linda doesn't answer Woody, and she just gives Woody a kiss.)

And the journey goes on.
Please write a sequel to this, will ya?

help guys!!!

Ok, so I am moving to the Pearl in the first week of december. But my roommate still hasnt found someone to replace me. And she wont release me off the lease until she has someone to replace me, not that I blame her :P I dont want to leave her screwed.

So if you know anyone who is looking for a place to move very very soon, check out my CL ad: ROOMMATE NEEDED FOR BEAUTIFUL TOWN HOUSE

Sorry guys, I know this is kinda annoying to post this in here, but we're desperate! Thanks in advance!


Pubic Service Announcement!!!


Save my head by pointing me to a reasonable (no more than $25) (I suppose that means "reasonable-to-a-college-student-with-no-PT-Job) hair salon IN THE AREA OF NE PORTLAND/GRESHAM. Preferably one that carries Paul Mitchell product & will not accidentally stab me in the head or something.

I was going to Salon 181 but the jerkwads moved to like 82nd & something which is WAY too far for me. No; I will not get my hairs did on campus. I see some of the girls coming out of the training salon & feel like crying a little bit. I do not want to show the world my complex yet irritating emotions through my hair. I don't dig this scene-hair nonsense. Get your head out of the wood chipper & get a respectable job. *drinks*

So, just somewhere that can do me right. Prease.
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Food Not Bombs! (on mondays.)

sorry to post again so soon, but...

I'm looking for some folks to help organize a new Food Not Bombs on Mondays! Volunteer duties include any or all of the following: Finding and picking up donations, cooking, dancing while cooking, eating, cleaning up, dancing while cleaning up.

Volunteer requirements include ALL of the following: being awesome. You'll be rewarded with gratitude. (And first dibs on the goodies.)

We're either going to serve at Dawson Park (Vancouver and Stanton, near Emanuel hospital) or the Peninsula Rose Garden (Ainsworth/Albina), and we hope to get started by early January. Even if you're not available on Mondays, you can help on Sundays by picking up donations!

Let me know if you're interested!

And if you're feeling totally left out: Food Not Bombs - Wikipedia
Green Bay Meat Packers!

NFL ticket?

Anyone have a clue where I can watch the Packers/Cowboys game on Thursday? According to the Corbett Fish House, bars aren't allowed to show it because it's the NFL ticket thingey, and I tried to go on comcast but it won't let me order the NFL package.
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