November 26th, 2007

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The world's smallest violin is playing...

...for South Waterfront condo buyers who back out of their contracts, and are going to lose their deposits.

And I really have a lot of sympathy for this person - Lawrentz could not be reached for comment. In his answer to the Ticor complaint, he said he's bought real estate as an investor for eight years.

These aren't people looking for housing for their families. These are people looking to flip properties, as well as trendies looking to Pearl-ize this city.

History of Sellwood

Does anyone know of any good websites or books where I could get some information on the history of Sellwood? I want to know stuff like when the city was founded and how long ago and just the history in general. I know there are a ton of old buildings and things and just generally wanted to know more. I looked on the Oregon Historical Society website but their search bar is weird and keeps spitting out random biographies.

Yay for Portland history!

EDIT: It would also be cool to find some pictures of old sellwood.

Advertising in the 21st century internets!

So this is something I have been wondering about for a while.

How much does online advertising effect you? I know that it is a big issue, especially with sites like this, with the "Sponsored" livejournals, and also with facebook, and its mixed-in advertising.

The thing is, for me, I can honestly say I think the advertising has little to no impact on me. A part of my brain has been trained to recognize advertising and immediately discount it. In fact, advertising has a negative impact because I automatically assume I am being tricked, and I just tune it out, no matter what it is.

The one thing I think that advertising does do is create awareness in my head. For example, I am aware there is something called "American Apparel" that has slutty hipster clothing. But I have yet to feel compulsion to go out and buy something from them.

What do you think? How much does online advertising, especially the insidious online guerrilla/ultra-targeted type, have on you?

Studio Space

Does anybody know of any cheap studio space for an artist in Portland and surrounding. I'd finally like to separate my home life from my art life. I think it'll be good for, suggestions, advice...this also means your under used garage or basement.


Local Personal Trainers

Are any of you Personal Trainers? Nutritionists? Life Coaches? If so, I'd love to pick your brains about the industry. The good, the bad...what you've learned...

I'm thinking about getting my certification and starting my own fitness/weight loss related business and I'd like to get some perspective from people in the area. 

Anybody else with expertise or knowledge would be helpful too! 

Please feel free to contact me via email (phrassie at gmail dot com) 

Thank so much in advance!!!
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(no subject)

Hi all,

Matthew Kern is an incredibly talented pianist. He has worked at Nordstrom’s for the past nine years and the downtown store manager has just made the decision to cease having the piano after the holidays. They have stated that they feel their customers would prefer having canned music.

I feel terrible at the prospect of loosing such an important part of the music scene for canned music. If you feel the same I would sincerely appreciate it if you would drop a line to the store manager letting her know that you do not prefer canned music and that we don’t want to loose Matthew Kern and his amazing work on the piano from the Portland scene.

It is quick and easy, and her email address is
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10 Days to Fall in Love with Portland



I have a friend who is visiting Portland (and Oregon) for the first time in December. I recently moved here from Texas, and I would love to make it as lovely a trip as possible to convince her to do the same.


So, if you had 10 days in December to convince someone to fall in love with Portland and Oregon, what would you do? 

Where would you go?

I am looking for nature activities, must-see thingies, must-eat restaurants, bars, clubs, stores, all of it!


So far I have the following ideas:

-A trip to Cannon Beach (even in the cold weather it will be a thrill for a Texan)

-A trip to Mt Hood (any suggestions on how to do that would be great)

-The Kennedy School

-Powell’s, of course

-Voodoo Doughnuts

-Various parks (Overlook, Laurelhurst)

-Hot Springs (again, suggestions on which ones would be swell)

-Karaoke at a dive bar, most likely my fav Chopsticks 3

-A trip to The Roxy following said dive bar

-Hot Dog Jeopardy at Zach’s


This new Portlander would love any helpful input you may have. Thanks!

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cheap furniture?

i am moving into my new portland place from out of state on dec 14 and will need to furnish it. i am trying to furnish an entire one bedroom apartment for under a grand. i am cool with ikea i guess, especially since stuff comes in compact packaging that fits in a regular car, but i would like to know what my other options are. any good cheap furniture places (or places with awesome sales going on) around town (i'm in the chinatown/old town area and will probably rent a truck)... bonus points if they have a website i can check out! ooh free delivery is cool too...

thanks a bajillion, yo
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Gaming after the first of the year...

I'm thinking  about running a bastardization [cross between I guess] of the West End Games D6 version of Star Wars, Firefly, and Farscape.

Set in the Star Wars universe [using the D6 rules and dice] but using elements of all three types of universe play.

I was thinking sometime after the first of the year possibly. I already have 2 people that might be interested...anyone think it might be fun/want to join in?

X-posted to PDX_GEEKS.


Very random question....

When Macy's has their big Re-opening downtown, someone told me they had a giant cake in the shape of the building. Does anyone know who made that cake? Any information would be helpful. I tried looking online but everything just mentions that there will be cake and refreshments, and no one bothers to mention that the cake was awesome.

Moving to Portland.


I'm thinking about making the move to Portland from southern California.
I was thinking about transferring to Portland State or Portland Community College. Anybody go to either of these? Whats it like?

I'm not going to have a car and would preferably like a bike, is the public transportation any good?

What's the job market like? People I talk to around here say that the job market is pretty screwed and that its hard to get anything. Should I believe the hype?

What's your favorite neighborhood to live at. Preferably younger crowds.. accessibility to bars/restaurants/grocery/publictrans...etc.

Thanks alot! And maybe i'll see you soon in the beautiful NW.

business trips

You all have been very helpful in helping me get the most out of going all over the state for business trips and I'm hoping you might have some more tips for me.  I'd love any info on hotels, coffeeshops, restaurants, tourist traps, etc.

This week, I'm headed to Klamath Falls - anything you love there?  things I shouldn't miss?

After that, it's Pendleton and Umatilla - anything out that way?

I'm also headed to Seattle in a couple weeks for one night only - what would you do in Seattle if you only had one night there?

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

I remember posting a question a while ago about local organizations where one could volunteer in the effort to assist in revitalizing and preserving endangered languages, with no real palatable answer to my question. Long story short, for those interested, the Oregonian ran an article on Sunday entitled "Last of the Siletz Speakers" and provided the information for the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages.

Yay, Oregonian. Now I have a reason (beside the crossword) to open your wondrous pages!
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car dealers

has anyone ever gone to Autobest Motors (it's located off at 1315 NE Sandy Blvd 97232)? Or does anyone know of a good car dealership?

I'm looking at used cars (blah!) and am trying to find any advice or suggestions on where to look. I know of craigslist and autotrader, but I'm looking specifically at car dealerships within the city.

mucho appreciated!

legal question

What is a the difference between a gross misdemeanor and a misdemeanor?  I've tried googling and all I can figure out is that a gross misdemeanor is worse than a misdemeanor, but not as bad as a felony.  I need more specific info - specifically, I'm filling out an application that asks if I've been convicted of a felony or gross misdemeanor.  I have a trespassing conviction from 1998 and I don't know if I have to declare that for this question.  Does anyone here know?  Thanks!
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(no subject)

i can NOT stay with comcast for one more day. in my area i'm getting shitty internet and basically after talking to them, there isn't anything they're going to do about it. stupid idiots, i'm paying for their service... so...

qwest only offers me 256kbps (wtf? slow as hell), and i don't think verizon is offered in my area (i'm in sw portland very close to downtown.)

i know there are other portland high-speed internet companies out there... maybe local ones? i'm looking for cable OR dsl, but if it's dsl, it's gotta be fast (much faster than 256kbps- i'm a gamer!)

help! please! i found a couple through google but i don't know if they're reputable.
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'Tis the season!

Someone here (kathyrhino maybe?), I remember, likes to create holiday themed icons for the Christmas season. Who wants to add a santa hat to my current icon? Try not to edge out the hamster, if you can. I don't really feel like putting the time and effort into it and I know it wouldn't turn out as well I've seen before.

I'll reward you if you do it. =)

Thanks DP!