November 25th, 2007

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hotels / hostels

Hi all,

My name is Alanna and I currently live in New York, but my boyfriend and I are seriously considering relocating to Portland by next May. We want to come visit for several days this January (haven't decided on dates yet.) Can anyone recommend some very cheap but not scary accommodations? Decent motels, hostels, etc.?

We're both writers (hence the need for thrift) so if you also want to recommend cheap places to eat, things to do, literary activities, etc., we'd be thrilled. Thanks for your help!

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Thanksgiving Horror Stories?

So my parents and my wife's parents, all of whom stayed here for the duration of the T-giving holiday, are finally gone. Gotta love 'em, but gee, I don't think we'll host the full parental zoo any time soon.

Nothing too terrible happened, but there were a few tense moments and a bunch of eye-rollings. I shudder to think at what *could* have gone wrong.

So my question is, does anyone here have any terrible stories about their Thanksgiving holiday just past? Did anyone's friends or relatives do something really stupid or offensive? Share if you care to do so!
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So I'm writing a term paper for the first time in YEARS and I'm stalling for time since I really don't want to write it. I have 2 of 4-5 pages and I have more I want to write I just want to be distracted more.

How do you stall for time?

So far i've - looked up ex's and former crushes on and myspace and did a little googling at the same time
I've looked at Star Trek Quotes and sent them to my roommate till she logged out of gchat so i wouldn't get distracted anymore

I've fed the cats and eaten a little myself

Made coffee

Written more than one LJ post

Posted to Damn Portlanders about slacking off!

Made a playlist of songs to get me motivated that just distracted me.

EDIT: paper done. For some reason talking about it on DP made me finish it up a lot faster than I would have on my own. Yay DP for being a motivator!
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My walls are barren, so I'd like to buy some posters. One of them is the famous "Expose yourself to art" poster but I'd like to shop around to see what else is cool. Where's a good poster store? I'm in SE but could travel across the river.

downloading programs?

hullo fair citizens of portlandia. i am writing to you from afar to beseech of your collective wisdom; what is the best (or better) free music downloading program these days? bonus points for having a large library of independent music. and for the record, i'm mostly gonna be looking for albums i already own, but are back in portland. thank you much.
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(no subject)

So a little over a week ago, the light bulb on our back porch shattered (for no apparent reason) and our kitchen lights stopped working (I guess a fuse blew?) I called the landlords then and left a message telling them what'd happened. After getting no response, I called them again yesterday and left another message. Still no response.

So first, is this in their jurisdiction as landlords? Should I be taking responsibility for this? I've tried to look up how to replace fuses but I'm hopeless with that kind of stuff and would really like to not electrocute myself, plus we live in an old and small townhouse-style structure and the fuse box doesn't really match up with the pictures I've seen online...kind of at a loss for what to do, and I'd really like to have light back in my kitchen...halp DPers?