November 24th, 2007

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shameful self-promotion

This coming up Thursday eve (7:30pm) I'm signing at Powell's on Hawthorne (scroll down a little)...

I'll be selling my latest book, Screw Heaven, and my Postage Stamp Funnies mini comics.

I'll read and talk a little about my next opera. They're giving me an overhead projector so I can draw comics live (which might be sort of cool or incredibly lame).

In today's Oregonian you can see a picture of me choking my chicken.
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Either I am adjusting to this climate... or it is notably colder this year than the last 2. It has just felt damn cold lately.

I have this unexplainable feeling that I used to get back in WI prior to bad winters... that sixth sense that says "It is going to be a damn cold winter"

Anyone else?
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in a weekend where diets are thrown out the window and excess is welcomed like an old friend, i had to come to you DPers and ask you why?!?

why the hell do we have a sub-par burger place like Sonic, but lack the joy that can only be given by a Double-Double? how can you top the simplicity of burgers, fries, and a shake?

so i sit here, greasy goodness of In and Out on my lips and creamy shake goodness in my hand and tell you that In and Out is your one and true Burger Lord. yum yum...
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 Thanks for all the information about "fixies" bikes. 

I have just returnen from holiday where I didn't have internet, so I was really glad to come home and see all the replies.  

You guys are awesome,

See you at the track and on the streets.

- loveday. 


doctor who & spinnin' tonite

Just a reminder, we're watching Tom Baker & Lalla Ward in "City of Death" for tonight's "Spinning and a TV Series" at West Coast Health & Fitness (2640 NE Alberta). Sit on a bike & watch Doctor Who with us! Don't make me ride alone!
Starts @ 7pm, $10 drop-in ($5 if you come with a member).
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Digital Camera for sale..

I bought a Cannon Rebel, so now selling my old one. It's a Kodak DX7630, 6 mega pixal. comes with 2 extra batteries, and a macro add on lens.. i also have another lens for it if i can find it. Comes with a 512 mb memory card. Listed on Craigslist to, just posting here to see if anyone is interested. Asking $150 obo :)

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My boyfriend and I were just at Saint Cupcake about an hour ago. We had two dots each and coffee. When we went to leave, the girl behind the counter told us to wait, and then handed us a box w/ 6 full sized cupcakes in it. For free. She didn't give us a reason, but it completely caught me off guard.

So, thanks sweet Saint Cupcake girl!

I Love Portland :]