November 23rd, 2007


I just wanted everyone to know...

...that if you are one of those people who are lined up outside of my store, or any number of stores 'cross this crazy country for some stupid shopping day... I have a lot of hate in my innards for you.

Because of you, I have to go to work in less than two hours and I have to stay there until 10pm. Because you need your silly little sales.

Honestly, your family would love you a lot more if you instead didn't buy them some crappy Kodak camera printer bundle, and spent the entire day with them eating more turkey and talking and generally having a good time.

And I would love you a lot more.

That's really all I have to say. Because I'm cranky and no longer drunk from Thanksgiving.

If you're outside waiting for one of those stores to open, you totally weren't on my list of things I am thankful for.

So seriously, stay warm, go back inside, go to sleep, love your family. Have a cup of hot coco, play a game of Scrabble, and be lazy today!
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Art Space

I’m looking for a Work/Live space for my girlfriend.

There are a lot of Artist Lofts in Portland but they all seem to be Work only.

She is looking for a small studio loft where she can paint. She would also like to get rid of her car so it needs to be near Downtown Portland,

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Also does anyone know the status on this project?

Egyptology Freaks?

I'm looking to renew my crazy obsessive interest in Egyptian culture, religion, and language... wondering if there were any other Egypt freaks out here that might want to get together and geek out at some point? Maybe grab some coffee or whatever... I've been here for 6 months and somehow am not meeting the right people in this area.
death valley sky


Does anyone know if there are any firejams happening this weekend?

I have a friend visiting from Wyoming who has cultural ties with the Maori. She didn't know that poi-spinning is something of a thing here -- she hasn't met a non-Maori who has heard of it. I've been telling her what little I know about the local scene, and showed her some videos of firespinners under the Marquam. I'd like to take her to see an actual spinjam, if there's one on. It sticks in my mind that that's more of a summer thing than a winter thing, but I live in hope...


Just a random thought.  I was wondering if there's a lot of women in the Portland area that have had breast implants.  You expect there to be a large number in places like Los Angeles and New York where looks seem to be of more importance than personality but out here in the Northwest, most women tend to be au natural.   The only people in the area that I would think would have implants would be strippers, er, I mean exotic dancers though even within that profession the number is probably smaller than other places like Las Vegas.   Anyone have any thoughts?
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What would you do?

So i just went through a hair raising experience flying into pdx today, and am very curious on what others would have done in my situation....

So i fly alot, its very routine I get on the plane, sit in my window seat and pull the window shade down, wait for my row occupants to get settled, put my head against the window / wall and fall asleep.... most of the time i wake up when i hit the ground, but not today....

Ok here is the situation....

You wake in the back row of the plane, when the pilot announces we are descending into pdx, sitting next to you are two little girls ages around 9 - 12, you pull open your window shade to look at the window at 10000 ft and the first thing you notice is the outer window of the plane is pressure cracking, ie like watching a spider spin a web very fast but its a crack in the glass growing really fast and you are wearing sunglasses....


After i get some responses from my fellow DP, i will tell you what I did and what happened!


Well this is what I did.... first felt extreme panic as had a really quick thought of at least my head being sucked out the window, but quickly closed the shade as i saw the girls heads turning towards the window out the side of my sunglasses, and then sat there in an extremely clear thought and put my hoodie over my hands to hide the shaking and looked around me.... everyone elses windows were just fine, so i knew it couldnt be ice, i had to look again so i positioned myself completely in front of the window to block the view of the window and opened the shade up half way.... just to make sure i was not having a flashback or losing my mind....

IT WAS CLEARING CRACKING! So closed the shade again, and looked around me, no flight attendants around and 2 bored little girls, arguing over who gets to use the the arm rest between them....

so, i looked up and saw the button, but instantly had the thought of flight attendant coming up and me trying to calmly tell her across the 2 girls that the outer window is failing without causing them to panic and stir up the whole plane into panic....

and then i thought what the hell are they going to do different since we are already landing normally and we will be on the ground in 20 or so minutes....

so i chose to remain calm for what seemed like the longest 20 or so minutes of my life, we landed and i was going to tell the pilots as i walked (was my plan) but since they were about to board more passengers to their next location, they were not accessible, so i told who ever looked important next to the door, as told them what i saw, in a very calm voice and as i explained" yes the outer window in the back ", this person seem to think it was a problem from what i read on her face!

then i looked back at all the passagers who might have to unboard the plane, and thought i made the right decision

music schools, anyone?

i am trying to do some research on music programs in portland and was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with any of the local programs. i am looking into getting my masters of music in vocal performance. i have my ba in music education. any advice on music programs, voice teachers, opera programs, pros or cons, i would love to hear it!

thanks dp.
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Question about starting unused Camry

I have a 1985 Camry that, up until last February, pretty much ran like a top. Unfortunately, I started driving a different car and put off going out and restarting it from time to time. It has now sat in the driveway for nine months.

I know that the battery is long dead, but will it damage the car to go out and jump it? I tried looking around on the net to find out, but all everyone says is "start your car at least every month". If I can jump it and start using it, great - if it's going to blow up because the fluids have congealed, then I need to find out what to do.

Thank you in advance for any help; I know this was a stupid mistake, but I'd like to try to fix it if possible.

Computer help....please!

So I've been having issues with my OS randomly becoming corrupt. The last time this happened I was able to use a Windows reinstallation CD and everything was restored easily. However, the second time, I unintentionally clicked the wrong prompt (kudos to all the beer and turkey I had yesterday!) and it reformatted, resulting in everything being lost (yes, I'm stupid and didn't back anything up).

I tried a demo of the software File Scavenger. It found almost everything I had lost, pictures, music, programs. To recover these files, you must purchase the program for $49. Has anyone used this before for a similar problem and had positive results? If so, do I have to recover all these files to a harddrive other than the one currently in my laptop? I think this is an excellent price....if it works.

Sorry if these questions sound a bit stupid. I'm not the most computer privvy person but I'm trying...
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Deus ex Machina today?

Its Friday night, and I'm bored. So...anyone have any interesting instances of Deus Ex Machina today? Yeah, yeah, some would say you can't use that term out of a literary context. Those people can bite me. :D
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kuromi is cranky

(no subject)

I'm shopping around for an electric toothbrush and I'd like one of those "sonic" ones. Sonic care has a couple that look great, as does OralB. Any opinion on which brand and model is best? The price can be higher but I'd rather not go over $150.
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Ohhh yeah! I made the meetup phone call on Tuesday to reserve us a spot, but I forgot to post about it. Durr. I blame the turkey, or something.

Anyway, this month's meetup is at its regularly scheduled date and time: Tuesday, November 27th, 7pm, the East Bank Saloon. As usual, there will be day-before and day-of reminders.

Next month the regular meetup would fall on Christmas day, so uh, feel free to pitch any ideas here for what to do in the meantime. Options include (but are not limited to): skipping the December meetup altogether, holding it on a different Tuesday, holding it on a different day altogether, and/or having an orgy on Christmas night. (I'll be out of town, but hey, y'all can do as you please!)