November 22nd, 2007

gothic dinner

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Having an employer who gives financial incentives (i.e. a discount on already employer-subsidized Tri-Met pass) for bicycle commuters.

2. Discovering the wonderful vegan food goodness known as Nutshell Restaurant in North Portland! Not was only the food exquisite, but the service was spectacular!

3. Being schooled on the commute to work: being stuck at a red light behind a bicyclist/dad with kid trailer in tow does not mean that he is a slowpoke. Seeing the cyclist haul ass *uphill* on the Hawthorne Bridge ramp impressed me, and inspired me to work out more!

4. The friendly and awesome server at Rialto's.

5. Having a place to go to on Thanksgiving Day for dinner. After having spent several Thanksgiving Days alone in the cold, with nowhere to go, in the past, I am extremely grateful and thankful for company.
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Holiday dinner

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I am writing to see if any of you had any good suggestions of what restaurant to go to for a holiday gathering? I'm thinking a group of 10, eating good comfort food, or a place with a holiday atmosphere. I don't really want to eat at nationwide chain restaurants like Claim Jumper, Cheesecake Factory, Applebees, or Olive Garden. Thank you!

iPod question #3443098-29C

Hey, so I just got this 3rd generation iPod Nano and it says it's not compatible with my OS, since I only have Mac OSX 10.3.9. The box said it requires OS 10.4.8. I called its bluff when I bought it, thinking it meant that 10.4.8 was just OPTIMAL, as there seems to be no technological reason my computer couldn't update an iPod. I've got iTunes 7.4 and all that.

But no, when I plug it in, it flat out says it's not compatible with my OS.

Anyone know if there's a way around this? And if not, can I download a free upgrade to OSX 10.4.8 anywhere?

Lousy planned obsolescence.
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Posted: reward whomever can point me in the direction of a pair of brown velvet "dress" pants (i.e. not jeans, not stretch pants - preferably not too girly as they're to be the bottom half of a suit - long story), to fit a person who wears a 36-38 in jeans, for under $50.

Edit: or possibly, for something even remotely close to this?

Edit: I'm including used here - red light, buffalo exchange, goodwill, value village...
Consider it part one of a scavenger hunt, so if you see these next week or something, offer still stands - reward tba, or to be negotiated 
(ready, go!)
greyhound, gem, happy gem

UPDATED: Lost greyhound in the Salem area - please help! FOUND!

Updated 10:30 PM 11/22: Cash has been found! She's very cold, hungry and thirsty, but otherwise uninjured!

Link to webpage with further information about this search!

Cash is a female greyhound who has recently retired from the racetrack, and was being fostered in a home in Salem until she found a forever home. She escaped on Tuesday, November 20 at around 8:30 PM. It is very urgent that she be found ASAP - greyhounds have very thin skin and little body fat, and aren't able to tolerate the cold temperatures we've been having recently.

This greyhound is skittish (not a spook, though). If you see her-- and IF YOU UNDERSTAND GREYHOUNDS -- approach her very cautiously. Or, do not approach her; turn sideways, squat down, and let her come to you. Talk to her very soft and calmly. If you approach directly, she will run away, so if you have to move toawrd her, make an arc so you are not moving directly toward her. Look at her from the corner of your eyes and face your head away from her. If possible, turn your body somewhat away from her. She will come up to you on her own time with patience.

If you see Cash, or if you've found her, please call Dave, Judy or Greyhound Pets of America - Northwest.

Craigslist postings - &

Crossposted (sorry if you see this more than once, but it's really important that Cash gets found!)
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I went to Nicholas Restaurant last night, in Southeast on Grand,
and it has definitely made my top favorite restaurant list.
Their portions were massive and half their menu was vegan
and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Lebanese/Middle Eastern food.

Free Thanksgiving dinner in SE

Hopefully they have some left, but Jolly Roger on SE 12th and Hawthorne has been serving free turkey dinners all day, stopping at 7 PM. They have all the usual Thanksgiving suspects, and that includes pumpkin pie! (Though it has regular green beans instead of the awesomer green bean casserole).
Yo Gabb Gabba

In Other Words Fund-raiser!

The non-profit In Other Words Women's Books and Resources will be having a holiday fund raiser December 7th. The event is 21 and over, so everyone of age is welcome to attend and spread the word!

Check out for more info on the book store and community space.
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Too much time on my hands...

Hello Portlanders,

Just wanted to ask the random question of the day. (Am I too late? Have we already had one?)

I'm looking to track down a couple of functional vanity items.

#1 -- A (wool?) bias-cut plaid skirt that won't break the bank. (Sister doesn't need any horizontal stripes, thank you very much.)

#2 -- extremely stiff, tight fitting flat shoes that look professional for work. (No, it's not some foot binding fetish, it's an injury/suspected break I need to immobilize.) EDIT: I think I would like to find these locally... Like in the next couple of days.

Oh, yeah. And just to keep with the damnportlanders theme, I'm also looking for some vegan cocaine, a new tattoo, and someone to adopt my adorable baby rats!!! *drink*


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I'm a bartender, and as a result, I tend to deal in cash an awful lot.
Last time I went into my bank, I brought in like $1900 dollars in cash, to deposit it.
My teller looked at me like I was a drug dealer or something.
I was just curious, what's the most amount of cash you guys have carried around, or deposited at the bank?


Is it just me or is it hard to be an American these days? I wish the world had a better view of us. Not our government because we don't exactly support that, I mean the good American people. The ones fighting for what they believe in, for progress, and for expanded human rights. The stuff us Portlanders believe in. It's just rough when I go to Canada and someone tells me to go back home because they aren't "like you". Anyone else experienced this? Anti American sentiment is a drag *kicks dirt*.