November 21st, 2007

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Where to find good cat advice?

Okay, wise DPers, I have seen how passionate some of you are about the feline species. So, do any of you know of any good resources for help with cat's eliminating outside of the litter box?

We've gone through the usual list of issues. She is spayed, her box cleaned regularly, we haven't tried switching litter brands (or food for that matter) recently, no new pets or babies, etc. She's due for a vet visit so we'll have her checked out. But, certain indicators point to this being a behavioral issue rather than a health one.

Any ideas for places (web-sites, Lj communities, Yahoo! groups, etc.) that offer more than the usual or superficial advice? How do you deal with it if the cat is being temperamental for reasons unknown or upset with something that's not obvious? I'm not sure where to start looking for useful advice.


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Ok all. I need help. I know there's a way to do this, but how does one catch the bus to salem? I remember something about riding out to the Barber transit center, then catching a willsonville bus, then transfering to a salem bus or soemthing like that. Is there another way to do it? Is there a way to do it on the weekends too? Yeah, that last part is probably a fat chance, but gotta ask anyways. :)
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Because I care about people...

Dear mother whom I watched by crack/meth/heroin/pot this morning after getting off the bus, 

Seriously, if you're going to buy that shit and destroy your life...don't do it with your 4 year old son in your arms at the same time!

Yes, I understand it's an addiction.
Yes, I understand you have no money OTHER than what you're spending on that crap.
Yes, I understand you probably don't have anywhere to put your son while you buy said crap.


I'm not so naive to think it's easy just to go cold turkey with ANY kind of addiction be it drugs, alcohol, or whatever...

But, think of your kid...

That's all I'm sayin'.


Internet Hell

I've looked at Qwest, Comcast (ugh), Verizon, and a bunch of weird, random internet providing companies and everything SUCKS! Stupid promos that end in 6 months or require the promise of my first-born child, or insanely expensive monthy rates plus fees for phone lines, etc.

My question: Is there anyone very close by the intersection of MLK/Dekum who has a Personal Telco node? Or, anyone with a wireless connection that I could share for part of the monthly cost of your internet? Anyone living at the stylin' Woodlawn Terrace apt. complex or close-by? I'm really bummed about this no-internet situation. :( I hate to keep posting from work.
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Halp! I iz needing baking suppliez!

Where can I get stuff like pie plates, rolling pins, etc? I volunteered to bake pies for Thanksgiving forgetting I have virtually no equipment for it in this place...the only place I can think of is Sur La Table in the Pearl, and something tells me there might be cheaper options than that.

cabinets etc.

I want to make a windowseat out of wall cabinets, what is the cheapest place to buy them? Is there anywhere around here that does discounted or used home furnishings like that?
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Who's Your Doctor?

Hello, all you lovely and knowledgeable people!

I've been procrastinating on finding a new doctor since I moved up here several months ago, but now that I actually have a reason to see a general practitioner, I'm finally getting off my ass (figuratively speaking) to look for one.

I'd rather get personal recommendations than pick randomly from my provider directory, so: Who's your doctor, and are they any good?

Doctors in close proximity to North, St. John's, or even NW/NE would particularly rock.


Even though it's not Thankful Thursday...

So, I've decided that Pepto-Bismol is the best thing ever invented. I had horrible nausea this morning from the moment I woke up, couldn't keep anything down. I just drank some Pepto-Bismol and literally about 30 seconds later, I'm able to eat stuff and my stomach feels amazing again.

What man-made items are you most thankful for?
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Dear Damn Portlanders, I have a question to ask.

You see, my previous employer went out of business this fall and I have yet to be paid for my services for most of June and July 07. I've thought about reporting her to the Better Business Bureau, but hoped we could resolve things on our own before it comes to that. It's been a few months and I've only seen a fraction of what I am owed, but she says she should have it all (or almost all) by New Years. I figure I can wait 'til then, and if I'm still not paid I'll report her, but I'm wondering if perhaps I should do something sooner. I have a job and enough money to get by, so I don't need this money right now or anything, but I'm worried that if I wait too long I may lose legal claim to what I'm owed. I'd obviously like to avoid the headache of going to court and would prefer not to get her in any more trouble than she's in, but I do want my money. Any suggestions about what I should do in such a delicate predicament?
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Giving Thanks To The Oregon DMV.

Thank you DMV Employees.  I came in from work during a lunch break. I grabbed a ticket that said 87, and the number behind your heads said 67.  I groaned and sat down thinking I wouldn't be able to stay as my lunch was but an hour.  You proved me wrong and got me out in 15 minutes.  Astounding.   

I've been meaning to write this for a few weeks now.

Dear Downtown Nordstrom,

Thank you so much for deciding to "deck your halls" the day after Thanksgiving and for "celebrating one holiday at a time". Your store is one of the only ones that doesn't and didn't look like Xmas had barfed all over it the second Halloween was over.

Someone who may do some Xmas shopping there now because you did this

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This is mostly directed towards those damnportlanders with children.

I was going over a program TrackersNW, which seems outstanding when it comes to outdoor programs and whatnot. It all comes on a reasonable 'you get what you pay for' monthly fee, which I'm really not too willing to pay.
Maybe one of you fine, fine people can recommend a similar, maybe watered down in price to match their amount of outdoor curricular activities, program for an 8 year old which will not make me feel so poor.

Have any had any experience with the Junior Audubon program?
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Mice to a good home?

My girlfriend and I got 2 mice a short while ago and we are not finding them to be our type of pet at all. We have two males-- they are pretty young. We've had them for about 2 months now and they do not fight with eachother. One is albino and the other black. The black one has bitten me twice while trying to remove him from the cage, and they are both a bit skittish. They're fun to watch, but we were hoping we'd be able to take them out and handle them.

Point being, I'm hoping there's someone out there that will appreciate and love these two more than we do. The black one is named Sirius and the albino is Algernon.

What are you getting? Well, aside from two mice, we've got a 10 gallon tank with plastic top, a wheel, a wooden hutch-thing for them to sleep in, a small wooden playset, a food dish, and a water bottle.

If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail at cmdrbean at gmail dot com with your phone number and I'll give you a call soon.

Also, please do not bother to e-mail if you are going to use them as feeders. I'm not against the practice in general, but can't stand the thought of these two being fed to a snake or somesuch.
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The smoking and roasting of our thanksgiving turkey is going to be broadcast live beginning at 9am tomorrow! Join some local geeks while they geek out over temperature graphs and turkey.

Follow along for yourself at Turkey Tracker- in fact right now there is live streaming video of gravy-making.


We are in need of a good family law attorney. Preferably in Vancouver, approachable, not outrageously expensive, and can easily explain things to a child. Anyone have a good attorney they can recommend?

Portland to Eugene-- Rideshare offered

Hey, anyone need a ride to Eugene tomorrow morning?

I had two rideshares- one canceled and I haven't heard from the other.

I am leaving at 9am, and stopping for coffee halfway. I am looking for good company and someone to share the cost of gas

I will be coming back Saturday morning, if you need a ride back!
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Hungry Tiger Two free comedy Wednesday nights

You like free, right?

And laughs? You likey the laughs?

Had a great time tonight at the Hungry Tiger Too. Free comedy and almost free ($1) PBR. Watch out though, it's reaaaaaally smoky with no A/C. Excellent local comedians.

Definitely worth going with your friends. 9 to 11 PM on Wednesdays, 207 SE 12th Ave.
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thanks given for booze

so. my friends and i see a dire need for liquor consumption tomorrow night. are bars usually open? do you know any that definitely will be, full hours? NW preferred, since we'll be stumbling down from wash park as night falls...

for those who need the java, pharmacy cafe @ NW 21st & glisan will be open all 24h of thanksgiving, starting in about...18 minutes =)