November 20th, 2007


the beast to the east

am i the only person in portland NOT scared of gresham? yeah, it's a shitty place and i'm excited i don't live there anymore, but i've lived in far scarier places (including the se felony flats area). why is everyone so freaked out by it?
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someday b/w

It's that Time again Singles!

PDXers is happening tomorrow at NW Lucky Lab [1945 NW Quimby]

If you are in your 20's or 30's come join us for a night of boardgames and fun. More info can be found at and Feel free to email me as well (My email is on my info page) or ask questions.

This is for the people who got on my case about the age limit this was written by my friend that actually started the group. Enjoy:

The age limit is set up to create a safe space for women.  It’s not fun to be 23 years old and have a 47 year old man flirting with’s just creepy and sleazy.  Our age range spans 20 years which should be a wide enough range.  Much more than that and you start to lose the commonality we share.  If people in their 40’s or women approaching their 40’s that don’t want  a younger man and  would like to start their own group(30’s-40’s)they are more than welcome to and I’ll even help.  I know a few people in that category and they were bummed, but they didn’t make a fuss that they can’t come.  They didn’t want to be hanging out with boys in their mid twenties anyways.  If people want to dispute it or would like an exception to the rule they can email me at pdxers at gmail dot com or through myspace. 


dinner/happy hour tomorrow

So to kick off the four day weekend, my friend is coming up from Eugene and meeting me after work and we're going to get dinner/drinks/whatever. I get off at 5pm, at Pioneer Square, so I am sure we have tons of options. Anyone have any ideas to throw out there? I'll already be in nice work clothes and she wants to dress up a little, but, of course, wants to be on a budget. Off the top of my head I heard Portland City Grill has a great happy hour, but I haven't been there since high school prom night (ahh!) so I have no idea if the rumors are true. I feel like I've been to Rock Bottom a lot lately, so I'd like to do something different... thanks :)
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Peeps. Clue me in.

The prevailing attitude in this com is that Starbucks is evil. It's often stated as a self-evident fact, a tautology, or even a redundancy.

(Kind of like how the downtown through Lloyd District is the whitest and most affluent part of Portland, or how local singles groups are ageist, but those are questions for other posts).

My take is that Starbucks evolved from a small, one-store local business into the most successful coffeehouse corporation in the US, over the three decades from its origin in 1971. In other words, the company has achieved what just about every business in the US wants to achieve. It did this, and currently protects its market position, by making business decisions that probably any other company would make in the same circumstances.

I understand that the global presence of the corporation has become more or less symbolic of economic imperialism. But again, any other company in the same circumstances would probably face the same kind of criticism.

What I don't understand is why Starbucks, specifically and as distinct from other corporations, is "evil."

I hope you don't tell me it's because their prices are too high or you don't like their coffee. That doesn't make a company evil. Besides which, there are plenty of other choices out there.
My life story


My boyfriend has been complaining about his tooth, and has finally decided to get it pulled. Having just moved up from Arkansas (red neck jokes aside), he doesn't know a good, cheap place. Anyone know of a nice dentist with a decent payment plan over by NE?
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Big men

Best big/tall men's store? My husband is 6'4" and 320 and hates clothes shopping. Especially for slightly dress up stuff which is what we're after. Dockers and button down kinda look. Any recommendations?
Larch Mount
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I want to get back into martial arts, and I've decided I want to learn Aikido.

I am going to check this one out tonight:
Has anyone been to this dojo before?

Can anything think of any others they like or have heard is good from someone who has trained at a Portland Aikido Dojo?
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Forget snow and hail posts.

"Supreme Court to rule on Second Amendment"

*gets out the Sprite, popcorn, and beanbags*

Edit: this isn't meant to start arguments in this comm; just mentioning it. The Sprite remark is regarding how the media and country will react.

Edit2: it's only for DC, so the ruling won't affect the rest of the country. Issue averted. Touché, Supreme Court.
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Doctor Who & exercise

this is a little weird, so follow me...

Friday is the 44th anniversary of the first airing of Doctor Who. In honour of this, West Coast Health & Fitness (2640 NE Alberta) is playing Series One Disc One of the updated series on November 23rd at 7pm in their Spinning Theatre, and the following day (saturday) at 7pm, the classic Douglas Adams script edited, Tom Baker & Lalla Ward starrin', running-around-Paris-padded 1979 episode City of Death will be shown.

The catch is, you're going to be on a spinning bike for the duration of the episodes. There is a $10 drop-in fee if you have no membership to the club, but if you know someone who is a member, it's only $5 as long as you come in with them.

So if you want to exercise & watch some Who, stop on by.
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200 Comments and no one cites sources

My personal favorite is the part about how Starbucks moves into town and kill puppies and shuts down all the local coffee shops and everyone is sad.

Rather interesting article on how "evil" Starbucks is.

From the article:
"According to the Portland Yellow Pages, before Starbucks came to Portland in 1989, there were 28 coffee shops in the city. Today, there are 91 non-Starbucks coffeehouses in Portland proper, compared with the chain's 48 stores within city limits."

Read the rest of the article. Of the giant corporations, Starbucks is not evil. They're barely even malicious.

Can anyone cite a concrete study showing repeated behavior by Starbucks engaging in practices that are evil?

I'll leave what evil is up to you.

*Edited to correct a typo*
Yo Gabb Gabba

All this Starbucks talk...

makes me want Starbucks. Around this time of year, Starbucks gives out their holiday drinks for free on a set day during a set time period. Does anyone know when this is or if I already missed it?

Edit: I believe it's for the Starbuck's Holiday Party. They give out any tall seasonal drink for free, I am NOT talking about the small samples cups that starbucks puts out, but apparently the Starbucks I go to are all stingy with their samples!
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