November 19th, 2007

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What do people think of this city free wifi thing?

Even though it makes me laugh imagining the people in the ads downloading porn, I think the ads suck - I hate the 'click to skip this ad' buffer. Why didn't they go with the personal telco people? When something has a bunch of ads I hesitate to call it free. And blocking port 25 unless you pay $20/month? What a pain. I've read about some of the 'no risk' financial dealings but it still doesn't make sense to me.
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open mic tonight?

My friend is in town visiting and we'd like to hit an open mic downtown tonight. The places we've heard of that are having open mic tonight are the Ash St Saloon and the Goodfoot... Neither of us know a whole lot about either place, so if you do, please share.

Any other venues you know of having open mic nights? Any more desirable than the ones we know of? Or if you're going to one tonight, then we could meet you there and have a damnportlander cheering section?

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Free Monday Movie tonight - New time and location

Monday Movies is hosting a special Thanksgiving treat tonight at former NoPo funeral home, the Chapel Pub. Bring your white guilt and your relatives to see Harvest of Shame, a 1960 documentary that originally aired on CBS on Thanksgiving Day. Follow the plight of migrant farm workers in the US, just in time to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Show starts at 7:30PM
Hosted by the lovely Tom Robinson
Sign up for futire mailings at

H*R Blocked - Get back to work!

Hair we go again

I need my highlights touched up and a couple more added and I don't want to spend a million dollars. I live in Milwaukie but close to SE. Where should I go that isn't Super Cuts :/

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Hey everyone, I'm going to put this behind an LJ-cut so I'm not assaulting you all with this advertisement, but I'm selling a car!

If you're looking to get into the best car possible for the least amount of money, this is the car for you. It runs fine as is, only needs basic tune-up work (I'll even help you with it), and while the interior has seen better days, it's a simple vaccum and shampoo cleaning away from being in great condition!

(Portland related because I live in Portland, the car's in Portland, and people in Portland need a good deal on a car, so here ya go)

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book website

I seem to remember a website a couple years back that was pretty big, and was based around leaving a book behind somewhere, like a coffeeshop, with the URL in the cover, and hoping the person who finds it reads it, marks where it was found on the website, and leaves it behind for someone else... but I cannot find the URL to this site... does anyone remember it? Google and long term memory fail me.
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Customer Service

(Posted here 'cause I'm sick of the other thread.)

There's been a lot of talk about customer service. I went to a bakery today and ordered my son's birthday cake. This bakery made my wedding cake, and our family has purchased all birthday cakes from them, although I'm not usually the one that actually goes in and orders them. The products are wonderful.

However... the employees were, in my opinion, unfriendly and a bit impatient. The store wasn't crowded, but I'm sure they're tired.. a lot of Thanksgiving orders, I'm sure. That said, I think I'm going to find a new bakery. =I'm= tired today, too, and I put on my 'best behavior' and was friendly, so I figure the least they can do is try to smile and be friendly also.

They might say "Hey, it's not my bakery, I don't care if this place loses busines," but if every customer left for friendlier waters, they would be out of a job.

Just something to consider, perhaps, or ignore, as it pleases you.
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A request to waiters/waitresses...

If you take the order of a male/female couple, and you notice that the male orders for both of them, please set the check in front of him (or in the middle of the table, or at the edge of the table if there is no room in front of him) at the end of the meal and not her. While your delightful customer service and friendly smile are appreciated, and this isn't something that is going to affect your tip in any way, it will be appreciated so the woman doesn't have to slide the check to the other side of the table.

Thank you,
The one who is tired of sliding the check. :)

P.S. If it's a same sex couple, it might be the same protocol, I'm not sure. I would think if one person does the ordering for both people, then that person would be the one paying... but I'm not positive, so I'll just speak for my own situation.

Edit: Clarification - It is not a case of him dictating what I order. It's a case of he knows what I want (either because I specifically tell him, or it's just what I always get for the past x number of years.) and orders for the both of us. I'm bouncing between surprise, amusement, and annoyance that this is even something to be boggled by. I'm relieved to know there are still a few people who continue to enjoy such things as the gentleman opening the door, paying the check, walking roadside, etc. In some ways I'm extremely feminist. In some ways, I'm extremely -not-. It's surprising, and a bit depressing, that this is a cause for insults.

Fact check:

So, during the large discussion of crime and the MAX, which I started yesterday, and which many of you have probably already read.

Someone claimed that my experiences weren't typical, since the area that I took the MAX in (between downtown and Lloyd Center) was the most white, most well-to-do area of Portland. When I questioned this, I was told this was blatantly obvious.

So who here has noticed the blatantly obvious fact that downtown through Lloyd District are the most well-to-do, most white part of Portland, and/or Portland metro?

Guidelines to Holiday Shopping

Since apparently it's the season and there's been a few other posts relating to customer service issues:

~Be patient.  With yourself, other customers, and the retail workers. 
~Remember to wait your turn.  See previous guideline.
~If after being patient and waiting your turn and you find that the retailer is sold out of what you wanted, politely ask if they can check stock at another store before you leave and before they move on to the next customer.  But realize that many stores wont hold items during the holiday rush.
~If after being patient and waiting your turn (not butting in on another customer's time with the salesperson and realizing that one salesperson can only do so much at once) and you find you still have bad service, feel free to write a letter to the store or company outlining why and how you had bad service.
~In relation to the above, if you have GOOD service, please let the salesperson know right then and/or write a letter to the company.  That makes salespeople feel like it's been worthwhile. 
~Remember that everyone gets, other customers, the salespeople.
~Remember to eat.  Sometimes a cookie makes all the difference.  Also keep in mind that often salespeople dont get to eat during a rush or dont get a meal until they're past their breaking point (plus that might cause a medical emergency in some).
~While sometimes it doesnt hurt to ask for a discount (you never know until you ask), realize that at most retailers, it's not exactly a garage sale.
~Dont abandon your shopping cart during a holiday rush, another customer might swipe it and purchase your merchandise for themselves.
~Watch your purse and valuables, unfortunately every year we hear of someone getting gifts or purses stolen during or after shopping.
~Treat everyone in your shopping party, other customers, and salespeople with equal respect.  If you give it, you get it. 
~No throwing elbows or punches.
~No name calling.
~No cursing.
~Joke!  Really, keep a sense of humor and make those around you or helping you have a good laugh.
~Say "Please" and "Thank you"

Edit:  Retail workers, much of this applies to us as well! :)


Are you studying for the GRE? Do you want my old books? One is fairly heavily marked up (ETS, in pencil) and one is pretty clean (Princeton Review, some marking in pen, mostly in pencil). Both 2007.

Let me know.
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randomly (as always)

What do you awesome people think about posting personal artwork on photo sharing sites (such as flickr) ?

I'm a calligrapher as well as an abstract artist, and while I have no problem posting progress photos (or images of works in progress) on flickr, it kind of weirds me out to post artwork on it.

What do you think?

haha, or do you even care?

I worry about too many things. :\
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Nicer laundromats?

So our washer is broken, and we are looking for a nicer laundromat, if such a thing exists. There's one close to us on Hawthorne, next to Papa Murphy's, but as many laundromats isn't the nicest place to spend a couple hours. Just thought I'd see if anyone here has happened upon one that's a little more appealing. I swear, somebody could totally make a living opening a laundromat with nice furniture, a coffee bar (or real bar, haha), and free wifi. I did search the community but didn't come up with anything that really matches what I'm looking for. Thanks!
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(no subject)

So I lost my IKEA virginity question is, is there an easy entrance to the damn place? I was on I-205 South, took the airport exit, and headed west. Couldn't find a turn into the shopping center, so circled around and ended up taking the most circuitous route before I finally stumbled upon it. What is the easiest way to get into IKEA from 205N? It WAS dark, and I'm not super familiar with that area, so maybe I'm just missing something obvious.
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OK, so I'm computerally retarded, apparently.
We are having major cable problems. Comcast says it's Microsoft's fault, but Microsoft blames Comcast, and all the while we're still paying the rates and doing rain dances just to get on-line.
I didn't think i was this dumb, so I had a bunch of different friends who are puter geeks come over and try to fix the problem. Everyone has different ideas, none of them help.
Normally I would refer to the Belmont Computer guys, but my question is, are there professionals who make house calls? We need to figure out the aboslute root of the problem, like maybe we have inner wall lemmings, or something.....
Anyone out there know of any such company??