November 18th, 2007

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Holiday card dilemma!

Probably not the most appropriate DP post ever, but I need some advice, so I'm crossposting from my journal.

I'd really like to get some sets of holiday cards made, but as usual I'm stymied by the logistics of the whole thing.

First thing I need to do is find somewhere that will print decent cards, with envelopes, for less than a couple of bucks each. Any suggestions along these lines, with specific links, would be awesome.

Next, how much do people usually pay for holiday cards?

Thirdly-ish, would it be easiest just set the photos up at a site, and let people order from there?

Or, uh, maybe it would be easier just to tell people to pull what you want from Flickr and let them paypal me a couple of bucks if they want. I'm starting to think that's my best bet. :)

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::: psst - SANTA! :::

So, a little bird told me Santacon will be Saturday Dec. 8 this year. As always, noon at Skidmore Fountain. This is Portland's 11th year. The big difference this year is that the route will be released, so if you are a late arrival or just want to bugger off for a few hours and come back, you will know where to catch up.

Cheap Santa suits have been spotted at Walgreens for something like 15 bucks.
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seasy dream

My fantasy is to be locked inside a New Seasons overnight. Dip a finger in every rare cheese. Sample the olives straight off the giant serving spoons. Get that $30.00/lb "air dried beef" out of the deli case and take a big bite of it. Break off corners of all the cookies- finally get to try the almond florentine I would NEVER pay $2.25 for. Dig around in the bulk bins and have a fistful of every granola. Amok through the fish counter, crackin crab legs. Line up all the microbrews and enjoy that "first sip" feeling on forty different beers. Then drift off to sleep thumbing through Adbusters on a nest of those plush Uglydolls.

Does anyone know of a good place to hide in a New Seasons around closing time?

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So, my boyfriend and I don't really have any good photos of each other and I was thinking of giving him a gift certificate or set up a time with a photographer to take some portraits of us.

I've never done this before (my senior photo in high school was taken by a friend), so...
-What's a reasonable price to pay for professional portraits of two people?
-Where in Portland could I find a good photographer that would be able to take winter-ish photos (snow, magic, and all that crap that comes with Christmas, minus Santa)? Location in Portland doesn't matter much.
-I don't know, anything else that I should look for when searching for a photographer
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Photo programs

I'm looking to resize photos to make a banner for my website and Picasa will allow me to crop but not resize the pixels.

I need a free program that will allow me to do this. or someone awesome to help me with it!

Because I love you more than Google...

I'm looking for your personal recommendations for 2 things:

1) A LIMO COMPANY - no Hummer vehicles or anything, just a good limo service at a fair price. And what should I expect a limo for 8 - 10 ppl for 5 - 6 hours to cost?

2) A STORE THAT DOES CUSTOM PRINTING - sort of a local Neighborhoodies-type option? I can't plan enough in advance to use Neighborhoodies, although I do own one and can stand behind their products 100%. I'm looking to make a T-shirt for a friend with iron-pressed text only and 2 baseball-style caps for my Dad and brother with embroidery. Has anyone used a local company for this type of product/service?


Aid to Serbia?

I've googled this and read a good bit, but I still have this question: What NGOs are providing humanitarian aid to Serbia (preferably non-security aid)? Where do I look up that kind of thing besides hoping for random hits? 

I've combed through UN funded projects pretty carefully, but that's not what I'm looking for. Most of them relate to capacity building, and I guess I'm looking more for direct providers. Thanks for any input. Also if you can point me to any resources regarding international NGO certification, that would be the info of my dreams.

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Does anyone have a good remedy they use to deal with insomnia? I've tried everything from chamomile tea to melatonin supplements and good old fashioned sedatives. I really need to sleep like a normal human being tonight.
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MAX safety concerns: am I missing something?

So I've noticed over the past few weeks, the Portland Tribune has been carrying articles about the crime problem on the MAX.
Am I missing something?
I've been using the MAX for about 14 years now, and I have yet to notice any problems with crime on the MAX in that time. The most that I have ever noticed is some drunk or obnoxious individuals, and I really haven't noticed any more of those on the MAX, or other tri-met locations, than I have just on the streets, or in grocery stores or shopping malls.
Has something really happened recently? Or am I just riding it in the safe place (mostly downtown through Lloyd District)?
One of the things I read is that in Gresham, the crime is centered "within half a mile of the MAX tracks"...but doesn't half a mile on either side of the MAX tracks include just about everywhere in Gresham, especially the places where most people are going to be congregating anyway.
So is there any statistics to back up this fear? Because to me, it seems like taking a few teenagers making too much noise on the MAX, and turning it into some gigantic threat to Public Safety.
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I'm looking for some good places to buy inexpensive clothing (dresses, in particular) online. Anyone have any stellar recommendations that they've had good luck with?

Portland-related because.... I live here and I didn't know who else to ask.

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Did anyone enjoy the Simpsons, King of the Hill, and American Dad as much as me tonight? They all started out well. Maybe not the best, but there were some good parts.

First we got the Simpsons: The whole comic book beginning was awesome.
    ("He's a fraud! He's got a girlfriend!"  "My name is Strawberry. My purse is a lunchbox.")
    (Art Spiegelman, Allan Moore, and Dan Clowes were amazing. They played themselves!!!*)

Then King of the Hill: Hank helps out a Co-Op because he is hooked to "real tasting food".

Family Guy was eh.

The American Dad: Weak plot, but there was a funny mention of Craigslist:
"... and you must be the chosen on, because you were the first one to respond to our ad on Craigslist!"
"Oh, I love craigslist. That's were I found my hiking partner. And that bitch who stole all my stuff!"