November 17th, 2007

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is hockey big out here?

I'm trying to get a friend of mine to move out here from Michigan and he has concerns about hockey rinks and an adequate amount of beer leagues to participate in. I know this isn't exactly Hockey Town, but is it pretty active?
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Where am I to find a talented soul with the time and energy
to tie my hair up into a wonderful array of tiny little
braids of the synthetic variety?

Places? People? Anyone have any insight on the subject?

IT Certification in PDX?

Hoping someone can give me some guidance about IT Certification options in/around our fair city....

My main man is looking to get some network admin./IT training and so far we've been looking at programs at PCC, PSU and OR Institute of Tech. All of these programs offer something a little different and I'm curious if anyone has any personal experience of the good/bad variety you could tell us about, with these schools.

To give you a bit of background on the future student- he's about to turn 32, has a natural aptitude with computer hardware, has some community college credits from awhile back, is working full-time- but would consider cutting back to part-time, can't be a full-time student, isn't interested in a full blown general 4 yr. college program (just wants certification in order to open up some career opportunities).

So.... anybody have any helpful info. out there in DP land?

Thanks in advance!

***EDIT*** Judging by many of the responses I've received I am feeling that I was a little unclear about the goal of certification. He wants to take classes that lead to an associate's degree, or a certificate. The goal is learning more and having some kind of proof of said learning. I.E. I have my BFA and MFA so that goes on my ol' resume. It is a shorthand of saying I have X amount of training in my field. Mainly I'd like to know if anyone is in any of the IT programs locally, and if so what they thought of them. The responses I've received along those lines are helpful. Anything more like that would be great! I understand that many think the certs. are not the way to go, so dully noted.
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Need To Escape!

Hey All!

I need to get out of my house! Is anyone up for meeting for dinner, and maybe a movie? I am near downtown.

26 years old, gay male... funny, intelligent... I am bored!

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Lunch totes?

Hi DP,

I'm looking for a lunch tote- not sure exactly what I want aside from simple and modern, not sporty, girly is okay as long as it's adult girly (womanly?) And not pastel, I hate pastels.

I'm also looking for a briefcase- I prefer durable to fancy, something that can hold a fair bit of files and has a few pockets. Again, modern, not sporty or Barbie accessory-like.

Anyplace local I can find such things? Preferably in the same place?

Thank you!
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Registering a Political Party

How does one go about officially creating a political party in Portland? I suppose you have to register it as some sort of non-profit organization so people can write off donations. And you probably have to collect signatures to get your candidates on the ballot.

Google's not being much help. All I'm finding is stuff about registering to vote.
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(no subject)

Would anyone be interested in attending a craft/board game night? Our house is on Ninth and Prescott, and we're looking for people to wile away the stormy nights over needles, thread and a cribbage board.

(no subject)

Hark! Rejoice, damnportlanders, for there is a Persian restaurant that's a four minute walk from me! No more driving! No more cornish game hen jujay kabob! Huzzah! Tomorrow, when it is open, I shall partake.

Edit: It's located at 6923? SE 52nd. They need to change their sign-age. Right now it's just a yellow building with a bakery sign.
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(no subject)

Is anyone else having a really bizarre night? If so, do share.

I swear there's something in the air. People seem much, much crazier than usual and twists of fate are aligning in extremely surreal ways. I'm a little scared to leave my apartment for fear of a freak accident or something of the like.

Be careful out there, kids.
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Apartment management companies

so i'm looking to move out in the next month and trying to minimize my annoying this community with apartment-related queries. however, something that's not easy to find out through internet research is dirt on apartment management companies. so who have you had really bad (or good) experiences with? i've been looking at properties managed by princeton property management, american property management, reliance property management, fox management inc, and rental management services. anyone have any experience with any of these (or any others)?