November 16th, 2007

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i know many people here are in their twenties. so i am wondering if any of you are also having trouble being taken seriously. when i go to buy something im either ignored or treated by an idiot. if i have a friend with me they talk to them not me. im tired of being called honey or not being able to find a sales person. also i dont seem to have any authority, i can be walked over because i look to be about 15 (im 25). i went to the bank to complain about an error they made and was totally given the brush off. they never would have done that to someone like my mother who looks like they have some pull. is this just me? im so tired of it.
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People who have Mohawks...

i saw a guy in the New Seasons the other day, and he had the most interesting Mohawk, all tall and styled up. I thought it was neat so I told him so.

So Mohawked people of Portland, do you like your Mohawks to be complemented on? Or does that make it uncool?

The nice gentleman looked at me as if I was quite uncool, then said thanks quietly.

just wondering.

cat products?

Does anyone know somewhere in inner SE or NE Portland where I could get some Advantage for cats or a similar product? I ordered some online, but my poor cat's fleas are getting worse and I'd like to ease his suffering asap. Thanks much!

*So* Portland related - save my Gore-Tex!

So I have a nice Gore-Tex rain jacket which has begun to leak a little. Being the good sciencer that I am, I am guessing this is because the jacket it no longer very clean. Dirty dirty surfactants have gotten in there and are making the little water droplets sneak through the membrane with their reduced surface tension. Help me get the surface tension back!

How do *you* clean up your Gore-Tex so that it's renewed and waterproof? Method? Detergent? Buy a new jacket, because I'm American and that's the solution for everything? ;)

Useful web links welcome.

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fishing for jobs--yay!

okay, folks, i'm sure this question has been asked before, but...i'm thinking of moving to portland (from kentucky...yep) sometime in the near future. i've applied for jobs out there, but have gotten no nibbles because--let's face it--no one is going to take anyone seriously when it comes to moving across the country. so, i'm thinking of just diving in. BUT how IS the job market out there? is it difficult to get a job? i have a master's in library science, by the way, but wouldn't mind making ends meet with some other job until something librarianish opens up.
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I want to hear your crazy ideas.

What kinds of superstitious cures have you heard of or tried? I'm trying to come up with a list of cures, quick fixes, rituals, miracle products, old wives tales, and "miracles" along the likes of Audrey Santo. Please share! I need inspiration for a short story I'm working on.

(Totally not Portland-related, but potentially entertaining nonetheless).
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"Donate your car" places?

So I have an undrivable car that was mangled in a car crash recently (no one was hurt other than my car). I put a fair amout of money into this car before she was wrecked, and I don't want to sell it to some auto shop that'd give me like $25 dollars and then make thousands of dollars profit selling the parts. So I was thinking of possibly donating her to a charity. I've seen ads for places that'll supposedly take old cars as donations, even if they have to tow them. Most of them say "donate your car to help the homeless." So, are any of these good charities, as opposed to revolving door shelters run by right-wing christian Churches who subject drugged-out panhandlers to a sermon as the price of admission? Are there any animal charities that take dead/injured cars?
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to chang or not to chang ... or, ch-ch-ch-chang-ges ... or, the times, they are a chang-in ...

Peeps, I have an inexplicable hankerin' to load up a bowl with raw veggies and frozen shavings of meat, prepared with my selection of sauce, in the authentic and time-honored Mongolian manner; that is, by having my food dumped on a hot, flat grill and shoved around by sweaty men wielding large spatulae.

Are there any other Mongo grill establishments in Portland besides the Chang's chain? Where dey at, and are they better than Chang's?

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Is it possible to get an E-Collar without a vet check up? My cat over grooms her butt in times of stress and right now, at the base of her tail, she's raw and bald. An e-collar would get her to leave it alone and that's all I need. Can I get one at any vet clinic or will they demand to check her out and charge me up the wazoo for a problem I already understand?

best prices on contacts

I need to get a couple more boxes of contacts.  I don't want to deal with getting an eye exam right now, I just want more of the same lenses.  I know about 1-800-CONTACTS, but is there anyone else who might have better prices?  Local or internet, I don't care.
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Someone posted here the other day looking for ways to volunteer during the holiday season. If you want to join a group together or just volunteer solo you might want to check out Volunteer Match. It's a non-profit that links up other non-profits with volunteers. I've volunteered through them before and it's great. You can pick what kind of work you'd like to do based on your skills (everything from designing websites, helping pack medical kits, coaching kids, caring for horses to planting trees). Remember it's not just the holidays when people need help - maybe make a New Year's resolution to volunteer 3 or 4 times a year. It's very satisfying and you wind up meeting a lot of cool people in the process.

Fundraising ideas??

This is damnportlanders related because I'm seeking your advice for fundraising ideas around Portland! Now that the holidays are coming up, do any of you have any fundraising ideas that I can participate in for raising money for my non-profit organization? I am going to sign up to gift wrap at some bookstores and selling some of my mom's delicious pies, but I need more inspiration. please help?

Your Band Sucks!

I was listening to the radio today (The Rick Emerson Show) and one of the people on the show, Sarah X. Dylan, mentioned she went to the Walkmen show at the Doug Fir last night and was pissed that they didn't play their biggest hit despite the audience asking to hear it.  I wasn't at the show but it got me to thinking about shows in the past where the band did indeed omit playing their most popular songs.  I guess the bands do get tired of playing certain tunes but at the same time, their fans want to hear them and sometimes the only reason they go to see a certain band is to hear certain songs.  Older bands with a long  back catalog of material like the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, or U2 can get away not playing all the hits but newer bands with just a couple albums don't have that luxury.  If they want to keep their fans, they should do their best to not alienate them.  So has anyone out there been to a concert and walked away disappointed by either a poor set list or performance?  Even more so, did that concert make you never want to see the band again?   
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Hot Balls?

What do you all know about Salvador Molly's on 23rd and Belmont and some sort of hot balls challenge? I wanna do it. I can't find anything about it anywhere. I know you have to eat a certain amount and then you get your picture on the me.

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Almost immediately after I whined about my job search earlier this month, the number of job postings on craigslist decreased significantly. Has anyone else noticed? Does anyone know why?

Oh, and to make this post more "Portland": Where can a girl go to find the best crispy chicken salad in the city?
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Time to move on & I need your help.

How do I go about establishing residency here in Oregon? I went to the State of Oregon website and it says I have to have proof that I've been here for 6 monthes. Well I've been staying in Portland since February, but I haven't had to pay rent or any of that good stuff. Do I have to wait until I'm actually renting and have another 6 monthes go by? Also, I'm buying a cheap-o used car this weekend. My guess is that I'll have to get it registered. On the website it says I have to be a resident to do that. I'm sooooooooooo very confused. I'm sure there is something I'm missing, or read wrong, and you folks will have these answers for me. 

Also, how does one go about getting a divorce? I got married up in Vancouver, so it probably won't be exactly the same. Do I just go to the courthouse and fill out some papers or what? I don't need a lawyer or anything like that.

And on a less serious note:

Imagine that you used to be in a famous band back in the day, and now you're just an older man/woman trying to go about your daily life.
You're driving in your car alone, listening to the radio and you hear you're bands #1 single come on do you A)Turn it up and rock out, B)Quietly listen, C)Change the station or D) you tell me.

I was thinking about this today as I was listening to some Simon & Garfunkel.....yeah.

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Have/do any of you administer your cat or dog vaccines yourselves? I know you can buy the shots at a pharmacy or online. The thing is, one of my cats has never actually had his shots before and usually they are done at 8 weeks with a follow up injection a few weeks later. If he's an adult now, should I just administer the shot one time, similar to giving an annual booster? Or do I have to do it as if he were still a kitten and do it twice?

Vets cost too much. Jesus. I'm taking him in tomorrow to get him put on anti-anixety medication before he completely destroys my apartment. I know they'll require a urinalysis and probably tell me he also needs to get his shots before they'll prescribe the wonder drugs...but I am at my wit's end with his hurricane of destruction.

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Sailor Jerry/Ed Hardy Chucks?

I was at the mall about three months ago and I saw Ed Hardy Chuck Taylors and nearly shit myself in excitement. However, did not have enough money to buy them. Le sad.

And then I was at Fred Meyer's three weeks ago and saw a pair of Sailor Jerry high top Chucks. But they were on the sale rack, and I knew they would not be there in time for someone to get them for me for my birthday. Which is tomorrow.

My boyfriend, being the lovely man that he is, said that he would try to get me a pair for my birthday, so yesterday we went back to the Freddie's and they didn't have them. Yeah, I know, big surprise, something on the sale rack not being there three weeks later. I'm not dumb.

So we went back to the mall to see if they still had any Ed Hardy Chucks there, and they didn't. The salesgirl didn't even know what I was talking about. She pointed us towards the Ed Hardy Vans that they now had, but I did not want because I wanted Chucks. High tops, specifically. And the Vans were eighty dollars. Holy shit.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find Ed Hardy/Sailor Jerry high top Chucks? I've been dreaming about owning a pair since my eyes first saw them. I. Need. Them.

And my boyfriend's beating himself up over not being able to get them for me. I can't stand his puppy dog face anymore. Help?

Looking for pens

I had this Zebra pen/pencil combo that I loved, but I just broke it. It's made in Japan and looks like it would only be available in Japanese stores. Now, I got it at Kinokuniya in Seattle, and I know there's one in Beaverton. However I don't want to go to Beaverton to get another one, so does anyone know where I could find one of these?

Stuck at the Square.

So I have some stupid Black Friday mandatory meeting tomorrow near Washington Square at SEVEN AM, but I dont work until NOON that day. Any interesting hang out spots near that area where I can fry my brain on caffeine or something?

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I've got an issue that I need help with.
I've been trying to find the Shaun of the Dead graphoc novel for a bit, and am hitting a snag.
I can find the movie one just fine, but there is another one that had the back stories of other characters (like Mary the cashier zombie that winds up in Shaun and Ed's backyard) that I can't find because I don't remember the title.
Does anyone know the title of it, so I can at least have that to start with

2/br -Inner NE Portland available 1-1-07

I'm looking for someone to take over my lease. I'm leaving at the beginning of January and will be out of the country for a year. The lease is up in August, then it's up to you if you'd like to stay or not.

Two bedroom
Hardwood floors (newly done, really nice)
Non-white walls! *YAY* Beige with a greenish hue.
French doors to front door entry
Claw-foot bathtub
100 year old charm
Free WiFi
Directly above Bridges Cafe on MLK/Knott.
(you can go downstairs in your pj's and get coffee, kid you not, they will serve you!!)

You pay for gas and electric.
Cable accessible/ready

Great location - easy bus access - close in.


Landlord is cool - but he will run a credit check (fee).

If interested - email me

Paved and Confused

Okay.  I have to bring up Chavez again.  Actually, it's more about Rosa Parks Way.  While this Chavez street name change debacle seemed to happen suddenly, it seems like the same thing happened with Portland Boulevard turning into Rosa Parks Way.  That seemed to have changed out of the blue. What happened there?  Why was there no fuss there or did the public even have a say in the matter?   Was there really a need for a Caesar Chavez street outside of California or a Rosa Parks street outside of Alabama?  I still think there's a better way of honoring these historic figures than with a lousy street, especially one in a state neither one laid a foot in.  How about a statue or a park (or a statue IN a park)?