November 15th, 2007


Trivia tonight at Zach's Shack

Hey all,

I hosted Trivia tonight at Zach's Shack on East Hawthorne. I came up with 40 questions, 4 categories of 10 each.
The general consensus was that my questions were too hard. I, of course, didn't feel that way.
I'd love to hear your impressions.
The answers are where you'd expect them, below the questions, but they're white, so they need to be highlighted to be read.

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Bloody Marys!

I am hatching plots for my roommate's birthday, and she has expressed a wish for an awesome Bloody Mary breakfast followed by (maybe) movies with beer and/or generally fun drinking related activities. Basically a full but relaxing day of drinking while doing other stuff. Emphasis on the drinking ;)

We're unsure of where to do this- the general idea right now is to get day passes for the bus and sort of swoop around with out of town guests. (Out of town guests is code for "not too confusing in case we all get drunk and lost and separated from each other.)

So the question: Where is an AWESOME Bloody Mary breakfast? We're talking the whole deal- cheap, full breakfast with "happy hour" type drink prices, going from 7 until noon, close to a bus (we're in SE and have easy access to the 9, 4, 14, 75), and DELICIOUS.

Thank you DP :)

EDIT: From the responses, I have determined that a reconnaissance of each mentioned place is in order, so if you're out and about and you see a girl with a big notebook and a graph and a pencil looking pensive while tasting Bloody Marys and fried food (and of course making notes), and bugging the servers with lame questions like "how early do you open?", that's me doing my research ;) Thanks all!

Did NSA Put a Secret Backdoor in New Encryption Standard?

(this is for others in portland using encryption.... if this does not apply to you, please tell the rest of the herd ahead of you "the last step is a dooooooozie!")

Commentary by Bruce Schneier

Random numbers are critical for cryptography: for encryption keys,
random authentication challenges, initialization vectors, nonces,
key-agreement schemes, generating prime numbers and so on. Break the
random-number generator, and most of the time you break the entire
security system. Which is why you should worry about a new random-number
standard that includes an algorithm that is slow, badly designed and
just might contain a backdoor for the National Security Agency.
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Worky Work!

Completely DP related!

In Wii Sports, does anyone know the highest level the tennis players can reach with their points?

I'm currently battling two players (who do not change, unless I lose) at 1900 and 2000 pro level. They've been there for a while and I'm wondering if that's the max. Google-fu = not so good. =(

In other video game news, Super Mario Galaxy is awesome. If you have a Wii, go and get it! =)

Also, friend mii if you'd like. Comments screened in case you're worried about others finding your code. =)
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I've started calling Fred Meyer "the Frederick Meyer." Where my roommate says, "I'm going to Freddy's," I say, "I'm going to the Frederick Meyer."


But Roomie #2 is using it, and I've almost got Roomie #1's boyfriend on board. I think everyone in this community should start calling it "the Frederick Meyer," in the hopes that someday Roomie #1 will overhear someone calling it that and FLIP OUT. Please join me.

(ALSO - I bought whatever metallic-looking "travel mug" they have at Frederick Meyer for $8, and like, two weeks later, it's leaking, what the fuck? Where should I get something to keep my coffee warm that WON'T SPILL ALL OVER ME ON THE BUS?)
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Donating your old computer/computer accessories!

So, first there was this:
which is a story about how our E-Waste (ie, computer and electronics parts) are being smuggled into China in order to sit in huge, earth-and-human-poisoning piles of hell, seeping lead and other chemicals into the earth and people's water and food....and then...there's this:
which is a call for used, functioning computers and computer accessories for a Refugee Resource Center for Iraqi refugees in Jordan. Also, in the left-hand sidebar on that page, there is a link for donating similar items to projects in African countries.

Maybe not a perfect match-up of problem/solution, but it's something good to be aware of! Portland-related because (oh wait, yeah, we're not doing that anymore...) ;)

P.S. I think Free Geek is also taking donations for the Refugee Center.

Why Chavez?

Most of us here have heard about the whole Interstate Ave. Caesar Chavez debacle.  Now there is talk of changing SW 4th Ave. in downtown to the aforementioned Chavez.  What I want to know is why is this even being considered?  I know that Caesar was an important figure for Hispanics and the whole labor movement but why is it that he needs to be honored here in Portland with a street?  Is there even a connection between him and this city?  Was he ever here?  If people really are in such dire need to change the names of the roads they travel on, why not honor someone who has a connection to Portland be it an historic figure from the city's history or something Portland or Northwest centric like an animal or plant?  While I'm on the subject, did any of the other significant figures that have streets named after them like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King ever visit Portland?  I can think of much better ways to honor these historic figures, including Chavez,  then with a piece of pavement. 
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DP now has a ... wait for it... #damnportlanders irc channel on efnet. Those of you who're familiar with IRC will already know how to get there. Those of you who aren't, hopefully we'll have a quick how-to available in the comments here shortly.

We love you all, and want you to join the technocratic elite that used to be IRC. Now you can be all (whatevercoloryouwant) and nerdy, too.
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The joy and pain of breakfast

My lovely girlfriend and I often go to breakfast together, as we have schedules that allow us to do stuff in the mornings but not much else. I wanted to relate a couple of recent breakfast tales and then ask you for some info.

First: If you're ever hanging out on Alberta on a weekend and don't want to wait 3957 hours to get into the Tin Shed, head down the street to Francis Restaurant on NE 24th and Alberta. Everything was perfectly cooked, reasonably priced, and beautifully prepared. Awesome.

Second: After waiting outside of Violet's Cafe, on Sandy Blvd and NE Sacramento, and having someone ask me "have you been here since they changed owners?," and deciding not to wait, then going back this morning for breakfast, I'm here to tell you that for ownership reasons or whatever else, they've dropped into mediocrity. What a drag... I really liked them when they were good!

So, now, my question: What are your favorite eastside breakfast spots that serve past 11 AM? If we go there, what should we have? Vegan to carnivorous, dirt cheap to spendy -- where do you go eat in the morning?

PS - Do not suggest Frederick Meyer. :)
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Green Goodies

6th Annual
Give Green! Holiday Food & Gift Fair
Presented by The ReDirect Guide
Saturday, November 17 - 12 noon to 8 PM
Sunday, November 18 - 12 noon to 7 PM
Doubletree Lloyd Center Located steps from Lloyd Center Mall.
Portland, OR
Join us this weekend at Give Green, a festive holiday cornucopia of healthy and sustainable food, gifts and art, libations and music vibrations.
Show highlights include:

Delicious Food Demonstrations - Looking to prepare a healthy, nutritious, and sustainable holiday meal? Look no further. We have scheduled a broad lineup of delicious cooking demonstrations that will be given by local chefs and culinary artists.

60+ Exhibitors offering a broad variety of purposeful purchases for the holiday season. Everything from organic chocolate, wine, eco-fashion, natural health and wellness choices, green gifts, fair-trade imports and much more!

Organic Beer & Wine Garden – Food and beverage vendors featuring organic and locally grown foods. Featuring organic beer from Roots Brewing.

Live Music - While you enjoy organic food and drink, enjoy a variety of live music from past, present and around the world!

Recycled Art Show – admire incredible works made from an amazing variety of recycled or reclaimed materials hand-crafted by talented local artisans.
and more....

Suggested $3 donation per adult
Kids under 12 free.
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Comfy cozy coffee shops

Hi there. So, I'm in SE, close to Milwaukie and Powell, and have pretty much kept most of my coffee shop exploring very local (within walking distance), ie: True Brew, the weird wood cafe (Fireside) and Tiny's on Hawthorne. I like them alright, but I'm sick of them and curious to see where other folks like hanging out. I prefer the cozy places with wifi - SE would be good, but it's not necessary.

So, where's your favorite coffee hang-out?

Thank you! :-)

and on day three...

today is thursday, i think, which makes it day three of being laid up in bed post surgery.

the (wonderful) pain killers are losing their charm. i'm tired of reading. even TV with on demand is getting old. and i couldn't find disc one of heroes anywhere!!!

does anyone have some suggestions for how i can pass the time?

i pretty much need help doing anything that involves getting up or sitting up, but other than that, i'm pretty lucid. and i'm bored. and i'm not allowed to go back to work till tuesday. (i even called today to try to see if he would let me go, just for the sake of going.) stupid over understanding bosses and strict doctors...

send me to fun websites. suggest a new tv show i can peruse online. freakin' anything!!

thanks! :-)
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Delicious and healthy brunch at Isabel restaurant in the Pearl District. Although their website is incomplete, their jalapeno and salsa power scramble is delicious. Very vegan-friendly as well (*drinks*).

2. Being assigned an employer-provided, free bicycle locker in the parking garage of my office building. Having a covered storage space for my wheels is somewhat akin to having a VIP parking space in the workplace. Thank goodness for employers who promote these kinds of amenities for two-wheeled commuters.

3. The Traffic Rally (mentioned earlier in the week by the awesome pandorasrocks) this weekend. As a responsible, concerned pedestrian/bicyclist/driver, I feel very compelled to attend the rally on Saturday.

4. The 6th Annual Give Green Holiday Food & Gift Fair at the Doubletree Hotel Lloyd Center this Saturday and Sunday. Although I have never attended this event in the past, this sounds very promising, especially with the holiday season coming up. The organic beer and wine garden sounds good too!

5. The Second Anniversary Celebration at Foster & Dobbs this Saturday, with plenty of food sampling. They have a pretty good selection of cheese and yummy chocolates!

6. Holy wow. Even more fun stuff to do over the weekend. I got invited to attend the Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show on Saturday evening, and even though the event seems on the pricey side, I am excited about this.
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No burrito for me.

So it seems Laughing Planet does not do Mondo sized burritos anymore and they only offer the regular size... which I believe, but am not sure of, has shrunk in size. They still charge you the same price though. just spreading the word.
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One Laptop Per Child? Cool idea, anyone interested in joining forces?

Hi Computer Addicts!

I was just looking online for ways to give gifts that are more socially conscious, and I was reminded of this project, One Laptop Per Child (they give inexpensive, open source based computers to kids in developing countries to use for learning tools in the classroom). I figured, we are a community, and we could potentially all afford to join forces and pay a lesser amount (each) to donate a few laptops during the holiday season. I'm willing to organize this if I have enough interest.

I propose doing the Give One Get One idea ( ) with donations from you peeps at a $10 'raffle ticket', with a drawing for the laptop(s) that come to the US (That would be one for every 40 tickets).

Whoever receives the US bound laptop can either give it to a child they know, donate it to a local children's org, or use it themselves for taking notes in class, etc.

I'm totally open to the idea of simply donating to this org, but I figured that with this scheme you get a laptop and they get the power of viral marketing ("Hey, where did you get that crazy green laptop?"), plus the child gets to hear the story of how a rural African child is using the same laptop that they are.

The deadline for doing it the "Give One Get One" way is November 26, which I think is Sunday of Turkey day weekend.

Drop me a line if you'd be interested and I will update the group if we have enough interest.

laptops4kids @

Feel free to forward.

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Kim's Tae Kwon Do

So I've had the idea rattling around in my head to singn up for Tae Kwon Do. There is a neat studio near where I live on Tacoma and 13th here in Sellwood. Has anyone been there? Is it good? Did you have fun, learn alot?

History: I suck at most things physical since I am a girl who spends most of her time at work in front of a computer, not fat but not buff in any way...and tend to be more clumsy than swift. :P

Anyway, just looking around for more info before I sign up and have to pay lots of money.
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