November 14th, 2007


Screenprinting and re-meshing

I do some screenprinting and I have around 10 wooden frames that need to be re-meshed. The only guy I know who does it usually charges around $20 per screen which is almost as much as new screens. They had a re-meshing setup at the Art Institute, but my friend that was going to hook me up stopped attending. Any leads?
Xmas Socks

Would You Rather Wednesday!

Poll #1088572 Would You Rather?

Would You Rather

Have your own personal announcer that narrates out loud for all to hear every sexual thing you do when with a partner?
Be forced to always tell the truth to your significant other?

Things to consider: "He's going for her bra strap, he's got one hook undone, now the next..." "She leans in for a kiss and he turns his face away. DENIED!" "Honey, what do you think of this outfit? Does it make me look fat?"

ETA: You would have to compulsively tell the truth, if the thought popped into your head in regards to your SO, you would tell them. No matter if they explicitly asked or if you thought of it on your own.

rant of sorts

So last night I went to see Sean Hayes at the Doug Fir with my g/f and a friend.  I hate to admit this was my first time at the Doug Fir. A very cool place indeed...though they did not have enough seating, IMO. BUT a cool venue nonetheless. And it seemed to be a good turnout.

Anyway, yeah, so we each paid $10 to see the show. And lots of other folks did too.

So almighty DP'ers, please tell me...WHY do people pay to see an artist and then TALK THROUGH THE ENTIRE SHOW?

It doesn't help that it was a folk/rocky type of show...SO yes, YOU TALKERS, we can all hear your conversations about how many beers you already had or what class you have to get up early for or how your girlfriend cheated on you last summer or how last weekend you had some intellectual debate about which is the best kind of tempeh to use for stir fry.

Please OH PLEASE, if you need to talk, whisper, or GO OUTSIDE or better yet choose to stay at home and let us who also paid (did you pay to hear yourself talk?) to see and hear one of our favorite artists ...ENJOY the show.

That is all.

/= end rant 
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A Passion For Sustainability

Sorry if this has already been posted. It was sent to me in my work email, and I thought some people here would be interested in seeing it.
According to SustainLane.US City Rankings, Portland, Oregon is The Most Sustainable City in the United States. But what makes Portland more sustainable than other US cities? Part of the answer may be found in Landfall Productions' new documentary, "A Passion for Sustainability," which is calendared to premiere at The Hollywood Theater on Wednesday, November 14th at 7 pm. This screening is open to the public. Cost is $5.

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So I just wrote a super nerdy post in my journal about really dumb nerdy names I could potentially name my children, and that got me wondering...

Have any of you guys met / had children and given them SUPER nerdy names?

Like, a friend of ours from church named her daughter Trinity (and no, it wasn't a church-reference) and I once met a girl named after a Star Trek character (She wasn't named "Janeway" but I remember it starting with a "J"...)

Would you give your children nerdy names? I probably will (when I have kids), but what's your opinon / horror stories?

Seasonal yumminess!

There was a post a few weeks ago, that I'm failing to find, mentioning where to find Mcvities. Could anyone point me in the right direction of finding some of my fav german and brit foods like:

Lebkuchen (german xmas gingerbready cookies)
Mince Pies
Gluhwein (homemade perhaps?)
those alcoholic chocolate covered cherries
Plum Pudding

Fry's Turkish Delight
Cadbury Fuse and Buttons
Fanta and MezzoMix
Lemon Squash
Haribo Weingummi's
Walkers Crisps
Aero bars

I'll kiss anyone who can find me those chocolate-covered banane gels.

I know I can order some of this stuff online. But i want it *now* and without shipping.
These are also items that i generally can't find at places like Cost Plus.

(no subject)

hey i'm from Southern California and i'm thinking about moving to Portland.  i really wanna live in the Pearl district or Alberta Street area b/c i really liked it when i visited. And i want to find work at a coffee shop -- preferably local
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Recommended Computer Doctor?

I posted here recently about some computer problems and it turned out that my laptop was overheating. I bought some compressed air and it seemed to solve the problem.

I now have a new problem. Long story short, my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1000, 3 years old) is still overheating and I no longer hear the fan. I think it may be broken. The air fixed the issue of the CPU going to 100% all the time but in the past few days, I stopped noticing the fan at all and last night, my computer shut off on its own 3 times - presumably from overheating.

I got some more compressed air but I don't feel comfortable enough to take apart my laptop and clean it out (assuming dust is stick inside) or to even check on the fan. I unscrewed half of it and chickened out.

I have an important paper due next week so I really need my computer to get it done. Can anyone suggest a place to take it that:

A) Could fix the fan/replace the fan/clean it tomorrow without me having to leave it?
B) Won't charge me much because I'm a poor college student and I have almost no money to spare?


(no subject)

I'm just curious if there's a damnportlanders IRC room or something like that. Seems like whenever 3am rolls around I have nobody to talk to and nothing to do in town. The only late night things I know of are rolling up to the Pharmacy Cafe, the Roxy, or that odd wood cafe (Fireside?). Bothering strangers online seems like the next best alternative.