November 13th, 2007

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Besides damnportlanders, what are your favorite websites or blogs to browse aimlessly when you're bored/supposed to be working/can't sleep?

Mine are,, and

But I could use some new material. I spend an almost alarming amount of time e-browsing on my phone >:( Nothing that requires flash, doesn't work on my phone :(

Not portland related at all, but I thought there might be some good suggestions on here...

Edit: Thanks for the ideas guys! Except for the boobah one :O!
little blue dog


On my morning commute today, I was happily reminded that one of my favorite parts of fall, along with crisp mornings, crunchy leaves, and lazy weekend afternoons perfect for kicking back in a favorite chair with a cuppa joe and a good book ...

... is when you all decide it's time to bring out the skirts and boots.


It's just wonderful. Please do it more. And thank you, thank you, thank you.

ETA: We're talkin this kinda action right here ... not this action.
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Thanksgiving and Collisions

This is NOT my day... between getting the dreaded "your student loan payments start next month" email and hearing my boss' house was robbed, I was on my way to work and in the hustle and bustle of heading to the bus stop in a hurry, with slightly frosty windows and fog, I made an idiot move and hit the corner of a parked car with my car. I'm so mad at myself, never done anything like this before... and obviously it's my fault, but the reason I believe it happened is because they parked right up by the stop sign. You can't stop at the stop sign properly unless you swerve around their car, and I was all in a hurry and rolling down my windows to see and I thought you weren't supposed to park within 10 feet of a stop sign, so I wasn't exactly expecting a car there.... I left them a note with my info, my car got 99% of the damage, but do I have ANY recourse? I told my insurance company about how they were parked and I know that it's STILL ultimately my fault, but if I were them I would not park there because I can see this happening again (to someone else)...

Anyway on an entirely different note, I was asked to bring something to Thanksgiving, ANYTHING I want.. I kinda wanna bring something vegan... or at least vegetarian.... hahahha. or at least I was thinking something unique, maybe a Lebanese sampler platter (tabouli, hummus, falafel, etc...). Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks for your input.. hope you guys are having a better day than I am.

kid friendly free tours

heyyy! i'm looking for kid friendly free tours at cool, fun places.
fire department?
waste treatment plant? (umm, it could be fun...)
candy/juice/toy factory?
microbreweries? (JUST KIDDING.)

please no hyper commercialish stuff. thanks! <3

Soup kitchens to volunteer with on Thanksgiving??

I want to volunteer somewhere on Thanksgiving. My mom organized the first Thanksgiving Dinner at my local church back in NY when I was real young - so our Thanksgivings were spent working at the free dinner decorating, serving food and cleaning up. I don't think I truley appreciated it until losing my mom and not working at the church anymore. The last 4 Thanksgiving's have just felt weird without it. My second Thanksgiving here in Portland, I've decided I want to volunteer. I've been looking all over for places to work, but everything is filled to capacity for volunteers. any ideas on places I should try?
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windows 2003 server


I need to ask a favor - I'm a web designer and need to test out a client's site on a Window 2003 server. I usually work in Unix, so I don't usually work in Windows, nor have access to a server.

If you have FTP access and could give me a little bit of space (15MB) for the 2-3 months, I'll pay for the space. I would really appreciate it!!


restaurant downtown?

A friend and I are going to see Johnette Napolitano at Berbati's Pan this Friday night. We're looking for somewhere fairly inexpensive and close by to have dinner. The only places I can think of in that general area are Rock Bottom and Mamma Mia, both of which are not that inexpensive. Does anyone know of some good, fairly cheap places in that vicinity? Thanks, Merci!
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Anybody know what the problem was on the Ross Island Bridge today? I was stranded on the 9 for literally a fuggin' hour between PSU and the on-ramp. All we heard from the bus driver was that something was "stalled".

EDIT: "Due to a stalled car on the Ross Island Bridge, bus lines 9-Powell, 17-Holgate and 19-Woodstock are delayed up to an hour. These buses are detouring over the Hawthorne Bridge." Never mind, thanks!
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Leisurely Bike Tours?


I'm planning a weekend excursion to your fab city this weekend. I'd like to know if there is a place where I can sign-up for a 'less than three hour guided biking tour' around the city (as well as rent a bicycle)? Thus far, my Web search has only turned up multiple-day tours along the coast and also 'do it yourself' tours with mapguide in hand. This is all good, however my time is limited and it's been a while since my last visit so I don't know the city streets well-enough.

Any info or suggestions would be much appreciated.


I noticed someone selling one ticket to the Cold.War.Kids show... anyone have two tickets they'd like to sell?

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