November 11th, 2007

congee hanzi

recycle den

I've ridden by this place many times but, until today, never bothered to notice it.

Their little shop was hoppin' this afternoon- people were buying scrap metal, wood, fabric, old National Geographics, whatever. If you're getting rid of a pile of old stuff and thinking, "Jeez, somebody somewhere could probably use this for something," consider donating it to Scrap instead of trashing it!

Oof, 3:00am. Should have posted this before I went out tonight, not after.

What's Going On?

Does anybody know what the deal is over on NE Sandy from around 39th-ish all the way up into the early 50 blocks?  This morning when I was over there around 9:30 or so the whole street was blocked and there were police at every intersection to prevent anyone from going through.  When I finally made it up far enough to cross there were more police walking around all the neighborhoods.

I scoured the news websites and google, but came up pretty empty handed.  So, fellow DPers, what's up?
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Have asthma? Want $15?

Do you have asthma?

Would you like a $15 Amazon gift card for participating in an hour-long online focus group next week?

If so, leave me a comment and I'll hook you up with the information!

Okay, so I have had a great response. I am going to close up the offer for now, but will probably post again in the future if we need more focus group members for other health issues!
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poster help?

anyone know if the poster place at the Skidmore Fountain building would have this? of any other poster place in town? and if not, maybe where I could find it online?

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poor half elf!

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we found these two sweet and social pit bulls wondering around mississippi avenue with collars, no tags. the female is white with black markings, the make is tan with white markings. my housemate already has a pit bull, so we're taking good care of these two, but we can't keep them.

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they got out of a yard this morning and are gone. the things we used to barricade our fence to keep them in got blown away in last night's wind. if you see them out and about, please take them in!
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British food?

I remember seeing a post about where to find British snacks in Portland recently, but I couldn't find the post after wading through the past month's entries. I'm blind or something.

Can someone either link me to the post that I'm thinking of OR give some places to check out? I was going to looking at World Market tomorrow.

I've been hearing about Jaffa Cakes and Vimto from friends and wanted to give them a try...

Thanks. :)

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Best cheap sushi in Portland that will be open tomorrow? Preferably in SW around Voodo Doughnuts (dessert, yum!), but I'm willing to go across the river for it.

Please, no more Sushiland. I've been there so many times, I'd like to try some place new.
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Comic Con Yo!

Anyone go to the comic book show today?  Just curious as to what you thought.  The highlight for me was the woman with the very short shorts with the Star Wars shirt.  Fingers crossed that she was legal.  ;O  Seriously though.  Decent show but it was the first time in as long as I can remember that neither the bootleg video guys or the Asian anime ladies were there.  I was in need of some poorly recorded cartoons and obscure Japanese manga and was disappointed that I got none of them. At least they had an interesting comic writers panel.  More of that please.  Okay,  Enough geekgasms from me.  No wonder I'm still single and lonely.  :(
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