November 10th, 2007

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Non-idiot parenting communities on LJ?

I know that this is most likely a futile hunt, but I'm asking anyway... are there any readable parenting communities on LJ?

They all seem to be full of hysterical brand new parents who are either seeking basic information (OMG, my baby poops all the time, should I use diapers? What do I DO?), "alternative" parents doing the same thing (OMG, my baby, who is pierced and tattooed, poops all the time! What do I do?), or haven't been updated in a really long time (What kind of impact do you think the Nixon administration is going to have on our kids as they grow?).

My kids are 8 and 11. I found one "older kids" community, but it was stocked with prudish, uptight morons for the most part ("I would never let my impressionable 11-year-old go see Avril Lavigne... what if Avril swears or shows some cleavage?" and "kids should not have cell phones until they are old enough to drive. I never had one and I made it okay."). What I don't need is to witness mobs of dead-certain, self-righteous parents. There are enough of those everywhere else.

I know about portland_parent, which in fact counts some of my favorite parents among its members, but it is very small and mostly inactive and no, I don't have the time or energy to revive it or get others to join.

If such a community doesn't exist on LJ, what about elsewhere on the vast reaches of the internet?


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Hats off..

I just got back from a fantastic 22 mile bike ride and wanted to share this tidbit of appreciation with you all.

I am not being sarcastic at all when I say this: Great job Portland weathermen! Another flawless forecast. You were spot-on about "the rain machine is firing up again" for today. The grey is so gloomy that it actually appears blue, and the downpour is so ruthless that it has morphed into sunlight. It's like a million tsunamis wrapped into one ruthless storm. This must be what the eye of Jupiter is like.

I also love how you weathermen update your "weather blogs" when you realize your "predictions" were way off and put the blame on the weather. No, the weather didn't fuck up. You did.

The weather guy from Anchorman could do a better job than the weathermen here.


Anyone know how much a doctor visit would cost if say, I wanted to get a prescription for chantix?
I am going to see if the free clinic I go to is allowed to prescribe it, but I doubt it. I do not have insurance. So how much would that run me? I know the prescription is about $116. Also, any recommendations?

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Allright! I need some advice campers!

My sister and a bunch of her friends came into town last night. We started our night at the montage, wound up being there forever cause of the long wait, and got thuroughly smashed on ross islands. It was a grand time.

So here's the deal, I've got a group of about 8 people, all looking for somewhere to go. We're not really rockers or anything, so shows are out, not to mention my sister is in a wheel chair so rambuncious crowds and seedy venues are out. Where would you guys recommend going, that's got a decent feel going on, maybe some pool tables, and enough clear space for a girl in a wheel chair to get around in? Stairs into the venue is no big deal, but shitty small stairs that wrap around would be a big deal... not that I know of any venues with those but who knows.

So, drop some knowledge, please :)
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Are any of you Glass Blowers?

 Hey gang...

Do any of you know any glass blowers?

OR...are any of you glass blowers?

I'd really like to photograph some of you at work if that's cool...I think it would be a great addition to my portfolio. 

I'll buy lunch or dinner as compensation, plus give you a good sized print of the final piece [probably around 17x14 or so].

I've also thought about photographing welders, artistic painters, writers, and macine workers in their environments or when they are creating, so if you know/are any of these...I'd love to talk to you also. It wouldn't take much time, maybe an hour or so to fire off a few frames.


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Not to add to the fray but...

To the driver that nearly T-boned me while I was riding by bike about five minutes ago,

I'm sorry my obnoxiously blinking triple LED bike light didnt alert you to my presence after another car clearly slowed down and took extra precautions before making their turn. I'm also sorry I didnt yell at your in an obscene fashion, like you yelled at me. I also appreciate your not stopping to apologize or see if perhaps I might have skidded out, which I almost did.

If you read this, just know that I hate you inside, and your future alertness will be greatly appreciated.
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Bike for Sale...

 So I'll be posting this on CL soon, but wanted to give any of you the first shot at it...

It's my brothers NRS2 -Giant_ mountain bike...

He bought a new one which has a better frame for what he does. He's taken this one on 25' drops...

I don't know what all the specs are as my mountain biking is regulated to light trails, not the stuff he does or the stuff you might see on ESPN2.

he told me what he paid for it and what I should ask, but I'm going to go with Best Offer...

Pics are behind the cut.

It's got the specialized disc brakes, suspension...etc. Way too much for me, but maybe not for you!

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