November 9th, 2007


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anyone know the story about the little black and white kitty that apparently got run over
on the westbound I-84 about 10:30 yesterday morning? it was on the side of the road, but still alive.
a car was parked in the breakdown lane a couple of hundred feet past it
and a woman was walking huriedly back toward the little thing.
traffic was backed up, of course.
just wondering if anyone knows anything.

it was quite upsetting.

from what i saw, i don't think it made it.
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 I'm going new car shopping tomorrow. My intention is to buy a new/new used car. I'm looking for good Honda Dealership recommendations and ones to avoid as well. Thanks, dp'ers.


Someone posted a while ago looking for a copy of the Willy Week's Finder. I said I had one and then I never got back to you. While cleaning out my apartment this week, I found it.
If you still need it, it's yours.

come live with us!

HEY! i just found out that one of my dear, dear roomies is leaving at the end of the month! i'm going to miss her so so so. =[

but this is good news for you, because my house is really cool, less than a block from alberta, and the rent is only $200!

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Help me find a flight?

Does anyone have a favorite cheap-flight website/service that they use?  I found a lovely cheap one-way to visit my parents over the Xmastime, but as of yet I don't have anything set to get back.  And I really don't want to resettle in Southern Illinois; I've grown somewhat attached to Portland.
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a special kind of hell

I know how cliched and awful this sounds but i have fallen in love.......  with a man who is married to someone else.  nothing has happened although if we continue to hang out i am afraid it will. he reciprocates feelings i want to give him a sort of ultimatum  and trust me i wish that it was not this way.  i feel like i have met my soul mate and would be willing to wait for him..  i have already beaten myself up over this i wish i could walk away from the situation.
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A few days ago there was a posting about gaming...

And it got me to thinking, and missing playing in a deep sci-fi game...

Is there anyone running a FARSCAPE or STAR WARS [The West End Games D6 version], or any other sci-fi game for that matter, that wouldn't mind someone joining in on it?


Portlandia 3

A question

I have wondered something for a long time and I am hoping that you, O great and knowledgeable Portlanders, know the answer:

Why do some people friend themselves on LJ?
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I'm moving!

I have finally found a new, and affordable, apartment. yay. so, now i need to move all of my stuff about a mile west. Since this is really bad timing, I can only move during the week, which eliminates the help of my brawny male friends (silly people who work and don't get a week long turkey-day break). And I am a very petite girl, with very petite female friends. And very heavy furniture. This is in the downtown Vancouver area.

So my question to you is, are there any cheap moving companies?
All I've priced is $100 an hour. And they charge however long it takes to get from their office to me.

Or, alternatively, are there any strong men for hire (i can't type that without giggling)?
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so, a livewire email warned me that they were almost out of tickets in an email yesterday evening and i thought, "gee, i better get the two i want tomorrow morning!" well, this morning was not quick enough, they have sold out.

anyone got 2 tickets to livewire for tomorrow night that i can buy?
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small claims court

Has anyone else been through the small claims court process before and can offer me some tips? What do I have to prove? What risks am I taking in filing a claim against a (rather large) corporation? (Portland related, because I'm in Portland?)

Does anyone know...

The contact info for the guy who makes the multi-colored glazed pottery at Saturday market? I need to get him to do a custom order for me, and I don't want to go to SM tomorrow unless I have to. Or a web site would be helpful... he doesn't have a link on the SM page
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Folding screens?

I'm looking for a 3- panel screen like the type you'd use to change clothes behind or divide a room.  I know I've seen them in the past at places like World Market and Target, but haven't seen them lately.  Anyone have a suggestion where I might find one?  It doesn't need to be fancy, but vegan is always preferred.


Laser Graffiti

(i know there are alot of kick ass artists in portland, and was curious if any of you would like to do a laser graffiti project with me downtown, this is very early in becoming a reality, i also would like to hear from those who would be pissed at me for scribbling on skyscrapers :P also if anyone could point out any local laws i might break would be great!)

Graffiti Research Labs hacked a projector, a computer, a laser and a wizard to make this video.

due to serious local interest on this project and others like it.... i am going to put together a community for this.... if you would like to be part of this please send me a email to phlashmob @ gmail....

i will put this together on monday, due to a busy weekend.... so dont think i am ignoring you :) this is going to be awesome.... using portland as our canvas!

if you are a activist or interested in this for any other reason than a art project, please go get your own equipment and dont bother sending me mail.... (please dont take that the wrong way)

New in This Neighborhood...

So after living in my car for a few months, last month I finally found a 1-bedroom apartment I could afford, close-in! Yayy! Last month's been hectic, but I want to throw out some general questions about the area I'm now in...
So it's NE MLK and Dekum and I wondered, anyone on DP live around here? Know cool stuff to do (ie, awesome neighbors, divey bars, fun venues, et al?) I'm maybe ten blocks in all away from the Alberta area, which I know passably well (though not personally well). I'm into sustainability and all that shit, as well as punk rock, self-publishing, and beer. So any recommendations would be very much appreciated!

[drink because it's Friday]


all my friends ditched me cause i don't want to go dancing! wtf! and it's made worse by the fact that i've been wanting to go dancing all week... but all i want to do tonight is stay home and watch a movie and cuddle!

if any preferably cute and definitely female people out there want to join me, that'd be really really swell.

i'm 22, and a boy, and i'm really nice and my gramma says i'm cute when i cut my hair short.
(DP never has to know.)

ahh! i just remembered that my TV is broken! okay. well, either i come over to your place or we just tell scary stories.

i don't believe in gravity.

Why do people like these things?

Why are people so obsessed with Dive bars? Is it some sort of white middle class slumming it kinda thing? Feeling like you're one with the proletariat?

I grew up poor. Like trailer park in BFE Iowa poor. I worked shitty manual labor jobs and went to dive bars with my co-workers because we were poor and tired and couldn't afford to go other bars or pay for the cab ride home from going uptown. Now that I'm not poor and tired, I want a nice bar. I want clean glasses, liquor that doesn't come out of a plastic handle. And Pabst can go fuck itself. That shit is nasty and they fucked the unions. And local businesses. But that's a whole other rant.

sow into you!





*screams into the mountains and ice chasms of the east*

Anyone know who delivers any type of Asian food in the close in/Irvington/Lloyd area? Dannybear could use a dinner at work that's tasty and asian. Mmmmm. Let me know if you have any tips. Otherwise why aren't you out drinking yet?


I'm on the bus. On my way home. And just thinking how disappointing it is that I don't have something fun to do tonight. I'm over in se, anyone wanna meet up at The Pub at the End of the Universe for some pool slash beer slash wine? I'll be home in like 20 and thought it'd be fun

Email me gstovall at gmail



Missing Dog

Hello All, 
My sister suggested I post here and I thought it was a great idea. I lost my dog yesterday. He ran away from home which is in Tigard (North of 99W between Hall and Greenberg). He is a shepherd mix, 50+ pounds, black top fur, tan under fur with white patch on his chest. I have posted on about 6 other sites and registered with washington county animal shelter. I am pretty sure he has no collar on (stupid me). But he means a great deal to me and I miss him very much. If you see him please let me know. Thank you kind people of this great city! 
(There is a pic on my user page.)
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Love Hurts

Being single sucks.  It seems where ever I go, there are always people hand in hand in love (or in denial).  So where can a single guy go to find love these days?  I read things where Portland has a lot of singles but it sure doesn't look that way.  Any ideas?
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