November 8th, 2007

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Dear DP:

I just broke up with my boyfriend, and while I'm sort of emotionally flailing about I'm also gathering up the crap I have to give back to him,which isn't actually that much.

I have a very important question, and while I'm trying not to become even more addicted to DP, I've officially reached the point where I can't make a decision on this one and need, seriously, at least one concrete opinion. I don't know why it's so important, but it's staring me in the face, so... yeah.

The question: Awhile ago I ran across a book I knew he would love, so I picked it up and then decided to read it first and give it to him later. I never read it so I thought it might end up being his Christmas present (I'm lazy like that), but now we're not together for Christmas. So I thought I would give it to him with his other crap because he is who it was meant for, and every time I look at it I'll get sad. But do I really want to give a gift to him? (Note I'm carefully not using phrases such as "that jerk who used me and couldn't man up enough to tell me important things but hid them instead". I'm very proud of myself for my restraint. Besides, he's not that bad, so I can't go off and call him terrible things.)

Here's the kicker: The title of the book is The Joke's Over, by Ralph Steadman, and I think it's a nice sort of 1-2 punch: I'm cool enough to give him his present, and it's a snarky comment on the relationship. At the same time, I love books and have a hard time parting with them even when they weren't meant for me.

Thanks. I am going to go mope and check back in a bit.


So, crazy fog yesterday and tonight too.

Something I've always wondered is, does the fog get thick downtown like it does out here in Beaverton? Or does the city have its own microclimate? I think it'd be cool to see downtown blanketed in clouds, but I never have occasion to be in the area when (if) it happens.
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Piano Moving - Second Story ?

Has anyone ever had an upright piano moved to a second story using professional piano movers? (With a full flight of stairs and no elevator.)

How doable is it? How much more does it cost to have it moved to a second story apartment rather than a ground floor apartment or a house with just a few steps out front? How do they do it? How safe is it?

I have a beautiful, vintage piano that isn't easily replaced. So, this is something for me to take into consideration in my current apartment/house-hunting.

Thank you in advance for your responses!
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Bento or similar that will substitute vegetables for rice?

I had a class at the Portland Building on Tuesday- and was very pleasantly surprised to find a bento shop on the premises that allows you an option of steamed cabbage/other vegetables rather than rice if you like to avoid so much starch. It was filling and tasty, and I am wondering if there are any other places that do this. It doesn't have to be bento, just anywhere one can find a quick lunch and get the veggies/protein with minimal hassle. My office is in the Hollywood area, so bonus for that, but my job takes me all over the city, and I'd love a list of places to stop when I'm out and about.

I know Laughing Planet carries this option with tempeh or chicken- I've had this and it's okay, the vegetables were a bit bland but adding hot sauce helped a bit.

Anywhere else? I am looking for places that either list it as a menu item, or the option is either a well-known one or listed on the menu.

Also, on Tuesday, I took my lunch to the Park Blocks- it was a fabulously beautiful day, crisp, clear blue sky, yellow leaves on the trees and on the ground, Portlanders dressed in brown/black going by. Portland is so beautiful. I love our city.

Thank you!
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Travel Questions

Tuesday I'm getting on a big ol' jet airliner (for the first time) and going to Maui. It's a non-stop flight and it leaves at 10:30 am I'm curious what kind of personal tips you can offer. I've read and re-read the TSA site but I want to be sure I can clear security and make it on my plane. Boarding starts 50 min. prior to departure and according to my in-laws Hawaiian Airlines doesn't fuck around when it comes to leaving on time.

Any tips?

Also, has anyone been to Maui? I've got tour books that I've gleaned for all the information possible. There is a car with the condo we're staying in and we're renting a motorcycle for 3 days of our trip. We're already going to Hana and to the top of the volcano.. Any other MUST SEE places or places that serve great food that we shouldn't miss?

Request for weekend trip ideas...during December

Hey all, I have a friend who wants to go on a weekend trip somewhere in Oregon, she prefers cute little relaxing towns, fun Oregon type stuff to do. I need ideas, because the thing is she wants to go during the month of December around xmas time. Got any good getaway ideas for that time of the year? I suggested Timberline but she has been there already....
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Playing with Google Transit

Of course by now, everyone is aware that Google Transit serves Portland. This means it is faster and easier than it was to plan trips on TriMet. It also means it is more fun to find the most ridiculously long and inconvenient trips on transit—perhaps with the aim of identifying gaps in TriMet's service, you might say.

In any case, I would like to see the most long and horrible (or dare I say amazing?) bus trips you can find. I found this 4-transfer monster:

but it can't compare to Collapse ) which I found earlier. I challenge you, Portland, to beat our fair far neighbor to the north!
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Condo Shopping and Downtown Roommates Questions

My new job is next to pioneer courthouse square and would like to drastically reduce my commute time so I have decided to sell my home out in SE Portland and buy a downtown condo while the prices are sane. I will miss the space in my outer SE home, but I find myself out more often then home nowadays anyhow.

I have two questions for DPers with more time downtown then myself.

1. The four areas I have been looking to move to are John’s Landing, Goose Hollow, the south park blocks, and around Harrison and 4th near the street car. What would you say are the pros and cons of each area?

2. I want to buy a two bedroom and rent out the second room, but I am not too familiar with downtown rent prices. What would be a fair price for a room to rent with a shared bathroom in these areas?

Thank you DP. Also, if you want a room downtown and can wait until February give me a reply. It would be nice to have a roommate chosen before I move in.
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Bartending Jobs?


I'm new, very new to Portland (less than 2 weeks). The SO and I picked up and moved here from NYC for a job here.
At any rate, I bartended in NYC in everything from the divey-ist dives on up to incredibly fine dining establishments (ie, have lots of wine knowledge). I took the OLCC class today, and judging by how easy the test was, I'm figuring I'll get my permit.

Do any of you, kind people, know of anyplace hiring- or at least a good place to look for work?

Thank you!
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Going to see Suzanne Vega at the Aladdin Theater this evening! I cannot believe that it has been over 20 years since the notable Solitude Standing album!

2. Receiving compliments about my eyeglasses from the ticket box office person at the Aladdin Theater last Saturday.

3. Discovering a comfortable and cozy coffee house in one of the SoWa (South Waterfront) condominium buildings--Bella's Espresso has gorgeous, somewhat antique decor (and yummy coffee drinks) which belie the futuristic and modern stylings of the Meriwether condo building. The free wi-fi is also a nice touch.

4. The (free) Bite of Zupan's food tasting event at the Heathman Hotel this Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hot yum! I have gone to the annual event in the past, and it was fun!

5. The annual Hair of the Dog dock sale this Saturday. I don't know if I will make it there, but this sounds like a fun event!

6. The friendly folks here on damnportlanders. I just can't get enough.
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House Gaming Party This Week-end

An earlier idea that did not work out has morphed into a general house gaming party / geek social event that includes console gaming, board games, card games, and PC LAN games*.

The event starts at 3PM Saturday and will continue until Sunday at 6PM.

If you want to meet some fellow gamers send me an email at r.soult at Comcast dot net and I’ll send you back the address to the house.

*To join in the PC games bring a computer to hook up to the network. There is limited PC space so contact me before you lug your computer over to make sure there is room. Out of 24 spots there are 4 left.
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i want a laptop

please let me know where i can find a laptop at a place that will let me pay a somewhat reasonable down payment, won't take this life and the next to pay off, does not mind somewhat lazy credit yet seriously rich (ok, only in spirit), and is cute.

all i want to do with it is go online (wirelessly) and write. light weight a plus! actually- a MUST.

thanks for any info. i hope to be deluged.
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maybe goodbye

On Saturday, my SO had a stroke and is now permanantly blind in his right eye. He is 27, and a month short of a earning a chiropractic degree that he will never use. Everything in life has suddenly changed for both of us. 
I've lived in Portland for my entire life. Now, we're thinking about leaving. 
My questions are these: what is the second best town in the US? Where should an English major, a half blind almost-chiropractor, and a medium sized dog go? 
I'd need to be somewhere with decent job opportunities, public transport, and affordable housing. I would prefer ocean to mountains, and friendly people to a cool scene. Somewhere that feels a little bit like home. 
I might be asking too much. Right now, I'm thinking about the other Portland. I was there once; it seemed nice. Any recommendations would be appreciated.    

animated GIFs, yeah yeahhh.

i love animated GIFs. like really really am obsessively in love with them.
well, only the funny ones.

let's share our favorites! <3

my absolute favorite ever is:

EDIT: your browser is gonna slow wayyy down if you peek below the cut. brace yrself.

Collapse )
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Indoor Rock Climbing for Beg.

I want to do this : Friday Nights Heights.

Here's what they have to say for themselves....

Learn what rock climbing is all about with three hours of top–rope climbing and bouldering. No experience necessary. Our instructor takes care of the rope handling, so all you have to worry about is climbing. Sign up individually or with a group of your friends. Rental gear included.

Fridays, 6:00 — 9:00 p.m. $20

Eight spaces available for participants 12 years of age or older.
Advance reservation required.

It takes place at the Portland Rock Gym at the corner of NE 12th & Sandy / Burnside.

It looks like it may require a bit of advance planning to go with a group. Who's in? I'm thinking either tonight (if there's room - unlikely) or maybe next Friday if they have openings. What do you think? I will call tomorrow and let you all know.
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Construction Map, Parking & Traffic Downtown

Can someone point me to a map of all of the construction and closed streets downtown?

Also, can anyone tell me what traffic is like coming *OUT* of downtown in the AM... say around 8:30 AM? I'm looking at the possibility of expanding my apartment search to include the area and want to know how much extra time it might add to the trip (on top of Google's estimation). Heading to the general vicinity of 20th & E. Burnside.

Looking at some of the listings I'm guessing that the older buildings don't have included parking spaces. Does that mean that it's virtually impossible to have a car if you live in one of these buildings and expect to ever be home during the day for more than an hour or whatever the posted time limits are on the parking meters?

Are there secret pockets of downtown that don't have time limits? (SW & NE close-in - both sides of the 405.) Are there special lots or garages where nearby residents can pay a monthly fee to park? (Hopefully not outrageous.) Special street parking permits for residents? Are there options or should I immediately discount anything in downtown that doesn't have included off-street parking if I want to keep my car? I'm not ready to give it up and rely entirely on public transit, bike & flex-car just yet. Maybe someday in the future. But, not now.

Thank you!