November 7th, 2007

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Hey, so I got a fwe responses to my past about snowboarding. Thanks everyone. Apparently there just aren't many avid winter sports people in the community, or maybe the just missed my post.

Anyways, got another question I'd appreciate an answer to. I'm recently single, I'm not so stoked about it, but it's becoming more and more apparent I've got to move on. I really need to get out and socailizing again, but I'm just not finding anything that is doing good. Clubs and bars, or at least the ones my old circle of friends in, are really bad for meeting people. So, I would like to see what you all have for suggestions to get out there and meet a lot of new people again. Snowboarding was my main plan, but that's a good three weeks away :(

Thanks in advance!

PS: I should specify that i am 23.

PPS: Apparently there are mad single owmen on here... allright! Pictures are behind the cut. I'd just straight up post it on here but subjecting the portland metropolitan area to my sexiness has been known to cause excessive swooning (sarcastic joke).

PPS: Moved image hosting over to my webspace (Yes I'm that cool).

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ISO: PDX yarn & knitters

Merino slut with soft spot for sock yarn and major case of crafting ADD seeks LYS and S&B group(s) for fiber, conversation, and fulfillment of lustful fibery needs.  Arrival date in the Rose City uncertain at present, inquiry merely research-related.  Dublin Bay has been scoped, Lint is sorely missed, Abundant Yarns will be visited during Thanksgiving week.  Chime in, fellow fiber lovers!

rule change would allow minors into venues that serve alcohol

i knew this would be a big deal to a lot of you, so i'm passing it along. please repost! <3

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is considering a rule change which would allow music venues to submit control plans ensuring that youth would not have access to alcohol or a drinking environment. If approved, they could allow youth under 21 in their club while alcohol is served to adults.

The Multnomah Youth Commission is hosting a public hearing to accept testimony on Monday, November 12th from 4:00 - 5:30pm at Portland City Hall Council Chambers (1221 SW 4th Avenue). If you are unable to attend the forum, you can send your thoughts directly to Jennifer Huntsman at: Feedback is due Tuesday, November 13th at 5pm.

Bachelorette party

DPers! I've never actually posted, which seems strange since I've been a member forever.
Hi. *waves*

Here's my deal: I'm planning a bachelorette party and you are my last hope... in need of some advice.

I haven't been out to clubs in ages, and when I do go, I like the laid back, dance-like-no-one-is-watching kind (Holocene, Fez) which tends not to have the bachelorette party feel most of the party goers will expect. Where do I take 20+ adorable women between the ages of 24-35 for a dancing good time?

We will probably stay on the west side so we can walk. Don't think I'm up for corralling that many women into cabs all around town. Any great cocktail bars to start the night off? The party will be a little trashy because I can't resist, but generally more on the classy side. :)

Thanks guys.
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someday b/w

Single? Like Boardgames?

Wednesday (Tonight!) at the Lucky Lab in NW (1945 NW Quimby). As usual, we'll begin at 7pm and be there until at least 10, but probably later. Feel free to join us whenever. Look for the PDXERS signs on our tables.

It's a ton of fun. Laid back no pressure just playing boardgames. Feel free to join us and have some fun.
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Thanksgiving dinner?

I quickly checked the memories and didn't find anything, and am scrambling around as quickly as possible to find a nice restaurant to have thanksgiving at while we're visiting Portland in a couple of weeks. The only place I got referred to was Mothers Bistro and they're already booked up.

I can find restaurants through Open Table but I don't know anything about any of these places. We're staying at the Hotel Monaco (yay for hotels that allow us to bring our 2 dogs with us!) and will have a car so we don't mind traveling a bit if it's worth it. I have only spent one night ever in Portland and my husband has never been so we don't know the lay of the land at all. I'm also trying to sell him on looking for diagnostic software/hardware engineering jobs if anyone knows any good high tech recruiters? We live right outside of Seattle and have been here now for almost 4 years (originally East Coasters), and still find it to be a very unfriendly city.

Thank you guys in advance!
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ISO: Red Bean Milkshake

I had one in a Viet/French restaurant in Boston many moons ago - it was wicked good. I know I should be able to find it here, but am having no luck.

I can get red bean bubble tea, but it's just not the same. And no, green bean milkshake does not compare. (That's little bean-like green beans, not the string bean kind. ew.)

And no it's not like red-beans-and-rice red beans - it's tiny red beans ground up with sugar used in chinese/east asian desserts/pastry

trust, books

Somebody tell me why this won't work:

I read a bunch of the opinions on how the voting on Measure 50 went, and I heard lots of recapping on the radio last night ALL through the night, and I know everybody's probably sick of it, but I have a question:

Why can't we just slap some sort of... (excise?) tax on cigarette companies so that, for every pack they sell in Oregon, the state gets however many cents from THEM to put into health care for the uninsured. No tax on individual people, the big bad capitalistic pig corporate structure gets penalized for peddling cancerous wares, Oregon gets a health care slush fund, and the tobacco companies could probably even spin it into the biggest PR wet dream ever ("We don't CAUSE cancer, we CURE it" with a bald-headed kid smiling happily in the arms of a tobacco exec).

I mean, since the tobacco lobby spent $20 million dollars on their ad campaign... maybe they could have just bribed donated that to the entire state of Oregon anyway, like a gift. Not to get the ballot measure off, that might be wrong, but just to prove their goodwill :D

And if this is in anyway "illegal" or whatever, we could just amend the state constitution to make it legal for us ;) Once other states realize how much dough we rake in, they'll totally jump on the bandwagon.

Sooooo....? Is there a reason this wouldn't work? (And I didn't even mention tobacco subsidies, good for me! This tax on tobacco companies would be an awesome way to recoup the tax breaks and subsidies they've gotten for DECADES).

EDIT: After talking with my inherently logical roommate, I realized that the fallback plan, and probably better plan, is to go for the abolishment of subsidies, thus returning untold millions of dollars to the government, freeing up other funds for things that we're all convinced we need and can't pay for ourselves. For instance, the tobacco subsidies apparently totaled about $530 million dollars from 1995 to 2005... so it's time to take care of that perhaps?
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computer help!!

I have a problem and have tried everything, including following HP instructions and searches, but nothing is working and I can't afford to call a tech. I cant use my scanner, view pics, backgrounds, etc...
When I start up I get a warning...

hpqimzone.exe unable to locate
MFC71.DLL reinstall

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roseburg, coast

My partner and I are going on a little road trip that is partially for work and partially for fun.  I have a couple questions for you all:

1. I have to work for about 4 hours in Roseburg, which means my partner has to hang out in Roseburg for that time.  How would you kill 4 hours in Roseburg?  Is there anything remotely exciting there or an area that would be better to hang around for a bit?

2. We'll be staying in Coos Bay Thursday night and then driving all the way up the coast.  Are there places you wouldn't miss on that drive?  Cute towns that would be worth stopping in?  Especially amazing beaches? 

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.
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i've been trying to search for this forever and i can not for the life of me even get a title for the game i'm looking for.

a long time ago (think maybe around when windows 98 first came out) there was a weird game that was set in another dimension that had to do with you being a musician in a spaceship, and you could leave your home and go walk around outside and you beat bosses by (somehow) playing the guitar... or something. inside the ship, you could mix random things together to make drinks at a machine... and uh... i don't really remember what else. oh! you could make a show/video of something by mixing video and music together... and the whole thing was very creepy/erie. it definitely was an "m" rated game... at least "t", but i think that would be pushing it.

i'm pretty sure the title had "dimension" in it, but i'm not entirely sure.
i was trying to tell someone about the game but i couldn't figure out what it was! maybe ONE of you has played that game before... haha. any help?

edit: it was a computer game; not console.


Anyone see Feist the other night (Tuesday)?  I like her but was just too hesitant to see her in such a big venue.  She seems better suited to a small intimate venue.  The Doug Fir show I saw her at will remain my favorite.  I'm curious how she did in such a big place?  Or at least a place where you had to remain seated the whole time.  She did good on SNL so maybe she brought a little of that spectacle to Portland on her current tour. Anyone?
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