November 6th, 2007


Major Appliance Repair?

Anyone know of a good, reasonable washing machine repair person in the Beaverton/Tigard area?  Our practically brand-new Whirlpool is leaking somewhat severely from underneath the machine.  My online research tells me it's probably a broken pump, but I don't trust myself to investigate much further...thanks in advance!
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Aspiring Musician

Let's say you enjoy playing music, and have been practicing your guitar at home for 2-3 years, and now you want to start jamming with others, and maybe eventually get some gigs and start making it regular thing instead of just a hobby. How high is that first hurdle to jump?

Have any damnportlanders done that sort of thing, or are doing it? How would you go about it? Where do other Portland  would-be musicians hang out, and how do you go about getting a demo CD to the right people who might want to have you play for an audience?

At what point in your practicing and learning do you start to feel good enough about your abilities that you could see yourself playing for other people who share your tastes?

Live from Washington County.....

You know what REALLY sucks. I removed most of my piercings, cleaned up a HELL of a lot, just to come watch my blind boyfriend be anally raped for defending himself, only to not be allowed inside the coutrhouse, because they don't unerstand school supplies.

God, I hate this sugar-coated NAZI shithole county.
Pug in wig

Another job post.

As a new resident of Portland, I've learned it isn't easy to get a job in this town.

I'm smart, somewhat clever, and college edu-macated. I don't apply to jobs I'm not prepared for. I don't ask for too much money. I'm pretty great in an interview, if given the chance.

So, DP, what gives?

Does anyone have any job hunting/scoring tips they'd like to share on a Tuesday morning?

How did you get your job?

Which temp agency has the best reputation?

Muchas gracias, amigos.
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Places to go

Hi guys, don't post here often (or read here often) but I figured you guys can help me.

So for a friend's 40th we want to go to a martini bar or a dueling piano bar or some place fun. Anyone got any suggestions? Nothing too random or too loud.



Allright campers, snowboarding season is RAPIDLY approaching! I got my seasons pass, some nice new winter clothes to replace all the stuff my ex-girl misplaced, and I'm driven to ride a ton this year!

So a few questions / shout outs for the community:

- Anyone got a flexible midweek schedule, and maybe want to hit the mountain occasionally with me? Maybe you are just a weekend warrior, but that's cool by me too, as my weekends are free. I've got a pretty nice truck that will get us there and back, although it's not 4x4. Skill level is semi-important, as it would be nice to ride with some one who can confidently make it top to bottom at the very least, although thoughs with some interest in freestyle riding would be prefered. If you're interested in becoming a better rider, I was an instructor for three years, and competed in USASA and made it to nationals multiple years in a row. No begginers though PLEASE as I am not spending the gas money to make it up to the mountain and sit on the bunny slope.

- Any PSU students down to join me for working out pre-season? I plan on working out every Monday, Wednesday, and friday night for an hour somewhere between 6pm and 8pm. Last year I really got back into riding, but the main thing holding me back from raelly progressing was the fact my muscles would just be beat half way through the day. I plan on doing lots of running, stretching, and lower body excercises. The circuit gym is available during that time and free for all PSU students.

- Speaking of stretching and low body exercises... anyone got any recomendations?

- Anyone have any kids they'd like to get private lessons for, but not pay an arm and a leg? Maybe you would like affordable private lessons? Private lessons at the mountain cost $60 or more an hour, which is ridiculous! I'll gladly help out for just a ride to the mountain, a meal, and if you're satisfied the willingness to be a personal recommendation. I always enjoyed instructing (I was an instructor for three years), but I hated the disrespect from the mountain management, and the impersonal feel of it all. Once again, I'd prefer that the person being taught is not a complete beginner to snowboarding.

-If you are going out shopping for snowboarding gear, I can help you as well. I know what prices are good, and I know what equipment will service you well!

So that's that. Thanks for your time :)

Old P-Town pics

Does anyone have old pic (circa 1980-1995) of Portland in digital format? In particular I'm looking for the old building structure that used to sit dejectedly at the foot of the Burnside bridge adjacent to the skate park, Hamburger Mary's/Mary's Spot, Mary's Bar and Grill, Alligator Records, Rock-n-Roll Fashions, the old Escape from NY Pizza across from the Galleria, the LoveJoy offramp artwork.

But mostly pics of the old Hamburger Mary's off of Park and any of the businesses on the block (Fox theater, Musicbox, that old video game arcade, the Metro across the street).


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(no subject)

i'm currently doing a practicum in a first grade class, and as i was cutting out 498594589 letters for a bulletin board today, i wondered if there is a scrapbooking, craft or other store that has a die-cut machine for rent or to use if you buy your paper there. on the east side of the river would be best.

please & thank you!
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(no subject)

sometimes i wonder: does portland know that anything east of portland (in oregon) is nothing like here? people talk about oregon being such a "green" state and driving earth-friendly cars. but, eastern oregon is a whole other world! and central oregon... and anything east of portland, really. the rest of oregon is a red state, full of hicks and big gas-guzzling trucks, etc. do portlanders realize this? i do realize that i, myself, am indeed a portlander, but i feel that people that grew up here (instead of transplanting here from someone else like me and many others) think oregon is all like portland.

i ignore it in posts and never correct anyone, but i just wanted you to know our state isn't so perfect. and that's unfortunate. i'm from eastern oregon, and if i could convince everyone that public trans and biking were good, i would...

edit: 1 or 2 of you seem to think that i think portland is perfect... disagree, and far from it... i love the down-to-earth attitude of la grande, and wish more portlanders could carry that. (and more). i just wanted to clarify to you guys that when i said perfect i was referring to the fact that many of YOU out there think that it is.


I srsly want a burger(organic free range of course). You know the real kind that are on buttered crisp buns or sourdough. Holy fuck. With jalapenos and fresh veggies/tomato and spicy mustard. Heaps of onion and garlic. Spices and flavors. But alas Portland! I am stuck front desk at a hotel and I cannot leave my work to get food. What a drag. Someone help? Tell me what food you are craving right now!

YAY!!! a excuse to post here again

My boyfriends parents are taking us out to dinner tonight.. cost is not a issue(at all)
It's for his birthday dinner so it has to be in his guidelines... which I can't wrangle out of him..
His favorite flavors= Ginger, Garlic, Cilantro, Lime, Coconut      everytime I ever ask him what he wants for dinner that's the response I get

Also... no mediterrainian<sp> he doesn't like it(although I loooove it)

any suggestions?
He also doesn't like yuppie or stuffy places
Area of town not very important

*edit* unfortunatly he does not want Thai

I am hoping for something american but with these flavors

We went to Typhoon out in the Beav and we loved it!

printer/scanner/copier for sale!

We got this HP Printer Combo from a relative, but we already have a printer/fax combo and we're moving so we need to find a home for this one.

It's a HP PSC 750xi that prints, scans, and copies. It comes with a USB plug and power cord. It's in excellent condition, we just don't have room for it.

Asking $40 or best offer, please email if interested.

(no subject)

OK, so heres the deal. I have been watching my sister's cat for her since she had kittens last summer. My sister lives in Spain, and probably won't be coming home til at least spring. She was supposed to come home for christmas and take her kitty with her when she went back to spaiin, but thats not able to happen anymore. Now I am moving in about a month to a small studio and am faced with the dilemma of finding her a home.

I love this cat to pieces and it breaks my heart to think I'll have to give her away, but I dont really have any other option. My cat and her are buddies and they play and bathe each other, so you know she is good with other cats. (give her about 2 days to adjust, as with most cats).

She is the cuddliest thing ever. She's part siamese so she's a talker, but a total lover. She's all white with really beautiful pale blue eyes and her name is Pipu. I know, silly name, but there is a story behind it. If you want her, I will tell you how she got the name.

She is a little over a year old, fixed, up to date with all her shots, and as previously mentioned, a cuddle bug.

I dont want to take her to a shelter where she may end up getting put down or, perish the thought, end up in a home that wont give her the love she needs.

She is definitely kind of a needy cat. If you are never home, probably not the cat for you. But if you are home enough to keep her company at night time, and are truely a cat person, then you'll love her.

I've got a ton of pictures, but I'll just do the one for now.
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the original


I returned to my home after visiting Portland for a few days. It's a lovely city, more beautiful than I could've imgined; you Portlanders were friendly and wonderful. I hope to visit again soon. I may move to Portland after getting my degree... if I can land a library job!

So, it's fair to say I'm a damnportlander poseur hiding in Philadelphia. Don't hold it against me! I <3 Philly too.
good luck bear

Nov 7: New people coming-out party

Picking up yoopie's suggestion on rogueonca's post and running with it...

I am one of the brand-spankin' newbies in town (three weeks already!) who don't know anyone yet. There are two neat events going on Wednesday night in Old Town. First, I met two of the Wherewithals at a bar last night, and they have a show at the Roseland. I have no idea what kind of music they play, or if their band is any good, but they were both cool cats, and that is good enough for me. Second, there is a Rosey Awards after party at The Crown Room. I don't know what a Rosey Award is, but I do know what an after party is. It's English for "party after the party, where all the magic really happens." I'm a big fan of those.

I have absolutely no idea if either event will be good, but I'm going to go find out anyway. Who wants to help me?

This is ESPECIALLY directed at the other new-to-Portland people like me. If you were already in Portland when we got here, that is okay, don't feel too bad -- you may also attend.

Alaska can come too.
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Jory saved me

Dear everyone to my amusement and glee Jory came to save me from my burger misfortunes. He agreed via text to come and embark on the 3 block journey to Red Robin while I held down the Hotel front desk. It was epic. There was tears, pain, sweat, and blood. Also money changing hands but in the end I got to pretend I was Star Jones before her stomach was sliced in half. Here is photographic evidence of my Santa Fe Burger escapace courtesy of Jory and Red Robin(and the kind latino man Benito who made it behind the scenes).


Just Say No To Kids?

Okay.  Apparently that 50 thing was defeated.  I say that because I'm not writing from Oregon.  I don't get it.  Smoking trumps health?   Please explain what went wrong with this measure?  ON KPTV it said Multnomah County was for 50 but everywhere else it was a no go.  Am I missing something here?
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sad &amp; beautiful world

work place question.

Does anyone here know if there's some legal mandate stating that a place of employment must have a first aid kit of some sort?

'Cause I banged my shin up pretty good biking to work today, and I was shocked to find barely anything left in the first aid kit at work. Now, obviously, I did this outside of work, but I could have easily, because I'm awesome like that, done the same shin job inside of work.

Not that I couldn't have gone across the street and bought some myself, I'm just not used to working somewhere without ample basic medical supplies.

I iz from Kalifornya, please to not kill me?

So I was just reading an earlier post from a California transplant about looking for a job (we have a lot in common). I've been in Portland for about 2+ months now and love it (of course). I'd heard only great things about PDX for about a year, visited twice, and helped my brother move out of Oregon a year ago. Oregon in general has just tempted me like candy to a diabetic.

I went to college in a touristy town where the locals hated the students, so I know what it's like to have tension between the locals and the 'outsiders'. Hell, after 4 years, I just became bitter towards the tourists and it's still debatable whether my bitterness was well founded or not.

So yes...I'm one of those dreaded transplants. I completely understand not wanting annoying new people who don't know anything about different cultures coming into a city that is doing just fine without hoards of asshats moving in.

Ok, so what is it about the transplants? I mean, there are a great amount of reasons to dislike California, don't get me wrong. Just because I've lived there most my life doesn't mean I'm Malibu Barbie.

Not putting CA on a resume being a serious consideration now...I have to ask why? Whyyy? Enlighten me, oh damnportlanders! How may I become the ambassador of peace between states? What can I do to not perpetuate the stupid CA girl stereotype? I just want to be like you, because you are bitchin' awesome like totally zomglololololwtf!!1!1.

Additionally, I have felt nothing but hospitality here for which I'm grateful, so thank you!
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good/amazing coffee shops?

Hi everyone. This is more of just a random question than a desperate request for answers, but I was wondering, what's your favorite coffee shop in Portland? I know of some coffee shops but I'm looking to expand my horizons and I'm just curious about everyone's opinions.