November 5th, 2007


Tonight as I was walking home from the plaid pantry I heard an obscene comment yelled joyfully at me out of the window of my apartment complex. This in and of itself is not really notable, except that I live in an overpriced unit filled with geriatrics and retirees. Do I have interesting neighbors?

I live on NE 15th and Wiedler. It would be cool to have neighbors that I could drop in on, or would drink a few with me after work, or would be somewhat stimulating, aside from telling me to turn my music down. I figured it was a lost cause... but?

Casual neighborly enjoyment? I could share with you my sister's secret recipes? I have many musical instruments you can play with. I have many game systems. You should come over secret lewd mystery neighbor!

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Oh, DPers, I have a conundrum.

My exboyfriend / roommate brought a girl home last night. But that's not the conundrum, just a but of shittiness. In our house, there is a door that separates the front part, with his room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and most importantly, my cigarettes, from the back part, with my room, laundry room, closet, and office area. The doorknob fell off, cus it's an old house and it does that. The door opens in, not out. So I can't kick it open. And I'm stuck.

Do I:

A. Kick the door repeatedly to wake him and floozy of the minute up and open the door, which will get me out, but may make me seem like psycho ex girlfriend?

B. Hope he gets the text message I sent an hour ago soon?


C. Go out the back door and attempt to break in thru the locked front door?

I look forward to your responses, as I am trapped. :-)

***edit: I have gotten out. He came upstairs to change and found me trapped. but i enjoy the responses anyhow.***
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Are there any ramen shops in Portland? I've been craving some really good ramen, and it's nice getting it from Uwajimaya and all, but I'd like to buy some in an actual Japanese restaurant.
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Devine Funk

Thanks to the Devine Funk dance class (SE 8th and Main) for dancing in our new video -- we were outside the place shooting and heard the music. When we went over to see what was going on, they said they were having a dance class. We asked them if they wanted to be in a video of us ghost riding the whip -- and because they are awesome, they said hell yeah! They came up with a dance and 20 minutes later we were filming!

365 Days

We are almost exactly one year away from Election Day 2008. One year from now, will voters choose a candidate who will stand for Oregon, or with President Bush?

Join the fight for progressive leadership for Oregon today!

“A year from now, Oregonians will have the opportunity to choose change or more of the same,” DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith said. “They can choose more of someone who has stood by President Bush’s conservative U.S. Supreme Court, his Iraq War and his Republican agenda. Or, they can choose someone who will stand up for Oregon. I hope everyone who views this video will sign up to help us defeat Gordon Smith and send a progressive U.S. Senator to Washington, DC.”

Watch the video and let us know how you will vote a year from now. And why.

she blinded me with science!

OMG... This Is Serious Post

A juvenile acquaintance of mine has been locked in juvie for TWO MONTHS on bullshit accusations and he hasn't been arraigned yet. In fact, I don't think he's even been officially charged with anything yet. He's had at least two court hearings cancelled, and the public defender doesn't seem to be very interested in getting things moving.

Is there anything a better lawyer could do to compel a swift trial or, better yet, the kid's immediate, unconditional release?

ISO astronomy geek

I was wondering if there were any people on here that could give me some advise on telescopes. I want to get the hubby one for Xmas but I don't have a clue as to what to look for when purchasing one. I have been looking online and there are always all these numbers and stuff in the description that make zero sense to someone who hasn't the foggiest clue about these things. I am looking to keep the purchase under $300. I don't need to be able to see the butt hair of an alien life form in another galaxy but I don't want it to be "fisher pricey" as well. Does anybody have any recommendations on products or someone to go talk to somewhere?

Thanks in advance =)

Misheard commercial

All of my life I thought the Sara Lee commercials said, "Nobody does it like Sara Lee!"

and I was WRONG! It actually says, "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee"

Nice double negative, Sara Lee! I like my way better.

Anybody else shocked by that?

What other commercials have you misheard? 
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Writers Strike

So the writers strike started today for the WAG.  I was just wondering what others people's input on this are. I feel kinda sad, because I get no Colbert Report, Daily Show until who knows when.

For anyone not familiar, the Writers Guild of America started a strike beg. midnight on Monday. They are demanding better compensation for the internet and dvd mediums, which was something not in prior contracts.

How does that effect you?

Shows with daily broadcasts or live shows, like: Jay Leno, Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, Craig Ferguson, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report among others will be on reruns starting tonight.

Shows that have writers on staff constantly (ie multi camera sitcoms): How I met your mother, Back to you, ect,ect will be going to reruns within the next two weeks.

Soap Operas, and huge primetime shows like Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Better, The Office, ect ect will be airing new stuff thru January

The only shows with enough scrips to get us into spring is Lost and 24.

After that, well it will be news shows and reality tv all the time.

The longest strike thus far was 22 weeks, in 1988.

Thoughts? Comments?

because I have the time

I am leaving Portland in a couple days and I will miss it.

You guys are great! I love damn portlanders so even though I will not be in Portland til the snow melts in the Rockies I will stay updated =)


I can't wait to be back in Spring to see the flowers bloom, I am very grateful I can spend the Fall and Spring here to see the colors, and then get the hell out when it's winter and summer to work where I am appreciated (can't get a job in Portland because I suck?)

Ahh man it's even hard to write my last DP post for 6 months.. oh the agony
little blue dog

only 50 shopping days left ...


Which of the following best describes what you think is the most appropriate time to start playing Christmas carols in a retail store?

Whatever day that Christmas stock is first displayed.
November 1, the day after Halloween.
Before the midpoint between Halloween and Thanksgiving.
After the midpoint between Halloween and Thanksgiving.
"Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving, and not before.
Oui Oui September 2013
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Gritty Kitty ain't so pretty, but it's really ..thick

Gritty Kitty ain't so pretty but it's really...thick.
It fills my cat box o so always does the trick.
I like to rub it on my toes and squish, and squish, and squish.
It n'ar offends my tender a smelly fish.
Its texture is a joy to me it's just as smooth as silk. It makes my little whiskers twitch.
It stays crunchy even in milk.
I may not be the president, I may not be the pope but as long as I have gritty kitty...I shall never mope!

Sooo, I have 4 cats. That's a LOT OF LITTER and waste. In my efforts to quit being wasteful and hurting the planet and to be greener so to speak, I am on the search for biodegradable kitty litter.

I usually scoop the litter into one of those horrible plastic bags you get at the grocery store...but no more. I am putting an end to that NOW. I already have reusable grocery bags anyway, I just on occasion would get the plastic bags just for the kitty litter disposal.

I have purchased biodegradable bags for kitty litter, but I realize the kitty litter itself is quite bad. Strip mining and all that nonsense.

Ok..the question is. So....any of you out there try any of the biodegradable kitty litters? Recommendations?

EDIT: Due to the incredible response, Feline Pine has popped up a lot AND girljas even sent a link to a rebate offer from them for trying their, in case no one feels like reading through all these comments, the rebate link for trying feline pine is here:

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Because tomorrow is TURN IN YOUR BALLOT DAY...

Jefferson, Franklin and Adams want to know...

What do you think the role of Government should be.

And I am going to limit this to American government. Mostly because I'm curious what other people think. And I wanted to make some sort of reminder to people that if you haven't turned in your ballots yet, TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO DO IT.
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Duct tape

T Mobile customers?

Any of you use T Mobile and having fucked up billing issues as well as service issues?

Last month they told me i went over my 1500 minutes by over 300 and charged me almost $300 instead of my typical $50. At one point they credited the difference back to me, but now are charging me an extra $95 instead of giving me the credit. Now, my billing cycle restarted on the 20th of last month, and they are telling me i've used over 1300 minutes already, even thought today is only the 5th. Being that i've been with them for four years and have NEVER used that many minutes i know something is fucked up. Plus if i go through my billing detail it is easy to see i am NOT using all these minutes. Anyone else having these issues?

i've called them twice and emailed them numerous times only to receive info that nothing is wrong, but once i was told on the phone that a server was down in Portland. Every other email and phone call has denied any issues. i also can't sign on AIM on my phone not that i really give two shits about that right now, i want my money back and i'm really pissed...
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Portland: Reminder, FAT Clothing Swap THIS SUNDAY

portland folks please repost:

Fat people of all genders start cleaning out your closets--seriously, and get ready to bring all the clothing you don't wear anymore to In Other Words on NE Killingsworth in Portland on Sunday, November 11 (THIS SUNDAY!!!) between 3 and 6 pm and swap it out for some cute new stuff.

That's right, the fat clothing swap is THIS SUNDAY so fatties that means its time to take a trip to the laundromat (or your basement) and wash all the clothes you want to get rid of (cause, seriously, going through people's old dirty clothes is a lot less appealing than going through a bunch of cute clean second-hand clothes) and clear some space out in your closet for all the cute new things you're gonna bring home

There will be a suggested donation at the door of $2 (more if you can but no one will be turned away for inability to pay) that will go to In Other Words and all clothing leftover at the end of the event will be donated to Bradley-Angle House

if you have questions or are interested in helping out with the event please email jack radish at jackrobinson @ riseup . net

x-posted to my lj and queerportland
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voter taboo but...

where can I drop off my ballot? I know it has to be in by like 5:00 tomorrow, right? This is my first voting experience, and I totally missed my opportunity to mail it... so I need to know where (in or around Aloha if possible) I can take this thing... Help?
Push Button For POPSICLES

I hate laundry.

So, I was thinking that I might try out a laundry service. I'm really pretty nervous about it though, because I think I'm a little more attached to my wardrobe than the average person.

Do any of you use a laundry service? What's that like? How much does it cost?

Thank you for your time.

Traffic,Safe Neighborhoods

I'm going to be moving up to portland from southern california around Feb/March,i'm gonna be going to psu.
Whats the traffic like in portland? I'll be going to Seattle every so often to watch baseball,hows the traffic there?
Is it bad or no?

And also, what are some nice, safe neighborhoods to rent in?
I'm looking to spend under 1100 for rent a month,it dosnt HAFTA be close to psu since I'll be driving but not too far.

thanks a bunch!

i need to get me some friends

so, i've been living in portland for the past month and really other than the two people i live with (my brother and his girlfriend) i have only really spoken to people that were like, at work and doing their jobs... i am a very shy and introverted person, and i don't really have any friend's, other than siblings, in the area. i don't really know how to meet people, and doing things by myself is only fun for so long. so... how does a really shy person like myself go about making friends...?


oh yeah, i don't have a job or go to school, at the moment i'm just living off money that i still have from my last job (i was a substitute mail man)