November 4th, 2007

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Dear DP

Let's say you were, oh, middle-aged, had a ten-dollar bill, a cute girlfriend, and an entire delicious unscheduled sunny Fall Sunday to fill... what would you do?

And no Colts vs. Patriots. Baseball is the one true sport, as everyone knows. :)
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I've started a wedding/rant post, and I'm curious as to the horror stories / "don't"'s that y'all have encountered when attending weddings.

Here's mine:

  • "God Bless The Broken Road (that led me straight to you)" by Rascal Flatts is not an appropirate wedding song. It is not appropriate when you are 25 and like, totally met at work and it was, omg, love at first sight. It is appropriate when you were in a car crash with your future/former spouse who died and the doctor who saved you is now your fiance.

  • ( this is a cut to my jourrrnal... more wedding thingers. )

moving vehicles?

Hi guys,

I'm moving from Holgate up to near Stark today and tomorrow. Do you have any ideas of where I'll find a truck or van big enough to move my queen sized mattress? Uh, either to rent or borrow?

ALTERNATIVELY: Are you around here with a truck or van already? You want some monies in exchange for some mattress moving help? I think everything else fits into a car or two.


Fred Thompson's campaign manager, and the inevitable questions.

So, this was on Google News this morning:

Apparently, one of Fred Thompson's campaign chiefs has a record of selling drugs. 11 pounds of marijuana in 1979, and, while on probation, a conviction for cocaine trafficking. And for both of these, he got "probation"

Of course, Fred Thompson is a rightist candidate, and on his website states:

We owe to ourselves and our fellow citizens our own adherence to the rules, but tough law enforcement and punishment for those who do not.


11 pounds of marijuana is not a small amount of drugs. I don't know how much cocaine was being trafficked, but it probably wasn't a small amount. And yet his advisor got only probation for this. Someone should ask Fred Thompson if probation is what he thinks is an appropriate punishment for large scale drug trafficking.

And, just because this has to be thrown out, the inevitable race and class issues have to be brought up. I don't know if Phil Martin is poor, or black, but I am guessing neither. I am guessing if he got off with probation for this, he had some type of connections. Its another one of the examples of the privilege that some people have that they don't even realize. There were plenty of young black men sent to jail for selling vials of crack in the 80s, and this guy got off with "probation" for trafficking cocaine.

ETA: in my subject line, I called the man "campaign manager", which is somewhat inaccurate. He was just a top campaign advisor.
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moving sale - sunday

This plastic pig poops chocolate candy. Yesterday I sold it for a quarter.

More junk to sell today;
• box of corks
• bowl of army men
• rubber eyeball in a shot glass

(and I still have a dresser, desk, shelves, cds, dvds, art supplies, and more)

6305 SE 49th Ave (off Woodstock, near the Lutz and Delta Cafe)

Come relieve me of the burden of material possessions in exchange for abstract promissory notes.
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Maybe it was the extra hour of sleep, but I had the CRAZIEST dream last night. The only part I remember real well was walking out of someone's house with an older man telling me "George was always real disappointed that none of his sons became gladiators, but at least George W. still practices his moves every now and then."

And in the manner of dreams, I knew immediately that George H.W. Bush's hopes and dreams for his children had never come true, and George W. Bush had disappointed him by not pursuing being a gladiator on that old show, American Gladiator.

I felt sad. The question is this: If George W. was on that show, what would his gladiator name be?

I bring this to you, Portland, because I have drawn a complete and utter blank. I have a mental image of George W. clad in some terrible black and red spandex wear, but no name to go with it. Halp...


Ok, so I'm already ducking the "omgonlybuyusedhowdareyouwastemoneyonsuchthings" responses, but here I go:

We are looking for some swank new furniture. Our budget is above Ikea, below Restoration Hardware (by a lot). Could any of you recommend a nice store to find modern-ish quality furniture in that kind of price range? I'm clueless as I've never really bought "real" furniture before. Yes, we've been checking out vintage/resale places but our house is old old old and I'd like something new to put in it. Everything else we own is used/Ikea.

And yes, we looked in the Pearl but yeah WAY too much $$. Same with everything on 23rd except Urban Outfitters.


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Seattle Man Dies From MRSA Superbug

(be safe and clean!)
SEATTLE -- The dangerous strain of staph infection, known widely as "the superbug" has killed a Seattle man. King County Medical Examiner confirmed Thursday that John Jones, 46, died of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA. The highly contagious strain of staph infection is resistant to antibiotics.

Health officials say MRSA used to be contracted mostly by people visiting sick patients in the hospital. Also on Thursday, Port Townsend High School closed its athletic facilities and canceled its final football game of the season after a member of its football team reported contracting the same staph infection. In a letter sent home with students, Port Townsend High School Principal Carrie Ehrhardt and Assistant Principal Patrick Kane said they were unsure how the student contracted the infection. "We are unable to determine how the student contracted the infection, and it is likely that we will never know," the letter said.

According to the Washington State Department of Health, MRSA skin infections are serious and need to be treated. They are contagious and can be spread to other people through skin-to-skin contact. "We do know that it is highly contagious and easily spread. The best way to maintain good health from this disease is to practice good hygiene on a regular basis," the letter said. According to the letter, PTHS has been assured by state health authorities that it is safe to remain open. The school’s gym is closed Friday and the district said they plan to have cleaning crews disinfect the school over the weekend. A KIRO 7 investigation last year exposed the spreading of the bacteria revealing that cases are up 50 to 60 percent in the last few years in gyms, among athletic teams and inside jails and nursing homes. Doctors said one possible explanation for more cases is people's overuse of antibiotics. They said washing hands thoroughly is the best way to protect yourself.

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Doctors in or around Portland

Can anyone recommend a good doctor in Portland (or the surrounding areas)? I don't mind a male or female doctor, and I just need a general doctor, but I would like to go somewhere where they still care about their patients. Any recommendations? Thank you!
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Mobid? Yes!

I am writing a sci-fi mystery film and need to do some research. I want to talk to a mortician, or a morgue technician so I can learn all of the grisly details about what happens to a body after death. Can anybody recommend a good website/biology book/funeral parlor that I could use? Or maybe a friend with a really morbid sense of humor who studies these things?

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I was reminiscing on when I was little and my family use to take me to Macheezmo Mouse. I always use to drink the cactus juice.

Is there anywhere in Portland that sells good cactus juice? I would check the Whole Foods search engine, but generally when a bunch of answers pop up my brain dies because I'm just that special.
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