November 3rd, 2007

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garage sale

Today I sold bookshelves, lawnmower, bench, and bicycle... I still have more shelves, a 1961 desk, tires, comics, speakers (that were the Pander Brothers' at one time), and lots of other crap (including the hot tub). Come by and buy stuff or just come by and say hello.

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6305 SE 49th St (near the Delta and Lutz). 10am-3pm.

Yes. I will be making coffee.
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hey! guess what!

"This is a Portland LJ community. However, posts don't have to be Portland related."

so can we all shut the fuck up about "portland related because my mom gives blow jobs there" already??

me as harley

why you never see bright colors on my back.

So, I've only recently moved here and the novelty of exploring has not yet worn off. I've been enjoying myself wandering around and getting hopelessly lost on trimet (yes, I know it's not that difficult, but I still found myself way the hell up in NoPo somehow). I didn't exactly live far away previously (Eugene ftw), and I've visited up here numerous times, but living is a different experience. I've done all the obvious things before: OMSI, zoo, loitering around VooDoo Donuts, Pioneer Square, entire days lost in Powell's, Hawthorne and Alberta districts, etc. But before I venture out again, what are some other must-check-out places? Ridiculously cool cafes, cute funky gift shops (I need postcards and prizes), thriftier-than-average thrift and consignment stores (I really need more scarves and mittens, brr!), awesome hair salon that isn't all stuck-up and hipstery, restaurant/bistro/diner that makes delicious hot sammiches, anything else you can think of. I want to explore lots of new places, but I also want to find my new "favorite spots".

I need to get settled with a piercing and tattoo place as well, but I already got some recommendations on that (I think Robot Piercing, Straight to the Point, and Atlas were the most popular choices?), thanks for that guys.


Edit: Portland-related just for diffuse.
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(no subject)

I have an extra ticket to tonight's Sunn O))) and Jesu show at Hawthorne Theater. The other person decided not to go after all. It's $14, and you'd have to meet me there because the tickets are at will-call. If the show is sold out and you really really want to go, it's $175.

Random poll day! :D

Poll #1082266 Because I'm curious . . .

For the (straight or bi) guys: what's hotter? A girl . . .

. . . who can kick my ass.
. . . whose ass I can kick.
. . . who's even odds. Not sure who'd win; she'd give me a run for my money.

For the (straight or bi) girls: what's hotter? A guy . . .

. . . who can kick my ass.
. . . whose ass I can kick.
. . . who's even odds. Not sure who'd win; he'd give me a run for my money.

For bi, lesbian, gay, etc types: what's hotter? Someone of the same gender ID . . .

. . . who can kick my ass.
. . . whose ass I can kick.
. . . who's even odds. Not sure who'd win; s/he'd give me a run for my money.

Feel free to explain your vote in the comments! ^_^

*Edit* I forgot to include an "I don't care" category--if you don't care & you feel like saying so, you can just post a comment like remix79. ^_^
little blue dog

burnin de leaf mon


Can we burn leaves here? Used to in Salem when I was a kid, but I don't see many folks doing it now. Illegal? Bad for teh environment?

And here's a random poll, because DPs loves them some poll ...

Poll #1082367 c h e e s e

pick one

I like cheese
I don't like cheese


Whole Foods downtown is basically giving away the BEST free samples EVAR right now. I got like a whole thanksgiving dinner for free. I kid you not. Go get on this shit!!
someday b/w


I'm downloading songs at the moment

so far i've got

Gimme More - Britney Spears
and 1234 - Feist

Give me ideas. real ideas i'm not a britney fan but it;s so great for booty shakin

as seen here:

my recomendations for hip hop fans:

Talib Kweli "Eardrum" (The Nature features Justin Timberlake and it's a god song)
Kanye West "Graduation" (i'm not a huge Kanye fan but there are two excelent tracks, Homecoming and Stronger, Homecoming features Chris martin of Coldplay and Stronger samples heavily Daft Punk)

I'm madly in Love with Lupe Fiasco so anything by him is golden and he has a new CD out in December so I'm excited beyond all.

Anyone know any great Mos Def I can add to this?

Night of the living baseheads...

Sorry, that's bassheads. Ahem.

I am selling my fabuloso SWR Triad if there are any bassists out there. (I got a Henry The 8x8 so I don't need it any more) I thought my beloved double-penetrators should have first crack at it!

Also -

Go see the rockin' Eugene band Yeltsin tonight at Kelly's Olympian! They're g-r-r-r-r-reat! Oh and it's a benefit for pit bull rescue group called Positively Pitbull.
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<3 animals

I think I'm going to go Vegetarian. I've always known about slaughterhouse conditions. I've done reports on them and the cruelty the animals are subjected to before leaving this world. But I think I'm finally going to take the plunge. I just can't stand by anymore as a dormant meat eater while these animals are treated like they never had feelings or souls. I already like gardenburgers and most meatless replacements/vegan fare. Do you guys have any tips for me?

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I'm sure you all know this, but remember tonight...

1:58am.. 1:59am.. 1:00am..

That's right kids, it's "Extra Hour O'Sleep" Night.

If you didn't patch your computer, it might be fuckered up.

And if your phone doesn't sync, just turn it off and turn it back on so it can resync with the nearest tower.


a heads up

just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
I took my lap top to computer renaissance for a repair and the guy tried to rip me off.
I complained to the BBB so we will see what happens, never had to complain about a company before!

Basically they quoted me a rate and then didn't write it down and I didnt' make them *stupid stupid me* and then they jacked up the rate and told me I was confused, although I was not there alone and right after I wrote in my stinking LJ that the repair cost 150. Not to mention contacted to friends to whine about the $150. Then they try to tell me they for sure told me 180 and it is now even more.

Just a warning.
They are on BHH and they suck

additionally now my wireless thing is disconnected and there was nothing wrong with it when I took it in, also my adapter which wasn't the problem now doesn't work and has to be replaced.

Ok I will try to go back to not being mad about this.

tattoo help!

Ok, so here is a really really rough draft of my next tattoo. I drew it up a few days ago and definitely needs a lot of work, but I also want to get it done very soon. So here is my question:

Who knows any artists here in Portland that do celtic knots very well? Celtic knots are kinda difficult and I know that a lot of artists wont even do them. And the ones who will and are good at them, are hard to come by. So who do I go to? 
knights of Cydonia

Birthdays and Voting

Ok, so it's going to be my 21st birthday (WOOHOO \o/) on Wednesday and I'm going out to dinner with my family. I wanted to go somewhere nice, but not too nice and thought Salvador Molly's might be nice. But then I looked at the website and the menu and it seems like I thought it was a little nicer than it is. Or am I wrong? Because I want this to be a get-dressed-up-nice kind of dinner and I have a feeling we'd be over dressing for Salvador Molly's.

So, any suggestions for a nice restaurant that'd be good for a dressy dinner but not like $50 a plate? Good drinks for me! And in SW/NW or not too far east? The only dietary restrictions are that of my way too picky grandmother who doesn't like chicken, seafood, or any type of pasta. I was vegetarian until recently but started incorporating poultry back into my diet.

I've got all these ideas floating in my head for where to go, so don't disappoint me Damnportlanders! My only stipulation is no Todai. They were punk ass bitches to me last year, so fuck them.

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