November 2nd, 2007

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I want to buy some type of teeth-whitening stuff tomorrow. I'm getting really self conscious about my teeth. When I got my braces off, they gave me some fancy whitening gel that you put right into your retainers, but I lost it. Do any of you have recommendations of whiteners that work really well, are convenient, etc.? Something like Crest White Strips or Rembrandt that you'd find at the grocery store.

Any personal recommendations? Do these things actually work? Thanks!
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Sale of the...uh...Second?

We're in DIRE need of fundage, and have a few things that we can part with.

1. 2003 Kona Fire Mountain mountain bike with slick tires, new seat, pump, saddlebag, a Kryptonite U-lock, a cable lock, and a computer. Used mainly for commuting, never mistreated by actually taking it on a trail. Paid nearly $800 new, will sacrifice for $350.

2. IBM T30 laptop, has built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, DVD, huge screen, lots of RAM. Will wipe hard drive and reload Ubuntu Linux on it. Has product key for Windows 2000 and really cute Beavis & Butthead stickers. Fantastic deal on a die-hard laptop: $400.

3. 2003 Derbi Boulevard 150cc scooter and two half-helmets. Runs fantastic, I've ridden this nearly every day for the last year and some change. Recent oil change and tuneup at Columbia Scooters. I love filling the tank with a $5 bill and getting change back! Lots of under-seat and top-box storage. $3000 or best offer.

4. Danelectro 12-string electric guitar. Sparkly, purple, new strings, gig bag. This guitar is my baby, and I hate to get rid of her, but she's just sitting there in my closet gathering dust. Pleading for $400...I paid $750 for her.

5. 6-string electric/acoustic guitar in hard case. Great sound, gorgeous red colour. $300.

6. 17.2" Planar flatscreen monitor with built-in speakers and USB hub. DVI and "regular" video output. $200 OBO.

greetings and such

I like to make a point of letting my presence be known, especially in communities I actually plan on using so hello, I've been on LJ for like 6+ years and living in Portland for going on 3 or so years now, some of you may or may not have met me, I'm the front man for a local metal industrial project by the name of Particle Son and tend to slime my way around SE Hawthorne as my buddy owns "Chance of Rain Cafe" (SE 32 AVE off Hawthorne)

Anyway enough of that, down to the crux of the matter: my co-worker fucked me over on my Tool tickets so what I'm in dire need of are 2 floor tickets for the upcoming Tool show on December 5th, I'm pretty strict on not paying more then face value as scalping is bullshit so if you have any please don't waste my time with "I have some I'd sell for $500 a piece" ;)

New Ethiopian restaurant downtown?

Earlier this week, I was on a bus route I'd never ridden before, and the bus passed what looked to be a brand new Ethiopian restaurant. I assume it's brand new because it just had one of those big plastic/canvas signs above the door rather than a proper sign you'd normally see on a restaurant, and it just said "ETHIOPIAN FOOD" or something like that. Also, I can't find any info about it online or in the phone book. Unfortunately, the bus went by so fast that I couldn't really get any details beyond a two second view of the sign.

So, the place I saw is downtown, on 4th, somewhere north of Taylor. I was on the 4 - Fessenden bus when I saw it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Has anyone eaten there? Is it good? Expensive? Are they open for lunch and dinner? I need the scoop! More than that, I need some yummy Ethiopian food, and I need to not have to go all the way to Queen of Sheba to get it! 'Cause my lunch break is not that long.
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car selling question

Peeps, I am getting ready to sell my littlebluecar, a sexy, sleek Saturn, ooooooh.

It runs great, and I've had regular maintenance on it ever since I bought it new. Body looks good too, with the usual scratches and dings (and a shallow dent on the hood from some frat boy doing a drunk parkour stunt a few years ago).

Here's my question:

Before I put it up for sale, what should I do? Is there a detail package I should ask for? Any good detail places you'd recommend that'll do a nice clean-up job without sanding down and repainting every single blemish? Any other suggestions you have for "staging" my car prior to selling it?

I'm looking to spend maybe $100-200 on this.

Nikon D200

SPRING GARDENS Apartments...question.

Hey there everyone, 

Does anyone live in the SPRING GARDENS Apartment complex on 2222 Spring Garden in Portland?

I just wanted to know about them...good, bad, indifferent; is it a good area? Close to the max/bus? 

And everything else that goes along with looking at an apartment before actually stepping foot in the leasing office. Maybe YOU know someone who lives there...?

I can't find any reviews online about this place...

Thanks in advance!

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Attention Homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers:

That sounds like the beginning to an advertisement, huh?
Really it is just a question. Have any of you installed slate tile? If so, do you have any recommendations for where to buy? I am going to tile our entryway and my girlfriend and I have decided on black slate tile. Home Depot has it, but it is not true black. We want the blackest black like there is none blacker. We do not want black with little stripes and striations of brown.

Gotta love loud exploding sounds

I don't know how far people could hear the loud bang but I'm sure people around Goose Hollow heard it. I know I did since it happened like 20 feet from me, my heart is still beating fast.

So for those of you wondering what that loud bang in the Goose Hollow Neighborhood was and a flash too apparently... well it was a squirrel on a power line, killing itself on a live wire or something. This was around ten minutes ago.

A fire truck arrived a few minutes ago and they mostly just looked around a bit and then left. So I can only assume everything is all safe. Just keep an eye out for any more squirrel suicides today.

Want a kitty, or two?

I had placed these 2 with an older woman with Alzheimers, her daughter wanted her to have them to keep her company. Unfortunately because of the disease she was being rather mean to them so I removed them from her care, now I am looking for new forever homes for them.
They have been wormed, no shots have been done. They are both 16 weeks old.

Lousy pics but you get the idea...
Male, cuddly, long hair, loves windows, box trained:

Female, likes sleeping wrapped around a human head, talks occassionally, box trained... also have her twin brother, he is very independent, hates having his picture taken....

I will meet you half way for pickup or deliver to your door in SE or in route to Mult. Village

If you were a celebrity...

...and you were going to release a perfume, what would you call it, and what scents would it include?

My thought (after seeing an ad for Gwen Stefani's "LAMB" perfume) was that mine would be called "Cinema", and it would smell like hot dogs, popcorn and red vines.

What about y'all?

Portland related, because, well, I'm in Portland.


I'm looking for a nice place that does couples massage...ya know, you lay side by side and get to enjoy it together, not the kind of place where they teach you how to massage each other. Hoping to spend max $200 for an hour for both.

Spank you very much
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Health Care

A few other people awhile back had also been looking for health care, specifically for those without insurance and/or needing prescription refills. I just wanted to let people know that I went to Cascadia on SE 43rd and Division, and while the staff was very nice and helpful, there was a long wait and the atmosphere in the waiting room put me on edge a bit.

However, they did give me a referral sheet to other clinics that will take clients without insurance and with mental health needs as well as primary care. Each one has specific prerequisites listed, but many do sliding scales and/or financial scholarships.

I thought it might be helpful for some of you to have this list :)

Here's the short version: Rosewood Family Medical Ctr; Providence Family Medicine (limited new patient capacity); Multnomah County Health; Richmond Clinic; SW Community Health Ctr; St. Francis (focus on homeless clients); and the Mobile Medical Clinic (which basically shows up to different sites so you have to check their schedule). I'm sure you can get all the contact info online, but if not, I have the sheet next to my laptop.
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Unitarian Universalist churches

I'm wondering if anyone attends or is familiar with any of the Unitarian Universalist churches in the Portland area? I know of the one downtown, and we attended a service there once. It's a very nice church, but it's awfully large and very easy to disappear.

I've had two wonderful UU homes, but both in the South (Montgomery and NWUU Atlanta). I would like to find another UU home here in Portland.

Thanks for any input you might have.

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It's that time of the year again, kids...

Time when you may like to give a bit to make sure that everybody can have a happy holiday season.

My charity of choice is Child's Play, because it's representative of a community that I find myself rather attached to. And it helps out sick kids, for whom I will always have a bit of a soft spot. Plus the stuff you give for Child's Play will help for longer than just the season. This stuff helps year round, and really makes an impression for kids. A positive one, I like to think.

Damnportlanders, because Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital is one of the hospitals supported.
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Your resident boner killer to the rescue!

I've spent the evening watching last week's Dexter and drinking Stoli + Diet Coke.

What are my fellow DPers up to? :)