November 1st, 2007


I'm not sure if there is a good or a bad thing to be said about bittorrent, except that I don't understand it at all. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion or if someone could send me in the direction to find more information on how it works and how to use it. :)

thanks :) all the way from NOLA
sad & beautiful world

Not pleased.

What the fuck Portland?

Why were you so dead last night? What does a holiday have to do to find a party in honor of myself?

Downtown was full of nothing but shitty costumes; dumb fucks wearing just a wig and calling it a costume, or wearing just a mask, slutty hoe-bags and the more common, NO COSTUMES.

halloween was not pleased at all.

Last year at least had the MAX train Halloween party. At lame as that kind of was, at least it was SOMETHING.

Come on, PDX, it wasn't even COLD last night. We ended up going HOME after a few hours and had to make the evening not suck by watching old Oingo Boingo on VHS.

You better rock it better next year. I'm on a FRIDAY next year. NO EXCUSES. I demand more of you out there and in better costumes.
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What was your costume this year?

Describe or post a pic!

What was your costume? What inspired it?

I was *ahem* a Spermie (sperm) and unknowingly my date was an Amish guy!

After missing Saturday, I wore last year's costume last night, which was part of a group costume: Another girl and I were both wearing "spermie" costumes and we had a guy with us dressed as a Sperm Donor. (hosp. gown, specimen cup, porn mag, and "a tent")

I must say, the funnest part of wearing it was girl's expressions... most all would gaze across the room, double take, walk over and ask "are you..?" I would nod and smile before they finished their sentence and immediately they would jump up and down and SQUEEEE! lol
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Bernie Giusto has pre-empted the View

I am home deathly ill. I live for Hot Topics and the Dancing with the Stars people ae on. I could give a f*ck about listening to a slimy politician parse words.

Portland-related beacuse only in Portland could such an unattractive man be snatching up people's wives right and left. And could an "ethically challenged" man keep his job. And that's without this Goldschmidt business.

Give me Hot Topics!

ETA: It's over. Had he said anything substantive, I would've been okay. They knew he wasn't gonna say shit anybody cared about.

IMO, they all knew about it, and said nothing.
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A sincere apology...

Dear Portland,

This year I heard much griping about the lack of Halloween-ness. As the person who made the MaxJack last year on Halloween happen (we were the ones with the sound-system, kids - and we'll help YOU have a portable soundsystem too!), it honestly didn't occur to me this year that Portland would be a little dead if we didn't represent.

I hereby make an offer of a bargain with Portland, through the lj communities of poorinpdx, damnportlanders, portlanders and pdxmommies

First, I'd like you to recognize the number of fun things that come out of deadletter that you DO like:

Max Jack
Giant parties at Watershed
film projects You are in
Mini-bikes for kids
Pirate Mail
Bike-in Movies

and ask that you stop giving us shit when SOME of our posts aren't exciting enough to YOU directly. The response to our 3-minute Film Irv The Perv Shtickman (how DARE we spam your communities with notification of the completion of a project?)

Look, all these projects go together, and are about my work to create a city where people DO stuff.

Irv the Perv was an example of a group of people getting together in 24 hours to make a film - an outgrowth of our formation of a 3-minute film club on PSU campus, a group which ANYONE, PSU student or not, can join, for free, to make films with our resources.


Max Jack - we've engaged in 3 MaxJacks since getting to this town, and have all necessary accoutrements for whomever wants to help us organize a next one.


Events and projects at Watershed - as a proof-of-concept, I began a 24,000 sq foot building for projecting in this town, and we are a 24-hours make-stuff building. Need shop space? Need a place for a projecting meeting? Want to hear about an event going on here?


Flashmobs - Do you think things like Pillow Fight Club are funny? Contact us to see when the next Flashmob event is!


Mini bikes for kids - remember reading about kids bike's in silver showing up in the NE? That was our project too. Do you like making bikes for kids? Or maybe for yourself?


Bike-in Movies - ever ridden along Burnside and seen the Dead Letter Truck with a canvas hanging off the side? A bunch of people sitting around watching a projection on the wall? That's our project too! Want to know when the next location is that we are filming/watching movies?


Pirate Mail - have you written, received, or carried Pirate Mail? We get together once a month to write and mess with mail.


In conclusion:

Once again, I'm sorry that I didn't host another MaxJack for Halloween. I hadn't realized Halloween was otherwise dead... My motivation to do such projects does rely on some measure of appreciation - it isn't as if we care if you like our movies (Irv the Perv) or not - at least contemplate getting off your ass and doing something, rather than sniping at those who actually are.

best friends

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hey my grandma is taking me out to lunch and i don't want to go to appleby's. is there a deli place in southeast that serves good sandwiches and soups and doesn't suck? thanks

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Hearing the latest news of Flexcar merging with Zipcar! Holy shit! This could mean that my car-share wet dream is coming true! Although the merger will result in the name of Flexcar going away (the service will operate under the Zipcar name--hence, I shall become a Zippytarian instead of a Flexcartarian), the possibilities of being able to reserve a car in NYC is good for my bicoastal habits. My only reservation (no puns intended) would be if the pricing structure turns out to be adverse after the merger.

2. Seeing an electric ZAP! vehicle in Southeast Portland last weekend. The lime green electric car was soooo cute!

3. With Teeth: Being inspired by not-so-flattering pictures of myself from damnportlanders meetup to make dental appointments. Turning embarrassing moments into positive changes is a good thing....

4. Delicious brunch at Kenny & Zukes Delicatessen--the Mushroom and Carmelized Onion Eggs Benedict with latkes were spectacular! I am definitely going back there for dinner and for sandwiches.

5. Yummy maitake mushrooms from Portland Farmers Market....they are so delicious sauteed in olive oil!
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I've lived at this rental house for 10 years. Next week I move. Sat and Sun I'll be selling years of accumulation.... every stupid thing I bought at garage sales over the last decade must go.
• a hot tub I never installed ($30)
• dvds & cds (does anyone even want cds anymore?) ($3-$5)
• double stroller that'd be cool for breeding or the Mt. Tabor Soap Box Derby ($5)
• shelves to keep your crap from sitting on the floor ($10-$50)
• a weird 1960's miniature organ - analog, not digital ($20)
• comic books & graphic novels. ($1-$5)
• art supplies (cheap)

6305 SE 49th (near the Lutz, the Delta and Reed)
Sat-Sun 11/3-11/4
10am-3pm (no early birds)
and I will be making coffee...

anyone looking for a room?

This is probably a long shot, but if anyone out there is late twenties or older and looking for a room for rent, we need someone fast. Our third roommate decided to tell me yesterday that he has no money and is moving back home to Mass. in two days!! We have an amazing location in inner SE close to everything and the room rents for less than $300 per month. We are on the older side, a thirty-something and a forty-something, and like to keep things quiet at home. If anyone's interested, email me privately for more details. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Rollins is here tonight. My sister couldn't fly down and now I have an extra ticket for anyone that wants it. I don't want anything for it.

*edit* I'm going to be around the computer. Should you want it and see someone in a Dr. Who scarf in line by all means say hello and it's yours!~

want to go to M.I.A.?

Hey Portland, I am very sorry to spam you, but I have for sale one ticket to M.I.A. on November 15th (Thursday) at the Roseland Theatre. I bought it before realizing I have class that night and I am really bummed that I can’t go. If you haven’t heard of M.I.A she is a very awesome, eclectic British artist, and puts on a fantastic live show. Her sound is “elements of grime, hip-hop, ragga, dancehall and electro”. She is very rarely in the U.S. so this is your chance!

I bought the ticket for $31.50 (service charge), but I will part with it for face value of $25 (cash only please). This promises to be a very entertaining experience, if you are interested please let me know! Thanks guys :)

Big Ten Football on TV?

OKay PDers,

   Still trying to find things in this town. Since I'm a recent import from Michigan. i still have football ties and I'm curious to know if anyone knows of a sports bar (possibly in the SW side of town) that will show Big Ten football (besides Pac 10--congrats to the Ducks by the way). Why? MSU vs. U of M. MSU is my alma mater and my wife and I have our yearly bet on the line. MSU vs. U of M Saturday.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

It's All About Me!

What should we do and see?

I have to play tourguide for the next week and I've come close to running out of interesting things and places to show to my group. This is where I need the great wisdom of damnportlanders.

So, if you had to play tourguide, what places and cool/weird stuff that makes Portland the neatest city in the world, would you show to your group.

Bonus points if it's TriMettable. it!

Damn That Sushi

So KPTV has that  Dirty Dining segment where they scare people with restaurants that have low health scores.  Tonight's has one on a Sushi place that looks a whole lot like Sushiland in Clackamas.  What is interesting to me is that I've read the health scores for these places and they always seem to have poor scores which worries me because I like going there.  What is Sushiland doing wrong?  I'm now a little hesitant to go to another one fearing that that will be the visit that leads to food poisoning.  Anyone have any bad experiences there?
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Anyone know what's up with all the "11.15.2007" signs all over downtown? We started taking pictures of each one we passed, but stopped after about the twentieth. Certainly some sort of viral marketing bullshit, but what for?