October 31st, 2007

Lego Batman Rain

Hot Scifi Ladies of the 70s and early 80s.

The Last Starfighter                       Logan's Run

Buck Rogers                             Buck Rogers                                    Return of the Jedi

Planet of the Apes                                                           V

V                                         Battlestar Galactica

Good morning.  I'm already bored at work.  Add your favorites in the comments!
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Xmas Socks

Would You Rather Wednesday!

Poll #1080559 Would You Rather

Would You Rather...

Have an orgasm every time someone said your first name
NEVER have an orgasm again

Things to consider: how common is your first name? Do you work in a public setting where people call you by name... a LOT? Those nice calls from Grandma and family reunions could be interesting. Um, never having an orgasm again.

I got a question

Me and my soon to be husband  got our marriage license yesterday... and the long list of judges who can marry us, do any of you, or do you know anyone who is NOT a judge but who can legally sign a marriage license? we really dont want the whole thing, just someone to sign it and such. we will do all the kit and kaboodle later...

as of right now We have a retired judge who will come out to the house to do it.
It will be on Friday, Nov 2nd at 330pm
Lego Castle Making
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(no subject)

I know of *some* happenings in the area for Halloween but I need more ideas. I have a friend visiting and she wants to go out and dance and be with costumed people. Or something. Where are the good Halloween celebrations 'a happening?


Hello. I'm heading downtown in an hour to seek out a journal. My original plan was to buy a simple leather journal (moleskin-like) and then spray paint a stencil on it, until I realized that leather might not be the best option because it could drip. Soo. I was thinking canvas, or some sort of cloth-like organic-ey material that could soak it up better.

Any ideas where I could find a decent assortment of plain journal/sketchbooks somewhere in the downtown area? If I get nothing I'm just going to go to powells and see what I can find there, I'm hoping for a larger selection than they have there, if possible.


Shopping question


I'm looking for somewhere that has a good selection of Dia de los Muertos merchandise - artwork, figurines, decorations, etc.  Downtown, eastside or Gresham area; I could possibly make it to NE as well.  Made by local artists/artisans a plus!


EDIT:  Gold Door was a winner!  (Crude Things Gallery has some fabulous stuff in their windows - but they were closed.  I might make an appointment to look closer.)

thanks everyone!
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(no subject)

So, for those of you who have had trick-or-treaters already, what's the strangest/scariest/most disturbing/cutest costume you've seen at your doorstep so far?

Mine has been a 3' Storm Trooper who was too nervous to say "trick or treat". He even had a Darth Vader trick-or-treat bag =3
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cute lil duck


Yet another where can i posts........

 I'm looking for a house warming gift. My friend want some of those cute signs that ask visitor's to "please take off shoes" Has anyone seen these in stores or someplace?
 I know there is DIY versions but thats not possible at the moment

Hello everyone!

 I'll just throw this out here, I have never did a community before so if I do something wrong or irratating, please let me know, I will try my best to fix it.

With that said, I'll give you a bit of pointless background. I'm 23, female, work at a bank and a licensed Starbucks, make decent money, have a wonderful apartment, the bestest-best friend in the world, live in upstate New York, have two cats and I really want to pack up and start somewhere new. Maybe temporary, maybe permant depending on situations, and the place I have chosen, my friends, is Portland, Oregon.

I, and everyone else I know, calls this my " Quarter-life crisis" or that I'm "running" away, but I'm young, unattached, I'd like to do some exploring. My best friend always talked about Portland, and I never understood why he loves it so much. Until I looked into it and it really seems like a wonderful place. One of my issue is I greatly dislike cities, but the problem with the country and towns I have lived in, theres nothing, and I am at a stage in my life where I need something. I'm rambling, so anyway, as you might have guessed I have hundreds of questions on how to go about moving 3000 miles from were I've always been, finding a job, a decent place to live, friends and so one. So I guess my first question, and any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated, would be, where NOT to live in Portland or the surrounding areas.

I have read up on about all I can on the city, its just the same info over and over. So, now I need some wonderful peoples thoughts, and you all seem the fun, honest type. So lets help a girl out, eh?
Questions, comments, concerns welcome and encouraged. Thank you very much!
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ophelia by nivi, 2012
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dentist.. awesome

happy halloween

enjoy your candy

today i went to the dentist.

this dentist was simply the best dentist ever.

he's been a dentist for over thirty years. he was gentle, kind, non-imposing, funny, and had a very comfortable presence.

i know people are generally interested in great dentists.. he's one.

totally adored his receptionists, especially sharon. very mellow and sweet.

enough gushing, here is the info:

gary l. genzer, d.m.d.
5720 se foster rd
portland, or 97206

they will even give you a little treat, and a return appointment card shaped like a tooth!

aaaand... they are accepting new patients. :) go.
<3 sugar

(no subject)

Has anyone here gotten divorced in Washington county? Speaking to the girls, specifically. My ex husband just informed me that our divorce got finalized in the courts, but I was never notified about it. He wasn't either, he had to call and ask someone.

My question is, do I need to go to the courthouse (or elsewhere?) and get some kind of document saying that this happened, in order to change my name on my ID card/bank account/SS card/etc? I REALLY want my maiden name back. Like tomorrow.
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trust, books

Go now!

My roommmate is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood AFTER the wolf got to her, and is at Dot's cafe, so any single guys with nothing to do: GO NOW. PLEASE. Buy her a drink ;)