October 30th, 2007

It night

It night

I'm looking for an independent film night on a last tuesday - - called "IT" night.  I.T. standing for Independent Tuesday.

Please let me know if you have any information.

Medical care question

I use to suggest anyone needing medical care join simplecare and go see Dr. Walls at Hawthrone Family Medicine on SE 39th, but my daughter just called there to be seen and was told they no longer take it. Does anyone know of a private doctor here in Portland who does affordable flat rate cash pay appointments for those without insurance who make too much to go to places like Outside In, etc?


hey, so, i need to get some basic prescription lenses put into a pair of eyeglass frames. more specifically, oversize single-vision lenses (and it's a pretty weak prescription). i've gotten two quotes already--the small place on going & MLK told me $75, Lenscrafters said $120 (geez).

anyone know a cheap, fast place i can drop off some frames and 'script? GO!


(no subject)

I'm guessing the answer is "no", but does anyone know if Amazon's MP3s are DRM Free?

iTunes can blow me.

I really want this album, but I'm thinking I might have to just get the CD.

Instant gratification made me tempted to just get the MP3s.

Anyone know?

Rental company suggestions

A good friend of mine is moving out here next month and she's running into problems of where to stay when she gets here. It's her and her husband and they are relocating with a household full of stuff, although they are willing to put most of it in storage for the short term. They're basically looking for a place to rent for short term, couple of months or so until they get situated, figure out where their jobs are and such before they look into renting a larger and more permanent place.

Does anyone have any rental companies that they've worked with in the past that they would like to recommend, or just happen to know of someone renting a place out? It is short term, so they're totally willing to work with a sublet as well. Their expected move date is the week of Thanksgiving, but this is at least a little flexible if need be. Their budget is max $800 a month, of course the less the better because they'll be forking out for a storage unit too for that time frame. She's tried the suburbs but being as they only have one car, and many of the apartments out there are looking for a 1 year lease, we're striking out there. It doesn't have to be some super awesome Belmont and 20th location - just preferably below 82nd for south side, and well, I don't know about north side. I think SE/NE is going to fit the bill easier anyway.

Kitty ears

Does anyone know where I could find a headband that has kitty ears on it? Bonus points if it's on the west side (i.e. Beaverton, SW, etc.)
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I hate my iPod right now.

It's time for new music. So this should be easy, because PDX loves music.

What should I get? Think of this as a version of the desert island question. But instead of deciding on what album you'd take on a desert island, you're recommending music to a stranger on the internet.

Thowing pots?

Hi guys! I have finally decided to actively pursue pottery as a hobby, but I didn't think it wise to rush headlong into buying several hundreds of dollars worth of equipment (yet). Does anyone have any advice on where to start looking for basic/beginner pottery wheel classes? I know that YMCA and PCC have classes, though I am not currently a YMCA member (which I think means I cant take classes?), and the only class at PCC next term is not on a day I will be able to do it. Does anyone have great ideas on where else I might have luck as I start to scour resources? Thank you!

Tip off is tonight for your Portland Trail Blazers!!!

The McMenamin's Mission Theatre (18th & Glisan, NW) is showing the opener (on the big-ish screen).   (per rumor I heard from www.blazersedge.com)

Tonight the blazers are playing the spurs!  

So, like... FYI... blazer season has finally begun.

Game will also be on TNT for you strange people with cable and TV's and stuff.

For those who need to catch up on the blazers, read the following.  If you haven't been listening or reading and you used to be a blazer fan, you're in for a nice surprise.

Brian Hendrickson has an story to introduce you to Roy and Aldridge here.

Jason Quick's is here.

And of course the new MVP of the season!!!   Joel Freeland's article on  the scoreboard.



Just wanted to make sure it was brought to everyone's attention.

We're also having a Fetish themed show this Saturday if you don't feel like coming out tomorrow night.

If you come and say you're from DamnPortlander's, either tommorrow night or the Fetish show, look for the short girl in glasses in the pirate garb (Halloween) or the short girl with glasses with play piercings with green and black feathers (Fetish night) and I'll give you a kiss.

For reals.
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Happy Halloween! I steal your bike!

The bike I bought used less than a month ago has already been stolen from the locked/gated courtyard of my apartment building (near the Lloyd Center). Cable cut, U-lock magically moved through frame in tact. Navy blue Trek 720 hybrid... almost 10 years old, nothing special. But it was my bike. :( I really liked it. :(

If anyone sees a late-1990s 17" blue Trek bike just lying around anywhere... give me a holler. It's got some stickers on the frame from the previous owner (maybe skateboard related), a beat-up gel seat with holes in it and full wrap black fenders.

Thieves stink! And I am sad.

Crazy DamnPortlanders Meetup Phone pranksters!!

WOw, crazy damnPortlanders calling me out of the blue from the meetup and passing me around! It sounds like I'm missing a *fun* one! I felt like I was actually there!

Thanks synthcat for calling me up and letting your phone be subsequently molested by a mob!!!

I even got to quazi-meet two people on my FList that I haven't met in person yet!! sassyleo who I still owe a raincheck too, and offloe who tells me his costume is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland! *sweet*

Hilarious quote of the night: bellybalt "I'm wearing something blue and silky." LOLOLOL BAD IMAGES! BAD IMAGES!! =D

TO all of you I talked to on the phone!!! It was awesome talking to you and thanks for saying hi!!! Happy Halloween!

I *probably* won't be at another meetup till next spring. I don't do well with the St. lights since the TBI, so with them coming on so early in the winter I have to plan and conserve my time under them... so my social life SERIOUSLY suffers *wwaaaaaahhhh* *smiles* (but still ask, by all means) (and, FYI... f you do see me after 3pm (time they come one now WTF??) I'll probably be heavily enebriated, and don't have much practice in that arena, so LOOK out if you do see me! LOL I've drank about 10 times this year, and if I go to event (w/o staying over) that number will probably double over the winter!! I'm glad I found PAMA!! /sarcasm!! ;D This week's agenda = Going as a Spermie to the KBOO Boo-bash at the Holocene! Come laugh at me if you end up there!! *blushes*

THANKS FOR THE WOnderful conversations!!!
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the dark knight website was just updated with a portland clue!

it reads:

"if you have too many bacon maple bars, you might have trouble fitting into some of the eclectic numbers on display nearby. lured by the shimmer of bronze and gold, your goal is circled."

I take it the joker's a voodoo fan?

Day of the Dead - Dia de los Muertos!

Come learn about and celebrate Day of the Dead/ Dia de los muertos!!

-Decorate sugar skulls
-Have your face painted
-Create your own masks
-Learn flower-making and papel picado

Traditional Food!

Friday, November 2
12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Smith Memorial Student Union
Room 228 (Multicultural Center)

For more information contact MEChA in SMSU room M113A, 503-725-5648 or

*Can't make it? Las Mujeres is having another Day of the Dead event on
Thursday, November 1 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. with all the same
activities. See you there!