October 29th, 2007

zip up sweaters?...

has anyone else seen the zip up sweatshirts they have at GenX, that zip up all the way?

by all the way, i mean that they zip from the bottom of the jacket, up to the top of the hood, totally covering the face, like a sleeping bag.

first question: why? why would you want a sweatshirt hoodie thing that zipped over your face entirely, blocking view and breathing?

second question: what would these jackets be called if i were to look for them online? i doubt its an exact brand, but what on earth would these be called?

the reason for both questions is, i have a project id like to do involving a black one of said wierd ass jacket, but i need a BLACK one, and all GenX has is lame gangsta hipster print pattern.

help :>?

(no subject)

So, I am looking for a master control position, preferably in television (though I am open to doing radio). Anyone have any leads? I currently work Part time at a local non-profit station.

Health Insurance

I have about four days to decide what kind of Health Insurance I'd like.
I've been thinking long and hard about the options I have through work and had made up my mind but now I'm having second thoughts.  
I am considering taking the Kaiser HMO plan because they cover 100% of diagnostic tests (annual girly stuff and regular bloodwork) and there are no co-pays, any medicine on the approved list is either $15 (name brand) or $5 (generic).  My normally expensive medicine is on the list and with my current insurance I pay about $80 per month for it but this Kaiser stuff would only be $15. 
all of my other options are very unclear about what they cover one is Providence and the other is BCBS.  I am also considering a switch for Dental from Aetna $1,500 yearly cap to Willamette Dental with no yearly cap.
Does anyone have any experience with Willamette Dental and Kaiser HMO.
Lego Batman Rain

Need Zombie Walk pictures.

The Zombie Walk was a ton of fun but the digital camera we were shooting with is being wonkey.  If anyone has pics of zombie-Batman (aka: me) could you post 'em?  Also, there was a zombie-Spiderman, Edward Scissorhands and a golf pro with a ball stuck in his forehead.  Let's see 'em peeps!

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little blue dog


If you dressed up or went out this weekend in costume, POST YR PICS IN THE COMMENTS!

Also, here is a totally unrelated poll:

When you put a tip in the tip jar on the counter, how important is it to you that the person serving you sees you doing it?

Extremely important (e.g. I will wait until I make sure he or she is paying attention before I drop the tip in)
Moderately important (e.g. it's not vital, but I'm not going to wait around until I catch his or her eye before I drop the tip in)
Not really important (e.g. whatever, it doesn't matter, I am tipping the establishment as a whole, but it would be nice to be noticed for it)
Doesn't matter at all.
I don't leave tips in tip jars often enough to consider it.
Other (explain in comments).

White Bike Idea

I was riding down Interstate this morning and passed the white bike memorial on Greely and as I approached I noticed the white flash of a bike light someone had attached to the handlebars. I got to thinking that it would be cool that if people had an extra bike light, to attach it to a white bike and leave it flashing, thus bringing attention to both bikers and motorists to be aware.

I dunno, maybe people are already doing it?


I was asking if anybody has a link to the last Republican debates, and not even Fox News had it because they're slut hoes (Sean Hannity probably ate it or something, that fat bastard), but I finally tracked it down, so this link is mostly for my debate buddy, but if anyone else needs an excuse to drink yourself into oblivion by the scary thoughts most of these guys produce, here's a link!

Oct. 21st Republican Debates

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No Movie Tonight - We're on the Move Again

Monday Movies will no longer be at the Tonic Lounge. This includes tonight's scheduled showing of White Zombie. Stay tuned for our new location and schedule. 

Sadly, the Tonic had it's PDX punk-laden jukebox removed two weeks ago and replaced it with a satellite-linked MP3 jukebox. At one point "What a Fool Believes" by the Doobie Brothers came on while we were eating dinner before the setup. We love the venue and the staff, but even we have our limits. Hopefully, the new owners don't completely remove every single detail that made the Tonic great.

If you are completely devastated at the thought of spending a Monday without us, please come join us at Dante's in downtown PDX tonight. It's Karaoke From Hell, and we'll be drowning our sorrows in Ketal One and poorly executed Clash covers. 

After we took a two week hiatus to go to Cannon beach this summer, Tom swore to me that we could do Dante's if we ever got a Monday night off again. Now I just have to get him liquored up enough to get up on that stage and do Blitzkrieg Bop and my life is complete. Hope to see you there.

Love and kisses,

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Day of the Dead Schtuff

Hi awesome friends,

I'm looking to stock up on Day of the Dead paraphernalia: sugar skull molds, pan de los muertos, etc. Where can I locate such sweet deathy goodness? (Preferably somewhere in town, since it's a little late to be ordering online.)

Portland-related because yer mom is HAWT.


This past June I purchased a used (2005) car from a dealership in Beaverton. I had my own personal financing from Capital One Auto Financing (online) and the dealership was fully aware of this as they accepted the check as payment. They filled out my registration information, submitted it to the DMV and a few months later I received the title for my car in the mail.

Capital One was not listed as a lienholder. Oregon is a state where the title was supposed to be sent to the financing company until the car is paid off. I've gotten some calls from Capital One saying that they cannot assist me with the titling of my car once the loan is paid off, but... I have the title - and it's clean. I don't need their assistance. This is in my favor of course. The dealership screwed up.

So the dealership is asking me to send back the title, sign off on it as the seller and they are going to send it to Capital One who will hold it hostage for 4 1/2 more years or until the loan is paid off. Then I am expected to pay a fee to get the title back. I'd like to state that I have no intention of selling the car to anyone or doing anything devious with the title without the presence of the lien.

What are the legal implications of keeping the title and saying eff you to the financing company?

Edit: I am going to keep paying the loan. That is something I'm not debating about flaking on.


So, I've got a project that requires fiberglass, only I've never worked with fiberglass before. Is it fairly easy to do, or should I get someone to do it for me? If the latter, where's a good place in Portland to get it done (none of my friends have experience in working with fiberglass)?

This is what I'm going to need done (the thing on the head): http://juunana.deviantart.com/art/Ulquiorra-cosplay-53754722

Also... where do you buy fiberglass?

(no subject)

i should be writing a paper, comparing "model beauty" to "real beauty" that is due at 6pm this evening.

however, i'm procrastinating by obsessively checking dp, myspace, facebook, perezhilton.com, and everything else, along with doing my laundry and such. my house is never cleaner than when i have a paper due.

what is everyone else procrastinating?

any amusing stories?

keep me procrastinating for good!!

ps. i am halfway done with my paper. it sucks, but i don't care. blah.
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Nikon D200

SOMEONE out there might be in the know...

Ok, does anyone have or have used a NIKON D-80 or a Nikon D-100?

I'm looking to purchase one of these but am unsure as to which one might be better...the D80 from what I see on specs is 10.2 MP and the D100 is 6.2mp...I need to know the pros and cons to each if any of you know. I'm old school film and am going to do some upcoming commission shots with digital...and I'd like to know any take if anyone has one.

Thanks in advance, and yes, I know the D300 is on it's way out to the market but I don't want to pay the price tag for it.


Push Button For POPSICLES


I have these really sweet German-framed seeing glasses that I got at a thrift store a while ago.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could get clear and/or UV lenses put in them. Right now they have these Coke-bottle-thick bifocal lenses and with my perfect vision, it's just not working out.

Thank you for your time.

(no subject)

I have another request for you, darling dp'ers.

Where in town can I find a reasonably priced record player that can record onto cassette tapes? And what IS a reasonable price for something like this nowadays? And furthermore, what is this piece of equipment actually called? Does it have a name more concise than "record player that can record onto cassette tapes?"

Thanks and all my love to you!
me as harley

Pumpkin faces in the night; I remember Halloween

So, I kind of have a noob question. I'm new to living in Portland (as in, still staying on my friend's couch because my move-in date is 2 weeks away *flail*) and new to DP. My friend and couch-provider, offloe is trying to drag me to some sort of DP meeting tomorrow. Can anyone tell me more about it? And he said we should wear our costumes; will everyone else be dressed up? It's a lot easier to look like a total idiot if you're among others. :)

And now for something completely different...

Can someone recomend a good, clean, friendly piercing parlor? When I lived in Eugene I always went to High Priestess, and I had "my piercer" who was really awesome and did all my work for me and gave me good discounts. I'm looking to find someplace reliable and welcoming so I can further feed my hole-punching habits. On a related note, tattoo parlors?

seasons shoppings (locally)

So I'm kind of an advance planner and hate crowds, so I'm wondering about the following, because, you know...Halloween IS already this week, after all. :)

1) Does Presents of Mind on Hawthorne have their winter holidays selection of cards out now?

2) Where could one find some cool, funky, or modern style kitchen/bar/serving ware featuring locally made products?
(What I have in mind for a relative's gift is maybe a wine & cheese platter/serving set kind of thing, or wine accessories, etc.. Specific suggestions other than Saturday Market, peas and thank you.) Thanks!
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a cellphone query

hello! do you happen to have a sprint phone gathering dust that you would like to sell or trade? i lost my lil' blue sanyo on friday and it apparently does not want to be found.

i was going to activate my old silver nokia (aka the brick), but alas, the charger is hiding. maybe you have an old nokia charger? :)

(i'm looking on craigslist too but they are not cheap. plus last time i tried that the phone had been reported stolen. now i know to call first to check...)

oh man it's rough not having a phone, y'know?

thx dp


ETA: thanks bluejayway! you rock.

online communities

I was sparked by this post.

I .obviously. have LJ. I also have MySpace...though if I didn't, I'd be fine...it really just helps me stay in contact with faraway friends.

I remember when Friendster was the "it" place to be. Then it was MySpace...now it seems to be Facebook. But I really don't get the difference between all of them.

What I am wondering is...what are some interesting online communities folks are members of/involved in/digging... either local or not...

And by interesting, I mean: arts/culture/music/politics/nature/etc.

Enlighten me please :)

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Meetup Tomorrow!

This is your day-before reminder: the October meetup is tomorrow, October 30th, at 7pm. It is being held at the East Bank Saloon on SE Grand. Minors are welcome, and the meetup FAQ is here.

This meetup is Halloween themed, so show off your costumes if you want! (You don't have to. I may also have some bonus...costumes *cough* to share!)

See y'all then!

Trick-or-treat question

Hey DP,

Does anyone know if kids trick-or-treat only on Halloween, or if they do it on a different night, or if it's a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis? If so, what's the Creston Park neighborhood like? Inquiring minds want to know!


Movie Screening

so, i signed up for this free movie screening after i got a flier a couple weeks ago, well, i went today but there was a huge line by the time i got there. apparently they didn't need any more people of my age, and i was near the back of the line, so i got kicked out, but they gave me a free ticket thingy... anyway

i was wondering if anyone here got into that screening, and is allowed to say what the movie was, my siblings and i decided it was the alvin and the chipmunks movie... anyway, it'd be nice to know what i missed, or almost had to see... however you look at it.

oh yeah, this was at the regal lloyd center theater.