October 28th, 2007

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Best lunch by Powell's?

So my friend and I want to do more than satiate our appetite for books this afternoon. Where's a good (cheap-ish) place to grab lunch near the Powell's on Burnside? Bonus points if the place has decent vege options.


ETA: Thanks again for all the tips! In the end, she and I went to The Pita Pit and had an awesome lunch! w00t.
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Party Foul!

It's one thing to dip into the liquor cabinet of a party, and to make a drink from some opened bottles, but it's something else altogether to break open new bottles of booze that you didn't bring yourself, without the go ahead from someone who lives there.
I had two bottles of perfectly good whiskey open, when someone decided they they were too good for those bottles, opened a different sealed bottle of "the good stuff", took a swig from the bottle, and then proceeded to spill it all over the place. Ugh.
And some motherfucker decided to just walk off with a bottle or two from my cabinet.
I know no one was drinking Goldschlager last night, and I had a full unopened bottle, and now it's nowhere to be seen.  Not even in the recycling. Someone just decided that it was ok for them to walk off with it. Ungrateful bastards.
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daylight savings?

Ok, so last night while we were sleeping our phones and a few of our computers changed back an hour. We didn't hear anything about daylight savings being last night... so we don't know if we need to change all our other clocks back and hour, or if we should be suspicious that our phones and computers did this? :) Help?
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this sucks

so the Korn show tonight has been canceled.
"Due to logistical and production issues beyond their control"

I bought my (floor) ticket online from rosequarter.com, anyone know if its possible to get a refund?

to let you know

Fir Point Farms is an good place to go for fun, festive activities. My family (ranging in age from 2-56) spent several hours there today, and had a wonderful time. Additionally, it was not overly expensive. The rides/activities are ticket based ($10 for 25 tickets) and for all of us (three adults, one toddler) to eat lunch it was only $22.

We didn't do anything spooky because of the little one but it was definitely fun for the whole family.
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Filming in my 'hood...

There suddenly appeared in my neighborhood (around SE 34th and Raymond) a bunch of "No Parking During Filming" (6pm 10/29-11pm 10/30) signs. Asking around, I have it on good authority--a 15 year old girl; who would know better?--that it's a new movie called Management, starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn. Anyone know anything about this?

A quick search on the web indicates that this pair is definitely slated to film in Madras, but if Brad's ex is going to be in my hood, I figure I'll mow the lawn and wash the dog so she feels welcome...
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I am planning on getting a tattoo. It will be words in some cursive style text. Anyone have any advice on who I should check out, who it dirty and who plain sucks?

Thanks In Advance!

... and go!

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Car Trade In Rights?

My mom just traded in her car earlier tonight and nowhere in any paperwork or anything did they tell her that she was going to have to pay 5,000 dollars to pay off her lease ON TOP of paying more things for this new car. What's her rights? Can she go back and have them give her her old car back no problem if they failed to tell her this little gem of information or is she in trouble? As far as she understood, they were paying off the old car in exchange for paying the sticker price for the new car.

I ask you guys because y'all always are throwing laws at people who need them. Thank you all in advance!

Cooking help

**Edited with Answers to my questions After the break**

So I've decided to start trying to use less butter in my cooking.

I think the best way of doing is start incorporating lard into my cooking. Really good lard. I've been reading up on this stuff and it sounds 100% awesome.

Now I just need to buy the stuff.
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